*I do not own Code Geass or any of the characters!!!!

Okie dokie! This is just a random one shot. I have NEVER written a yuri before, so bare with me!

Please tell me what you think. I've been considering writing a yuri for a while but I always feel totally uncomfortable with this whole...female...thing. No plot on this, just began writing for the hell of it. BTW this is really short.

--- ---

"Kallen locked her sweet, warm, lips onto C.C.'s cold unloving lips in an attempt to show the witch passion; but she stood there and only cocked her head slightly to the side.

"Kallen, what are you getting at?" she spoke dully.

"You- ugh! You don't understand anything do you!?" The witch just stared with her innocent copper eyes.

"Lay down." Kallen demanded and shoved the green haired girl upon the bed, mounting her with her strong, thin, hips.

Her lips moved in again and kissed C.C.'s neck while her warm hand snaked up the girls side, gently caressing the underside of her right breast... C.C. smiled and allowed her to feel her body up. Kallen slid her left hand down and under the white skirt C.C. was wearing, gently massaging her warm, soft, womanhood. The green haired girl moaned slightly and thrust her hips to rock against the hand that was now pushing its way into her underwear. Kallen sat up- her hand still inside of the green haired girls panties- and slowly unbuttoned the top of her sweater relieving the small red bra that contained her large breasts. C.C., knowing exactly what was going to happen, reached up and removed the bra, quickly swiping her tongue across the exposed bud on her breast. Kallen moaned slightly and began stripping down the girl beneath her.

They sat up together and pressed their bulging chests together. Clothes were strewn about and the girls were laying nude upon the bed together, slowly kissing each other. Their hands were between each others legs, fingers slowly sliding in and out of one another. C.C.'s fingers rolled up and pressed firmly against Kallen's clit, causing her to gasp and rock against C.C.'s hand.

Their lips locked together and their tongues twisted. Kallen laid one leg between C.C.'s and pushed their womanhood together, slowly rotating her hips in circles. C.C. moaned and pushed her hips back, slowly scissoring the girl above her. Their legs spread open more and their clits pushed together giving them both equal amounts of pleasure.

Their hips continued to roll as they sat up and rubbed their chests together. Kallen moaned and held onto C.C.'s hips, forcing their womanhood to rub together with more friction. The moistness between their legs allowed them to rock side to side against each other. Their breathing increased, causing their large breasts to heave up and down. Both of the girls began moaning and pushing together harder. Both of the girls began feeling the pleasure build up in their crotch as they pushed together. The girls began screaming as they reached their climax together.

C.C. and Kallen relaxed, breathing heavily. They curled up on the bed and held each other.

"I suppose now I see what you were trying to get at, Kallen." C.C. spoke softly, closing her eyes.

"Yeah? Well...took you long enough." Kallen rolled her eyes and relaxed.

"Hm, well. Goodnight, Kallen."