"Come on, it is time to get up." He throws back the covers, poking me in the side.

"No!" I pout then shiver, "Why don't you just warm me up instead?" I turn, cracking one eye open and smirking at the naked man before me, "It is clear you want to…"

"It is not my fault my body has a natural response to your beauty." He smirks, strolling out of the room and down the hall, "Maybe if you are lucky I will let you shower… with me." His voice carries down the hall with a large slam of the bathroom door.

"But Booth…" I purr just loud enough to get his attention.

I hear the water turn on and the door open. I smirk, knowing full well what is going to happen next.

"Are you coming or what?" He stands in the doorway, dripping wet and glaring.

"I'm thinking about it." I turn away from him, pulling the covers over my body, "Do you have any compelling reasons as to why I should?" I giggle into the pillow, hoping my muffled noises don't give away my true intentions.

"Well one… I am your husband; two… last night and third… this morning. Do I need any more reasons or have I covered all the bases?"

"How about you just prove it to me one more time… then I might think of moving but as it stands my body is refusing to exert the effort needed to get out of this warm, fluffy bed."

"We only have an hour so you better make up your mind."

He turns and swiftly walks out of the bedroom. Did he just say we had somewhere to be? I bolt out of the bed and run as fast as my feet can carry me down the hall and into the bathroom. He standing in the shower waiting, grin firmly planted. Jerk.

"I knew that would work." He beams, pulling the curtain back to get a full view.

"Shut up or I will just go back to bed." I glare, standing the doorway with my hand on my hip.

"No, I can't let you do that."

"Why? Do you have something you need to prove to me?" I laugh, "I do enjoy research."

"While I do enjoy research… and you do look extra hot his morning, I still am going to have to say no. We have to be in Sweets' office in an hour. I told you we had somewhere to be."

"Yes but I thought… maybe it would be just you, me and a bottle of wine?" I smile slightly but he is not buying it. Wherever we need to be it is important, well there goes my day in with my husband.

"Just wait a few hours then you will have that bottle of wine all to yourself." He smiles, turning back to the shower and letting it pelt him, "Believe me, you'll need it."

"I assure you whatever it is; I will not need that much alcohol." I glare. What does he think I am, an alcoholic?

"What if I said we needed to have Sweets certify us before you are able to get your job back?"

"I would tell you that you were clearly insane. Sweets knows nothing of my abilities to perform my tasks."

"Well then I am a nut, baby." He smiles, motioning for me to come to him. I glare but his smile just intensifies. Soon I relent; his smile seems to melt me into a puddle of goo.

"Fine… but you better be good." I step into the shower, glaring but my face quickly softens as I scan the specimen before me.

"Oh you know I am, Bones. I'm wonderful; perfect in every way… you said it yourself last night." He smugly smiles, pulling me to him.

"Yeah, yeah. If you say so…"

"I don't say so… you know so…"