"So this is the five-tailed Phoenix." Kano said with an amused smirk. Enama's body was cloaked in the demon's chakra, with the body of a bird. Enama just raised her hand to her face in curiosity and a dark smile crossed her face before clenching her fist and looking at Kano with a dark look that wasn't her own.

"Our play date is not quite over Kano, not by a long shot."

"Then lets keep playing."

They jump at each other and start attacking, punching and kicking, kunais flashing and shining with blood. This goes on until the forest around them turns nothing more than a clearing 1/4 of a mile in diameter. Knowing their chakra is at their limit they gather whatever's left and compress them into a single smooth sphere.

"This is the last card Hyuga..."

"Lets see who's left standing!"


They rush at each other at full speed and once they're withing striking distance they raise their hands.

"No matter where you go Kano, I'll find you no matter what! I will take you back to Konoha!" Enama yells as their spheres collide and explode. The explosion surrounds them completely and the force of their chakra's is so powerful their precense is felt by every tailed beast in all the lands. When the explosion had dissipated along with the debris it had created showing Kano and Enama laying on the ground. Kano looks over to Enama who is unconcious a few feet away from her, tears start to flow down Kano's cheeks as she begins to sob.

"I'm sorry Enama...I'm so sorry!" Several twigs are snapped as a squad of anbu appear around her and pull her up, followed by tying her hand with chakra enfused ropes. Kano begins to struggle despite the fact she doesn't have any more chakra as the circle opens up as Danzo appears and kneels next to Enama and checks her pulse. He stands up and nods to another anbu who kneels next to Enama and picks her up. Panic surges through her and she struggles harder against the binds.

"Don't you DARE TOUCH HER!" Kano growled. "I'll rip out your bones if you hurt her!"

"That won't be necessary Hatake, we won't hurt her...yet." Danzo said as he looked down at her with a cold look. "That is, if you tell me what Madara plans on doing with the Jinchuuriki."

'How did he know about that?' her eyes give nothing away as she tries to act as if she knew nothing of what Danzo was talking about. By the dissatisfied look he gaver her he probably believed her, but he would not let it go.

"Perhaphs Madara sealed your memories incase this little scenario happened..." his hands glow red as he begins a sequence of handsigns too fast for her eyes to follow as he nears them to her temples. "no matter, I will accure the information anyway."

"What are you doing?" she hisses as she attempts to lean away but the anbu holding her pushes her forward. "No! LETMEGO!"

She lets out a scream as Danzo touches her temples and searing pain courses through her mind. Memories flash through her mind as Danzo intrudes into her mind in search for what he seeks. The pain lasts all but a momment before he removes his hands and Kano's legs give out. The anbu lets her fall on her side as she opens and closes her eyes rapidly to try and get rid of the pain. Danzo gives her a smug look before turning his back on her.

"Kill her," he says as he starts to walk away.

"What about the Hyuuga girl?" asks an anbu. Danzo doesn't even glance at their way as he walks past the Anbu holding Enama.

"She has served her purpose as a shinobi...she is no longer of any use." he dissappears and the anbu look both gennins before nodding and taking out their kunais and placing one over Enama's chest and another on Kano's neck. Blood spurts on Enama and Kano's clothes as the a blade seperates the heads of the anbu's from their bodies followed by flashes of kunais as the four remaining Anbu fall to the ground, kunais stiking out of their necks, heads, and chest.

Kenta cuts the air, cleaning his sword of blood before seathing his sword, his eyes now turned red fire of the demon. He turns to Enama and checks her pulse. She's barely even breathin...what happened here?

"Kenta...we...have to...leave..." groans Kano as she gets up only have her knees buckle, though Kenta catches her in time and lifts her up bridal style with her head rolling on his shoulder. He summons up a clone and nods towards Enama.

"Leave her somewhere close to the hospital so they can find her quickly and give her medical attention." the clones nods before picking her up the same way and runs full speed. Once the clone's out of sight he turn and runs the other way and jumps to the trees once he's in the forest again. A few minutes into the forest he feels his clone disappear and get's instant flashes of the clone leaving Enama close to the hospital entrance before disappearing. He hears his sister groan before he looks down at her and sees her eyes looking up at him.

"Yo." she says nothing. "Are you ok?"



Still nothing. He sighs.

"If you want to know...my clone took Enama to the hospital, she'll be fine."

To his surprise Kano's eyes are blank, showing not even the slightest hint to be relieved Enama was going to live. This begins to worry him and he speaks to the Ouka demon.

Ouka-san what's wrong with her?

Danzo attempted to take Kano's memories in order to retrieve information on Madara's plan

Sensing Kenta's distress the demon growls

Do not panic, I prevented him from taking them...it took quite a bit of my chakra I may have disrupted her nervous system. It will take a few days before she's back to normal. You also have to take her to the Akatsuki as quick as possible...she is badly injured as well.

Sure enough when he looks at her he could see blood and feel blood dampening his shirt as he mentally curses and forces more chakra to his legs in order to find the Akatsuki before his sister bleeds to death.

Hade knocks on the Hokage's door before entering and sees Tsunade looking through Hade's student's files. She looks up and as Hade walks to her desk.

"Jarayia told me my student's are missing, I want to assemble a team to search for them immedeatly."

"You are not going anywhere. I know what happened and I'm glad to tell you we found Enama."

Hade felt a small surge of relief to know Enama had been found, but...

"What about Kano and Kenta?" Tsunade gave her a look she did not like.

"Those two we'll be arrested not to mention the possibility of execution and accused of treason!"

"What? What the fuck happened?"

Tsunade places her hands on her desk and leans forward with eyes emittating sparks of anger.

"According to our sources those two disgracefull kids have been in league with the Akatsuki ever since they were eight years old...they have been spies for the Akatsuki!"

The whole room starts to spin as Hade's knees buckle and she collapses on a chair, eyes wide with disbelief.

"This can't be..." she whispers, eyebrows stiching together "it can't be true..."

"I'm terribly sorry Hade...but it's the truth...fortunately Enama didn't know any of it and had only gone in search of Kano because she left in a suspicious manner."

"Where's Enama?"

"In the hospital in the intensive care she was seriously injured due to-" she hadn't finished the sentence before Hade is up and gone in rose petals and appears at the hospital in front of the receptionist.

"What room is Enama Hyuga!"

"Room C-15-wait no one's allowed in yet!"

Hade runs and skids to a stop when she gets to the room and slides it open. Enama is laying asleep on a bed with light blue sheets and an IV on her right wrist. Bandages all over her arms and neck and a small bandage on her cheek. She walks to her and sits on a chair next to her bed.

"Enama..." she places her hand on Enama's head and her student stirs slowly before opening her eyes with some struggle. Upon seeing her sensei Enama gets up abruptly and cries in pain as stitches pull on skin.

"Enama take it easy it's ok I'm here now." Hade says grabbing Enama's shoulders and looks her in the eyes. Enama seems to finally focus on Hade before tears well up in her eyes and she starts to weep. Hade sits on the bed and hugs her tightly as Enama clings to her shoulders and weeps harder.

"Shhh it's alright Enama, shhh you're ok now I'm here...I'm here." she strokes her short hair with one hand while stroking her back with the other.

"S-She's g-gone sensei...Kano's-s-s go-gone..." she cries "Kenta t-t-too!"

"I know Enama...I'm so so sorry I wasn't here to stop it...I neglected you three to take care of Sasuke..and no he's gone...I failed you three as I failed Sasuke...I'm so sorry." she chokes out as tears threaten to spill out of Hade as well.

"You...tried y-your b-best sensei...they are...the ones...who failed you.."

"Apparently my best wasn't enough..." she murmurs.

After a few minutes she lets Enama go and then as she looks her over something catches her eye. On Enama's chest close to her shoulder is a mark. Hade takes the neck of the hospital dress and moves it down to reveal a seal, but not just any seal...it was a demon seal. Her eyes widen and she leans back to look at Enama.

"You...you are a jinchuuriki?"

Enama looks away afraid and covers her mark with her left hand. Hade takes Enama's chin and forces her to look at her.

"Enama tell me the thruth..." Enama looks at her teacher guiltily, she had been forbidden from telling anyone outside the Hyuuga clan to reveal she was the five tail phoenix and now she had to tell her teacher.

"Hai sensei...I'm the...five-tailed Phoenix." Hade's eyes fill with so much anger she stands up, the chair clattering to the ground making Enama flinch as she sees her sensei pasing angrily.

"I can't believe the Hokage never fucking told me! I could've protected her better and prepared her! God Damn It!"

She wasn't mad at her... Hade wasn't mad at her and didn't feel disgust towards her!

::You had the better life out of us tailed demons..:: Kano's voice jumps back at her and she looks down sadly.

Should I tell her about Kano and Kenta's demon? What if she hates them?

"Enama." Enama looks up at her sensei who is staring at her with such a seriously look goose bumps rise up her arms.

"Yes sensei?"

"What about Kenta and Kano? Did they know about your demon?"

"Yes...but sensei you have to know something too...Kano and Kenta... they both had a demon in them too."

If Hade hadn't been close to the wall she would've fallen but she leaned hard against the wall.

"Both had demons too?"

"Just one sensei...the eight-tailed wolf is sealed in both of them."

"If Sarutobi wasn't dead already I would of gone to the Hokage tower and killed him this instant for keeping this from me...damn you Sarutobi-sensei."

"Sensei...I'm sorry I didn't tell you-"

"Don't worry Enama, forget about it." Hade says with a sad smile. "Now...let's get you fixed up, I'm pretty sure you are not going to want to stay here in the hospital for three weeks do you?"

"Nope." Hade set to work on healing her student and was done in just five minutes. Then Enama got dressed in her still bloody clothes and left the hospital through the window after Hade left a note. They had only gone two streets before they were stopped by Kakashi.

"Enama you should be in the hospital."

"It's alright Kakashi-sensei. Hade-sensei healed me completely."

"I sugest you let us through before I kick your sorry ass Hatake." Hade hisses.

"What's with the last name basis?"

"You know perfectly well," she snapped. "You know Kano and Kenta had the Ouka and you never fucking told me!"

"I know and I'm sorry..."

"That's not going to cut it...now let us through I have to take her home."

"Taking her home wouldn't be such a good idea at the moment."

"What do you mean?"

"She's suspected of helping my niece and nephew escape...she has to stay somewhere no one will interrogate her, besides, she still looks weak."

Hade glances at Enama and notices how she's trying hard to stay awake and stand. Hade sighs before kneeling in front of her.

"C'mon Enama, get on my back I'll take you to the Uchiha compound." Enama nods and gets on her back before Hade stands up and looks at Kakashi.

"You know I'm just as afflicted as you are, Sasuke was my student and the twins were my family Hade."

"I'm sorry Kakashi...I have to go." She makes handsigns and teleports stright into the kitchen where Manna was preparing dinner.

"Hade you're back...and I see you have found young Enama as well...what about the twins?"

A sad look flickered through Enama's eyes as tears welled up in her once again and Hade shook her head.

"I'll tell you later sensei...I have to let Enama rest."

After Hade had taken Enama to the guest room she headed back to the kitchen and sat down as Manna placed a bowl of soup on the table. Then she proceded into informing Manna of her trip to the Land of Midari and the danger they went through, followed by the death of Han and coming back to the village to find out both her students and Sasuke had gone missing. A guilty look flickered through Manna as she took Hade's hands in hers.

"I'm sorry Hade, I should've known Sasuke was leaving...but he acted so nicely to us he even served Souma and I dinner. By the time I had realized he had place sleeping pills on the food...it was too late."

Hade gave her a sympathetic smile and gave Manna's hand a slight squeeze.

"Don't blame yourself Manna. Sasuke probably did it to keep the Hokage from blaming you on his escape, despite his treason he still protected you."

"So what are you going to do now?"

"Train Enama, get her strong enough to go after Kano."

Two days later the Hokage called for a meeting in the hokage tower where every ninja in the village had to attend. The Hokage arrived with the council and sat down, looking at everyone with a sad look.

"This announcement must not leave this room and it's completely classified information."

Her eyes traveled to Ino who looked away immedieately for she had the fame of being the most gossiping kunoichi.

"I am regretful to announce that according to one of our secret sources, Kano and Kenta Hatake had been spies for the S-class organization known as Akatsuki."

An gasp resonated through the room, most coming from the gennnin who had known the twins. Enama and Hade had a major look of disbelief on their faces.

"From now on they will be marked as S-class criminals and hunted by the tracker ninja, if anyone finds them through out their missions they are to capture them and return them to the village alive. They will then be interrogated for usefull information on the Akatsuki and then a proper sentence will be given!"


The sea of people part as Enama rushes her way through.

"You can't do this! Kano and Kenta would never betray the village of Konoha! How do you know your source is reliable?"

"That's enough out of you Enama Hyuuga our decision has been made."

"But you can't just-"

"Enama that's enough." Hade places a hand on her shoulder and bows her head to Tsunade. "Forgive Enama for her disrepect Hokage-sama, the Hatake twins were her teammates and it pains her for their betrayal."

Enama looked at her sensei as if she had been hit in the gut.

"But they are your students too!"

"Enough," she hissed "now apologize to the Hokage before you embarrass me and yourself further."

Enama glared at her sensei with so much anger Kano would've proud. She turned to the Hokage and bowed an apology.

"I am sorry for my outburst Hokage-sama, I spoke out of term."

"You are a very loyal friend indeed Enama, sadly your teammates were too blind to see it." She stands up followed by the rest of the council. "This meeting is concluded, those who have mission be prepared to leave, the rest are dismissed."

Once everyone had left Hade turned to her student before sighing.


"Why didn't you back me up sensei?"

"Enama if you defend them now you are only going to cause suspicion upon yourself. It's better they think you despise them for leaving you so they don't keep an eye on you later on." then she places her hand a top her head with a small smile. "Besides, we have alot of work ahead of us and we can't have anyone interfere."

"What are we going to be doing?"

"We are going to be training in order to bring Kano and Kenta back." Enama's eyes light up and jumped on her teacher with a hug. The road ahead of them is uncertain, they had lost those dear to them to the darkness. Now they gather the courage to stand up and gather enough strength to save the ones they love.

Hade stands at the Uchiha cementary in front of Souma's grave along with the grave of Sasuke's parents.

"I'm sorry I couldn't save Sasuke from going after Itachi Souma..." then she looks at the grave of Sasuke's parents. "Mikoto-san I swear I'll bring your son back, even if it's the last thing I do."

"Don't worry, I'm sure you'll keep your promise." she looks behind her and sees Toshiru. "Yo."

"Heh, how is it that you always find me?"

"I'm your twin remember?"

"Right," she turns back to the graves and sighs.

"There's also a reason you're doing this aren't you...it's not just about Sasuke and your students?"

"You know me too well, I'm going to dig around for information on Uchiha Madara and the Uchiha clans past."


"There's just something off about all this...the massacre four years ago-"

"So it is about him..." Hade gives him a questioning look and he smiles. "Itachi.."


"Hade you can't fool me I know you're trying to find a way to justify Itachi's crime."

"Toshiru it doesn't make any sense! Why would we kill everyone and..." angry tears filled her eyes. "and leave me?"


"I have to do this Tosiru, I won't stop until he tells me the reason for why he did it." Toshiru cupped his sisters cheeks and kisses the top of her head and hugs her.

"You are still hurting aren't you...you still love him?"

"Yes...I still do..." she sniffs and looks at the ground. "You know, when I became a gennin I always knew how I wanted to die..."


"I wanted to die in battle, I wanted to die defending the people I loved most and die a hero." Itachi's smile flows into her mind. "But then I met him...and..."

"You're priotities changed...I had a feeling he felt the same way about you too..." he looks up at the moon and sighs. "I have to admit it is unuasual...I'll help you, I'll help you find Itachi and the three gennin...we'll do it together."

"Thank You so much Toshiru...I could never ask for a better brother than you."

I'm sorry to say...Big brother, when I see Itachi again...I'll probably die.

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