May 23, 2032

Weeks After Conception: 38 (2 weeks from 9 months)

After reuniting with their families Castiel and Emily took turns traveling with each other to meet their future in-laws before returning to Bobby's house two weeks later.

When they did they were both more cheerful then they had ever been. Everything was alright again.

Castiel and Emily spent the rest of the time Emily was pregnant enjoying the simple things in life and waiting for the big day to arrive.

It came sooner than expected.

When Emily first awakened to a sharp pain in her back around one in the morning she thought it was just Braxton Hicks contractions but when it didn't go away after turning over she knew it was the real thing.

Emily stood up, trying not to wake Castiel, but failed to when the floorboards creaked.

Damn squeaky house.

"Where are you going?" questioned Castiel.

"Outside," replied Emily.

She was hoping Castiel would just turn over and go back to sleep since she was sure she still had hours before it would be necessary for her to go to the hospital, but Castiel sat up.

"I'll come with you."

Emily wanted to protest but decided not to. Instead she walked side by side with him, down the stairs and out the front door to sit on the top step of the porch.

"Beautiful night," Castiel commented.

Starring at the stars above Emily agreed. "Yes."

They then fell into a natural silence until Emily had another contraction.

Seeing Emily's face twist in an expression of pain Castiel frowned. "What's wrong?"

Emily was instantly reminded of the day when he'd asked the same question. The day when she'd told him she was pregnant.

She smiled. "Nothing's wrong."

Castiel's eyes widened with realization. He knew.

"It's happening isn't it?"

Emily nodded.

"I'll go get the bag," Castiel said as he got back up on his feet.

"No, Cas," protested Emily as she grabbed his arm. "The contractions just started. We can wait a little before heading to the hospital. Sit."

Castiel hesitated for a moment then gave in, pulling Emily close when he was seated again.

Emily titled her head up and kissed him. Castiel returned it than planted another on her forehead.

They stayed there the rest of the night. Between contractions it was peaceful, and Emily had dozed off a couple of times. When dawn came though, the contractions came closer together, and Emily decided it was best to head for the hospital. She didn't want to push her luck.

When she and Castiel arrived at the hospital a nurse came up to her with a wheelchair but Emily refused to sit down on it.

"I'll walk," she told her, grimacing as another contraction rippled through her. Castiel helped her along the way and when she had to climb into the delivery room's bed after putting on a gown.

As she settled on it Emily felt the sharpest pain yet. She moaned. "Oh God!"

She gripped Castiel's arm and he winced as her nails dug into it.

Dr. Erica Winslow, Dr. Thomas's replacement entered the room and checked on Emily's progress.

"You're fully dilated," she announced. "Now I want you to push Emily, push."

Emily did as told, putting all her strength into it. Sweat broke out on her forehead and tears sprung to her eyes as she fought against the urge to scream. There was no way she was going to let it out.

Finally Dr. Winslow called her to give one more push and the room was filled with the sound of the baby's cries.

Emily sighed in relief and grinned through her tears. She'd done it. Their daughter had arrived.

At the sound of the cries Castiel felt indescribable emotions.

He glanced up from Emily to see a nurse carrying the baby into the other room to clean her up. It seemed so surreal.

He had a child now. Castiel promised God, wherever He was, that he would protect her with his life.

After a few minutes another nurse brought their daughter back into the room in a pink blanket and passed her over to Emily.

When she did, Emily's eyes became watery again, but this time with joy.

"She's beautiful," Castiel whispered.

Emily nodded and brushed her daughter's head. "Saisha."

The single word contained so many emotions.

Castiel held her close, continuing to stare at their baby.

He couldn't have been more content.

September 2, 2032

4 Months Later

"Man, I hate these suits," complained Dean as he straightened his tuxedo out. "You owe me big time dude."

Sam snorted. "It's only for a couple hours Dean."


Castiel grinned.

It was Castiel and Emily's wedding day and all their close family and friends were at the church Castiel had gone to as a child.

Castiel and Emily had chosen September two to be their wedding date because it was the day they had met. Today was their anniversary, and it would continue to be so for years and years to come.

Sally walked into the room smiling. "The priest says he's ready to get started."

"Okay, you can tell him we're almost ready," said Castiel.

Sally made her way to him and hugged him. "I can't believe you're getting married. Seems like just yesterday I was holding you in my arms."

Castiel gave her a nod as she backed away, not sure what to say.

Sally left and Castiel returned to fixing the bow under his throat.

When he and the Winchesters were ready they headed outside of the room where Beth, Emily's maid of honor, and Holly were waiting, both wearing shiny blue dresses that flowed over their bodies.

"You look great sis," Castiel told Holly.

"You too," grinned Holly.

Sam then stepped forward and politely took her by the arm while Dean, as best man, took Beth's.

Castiel made his way to the front of the church and waited as Dean and Beth, than Sam and Holly made their way down the carpet towards him and the balding priest beside him.

Castiel surveyed the room for the other people who were in the room. There was his parents Carl and Sally who was holding little Saisha in her arms in the front row and Claire who'd forgiven his past mistakes before he'd even remembered them. Behind his family were a couple of Castiel's old friends, Alex and Maxie, and George, the hunter that had taught him so much when he entered the hunting life.

On Emily's side there was her Uncle Jacob, and several friends from both her hunting life and high school years.

It was a small group, but a close one.

When Dean and Sam were by Castiel's side the music changed and everyone stood as Emily in a striking white dress came down the aisle slowly but surely, her eyes never wondering from Castiel's face, a wide grin on hers.

Castiel could hardly breathe.

As Emily joined him in front of the priest and Castiel took her hands in his.

"You look amazing."

Emily blushed as the priest started the ceremony.

They went through the motions, and were relieved and excitied when the priest finally said "You may now kiss the bride."

Castiel pressed his lips against Emily's, only parting from her when Dean cleared his throat, a sign the kiss had gotten a little too hot.

Castiel glanced over to Dean and found him smirking.

Castiel turned back to Emily and she hugged his neck.

"I love you Castiel."

"I love you too," said Castiel. "I always will."

Emily gave him a quick kiss and then they made their way to Sally to pick up Saisha.

And both wondered what lay in their future.

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