Alice was riding the Bandersnatch in to the kingdom of Marmoreal, the Vorpal sword in hand, with Bayard at her side. Alice was happy with her accomplishment, and was quite impressed with herself. She walked in to the White Queen's throne room, with the sword in hand, swiftly and proudly.

As Alice walked up the steps to hand the Queen the Vorpal sword, her knees almost gave out underneath her. It was the first time Alice had ever seen the White Queen, so she was quite astounded by the pure beauty Her Majesty possessed.

"I believe this belongs to you." Alice said, as she handed the White Queen the Vorpal sword.

"At last the armor of Marmoreal is complete. Now all I need is a champion." The Queen replied, as she set the sword into the hands of the empty armor. "You are a little taller than I expected." she said, as she realized just how tall the young woman in front of her was. Alice's smile disappeared when the Queen said the word 'champion'. The entire idea of having to fight any creature; let alone the Jabberwocky terrified her.

"You can blame that on too much upelkuchen." Alice smirked, as the White Queen nodded her head in understanding. "Come with me then," she said to Alice, and floated to the kitchen ever so gracefully.

The March Hare was in the kitchen, ranting nonsensical words as Alice and the Queen were entering. "DARN PEA SOUP!" The hare yelled as he through some soup at the door while the White Queen was walking in. She gracefully ducked like she was expecting it, and just ignored him as she walked to a table filled with ingredients.

Alice ran her finger through the green liquid on the door as she bent over to fit through the doorway. She put the soup-coated finger in her mouth to taste it. "It needs some salt." she commented. The hare then reacted by throwing the salt at the door.

As she made her way to the table, Mirana decided to make some conversation. "How is my sister? What did you think about her?"

"Perfectly horrid. You wouldn't imagine the things that go on over there." Alice answered honestly to the Queen.

"Oh yes. Yes I would." The Queen responded, an air of knowing lacing her voice. "I do know the horrors that happen at that forsaken kingdom. Alice, do you think I am oblivious to the things that Iracebeth does? Do you honestly think I stay here in Marmoreal Happy and unknowing?" She asked, concerned with what Alice said.

"No your Ma-"

"Please Alice there are no need for formalities, call me Mirana. And do answer honestly." Mirana cut off Alice quickly. She never had liked formalities, but she certainly never wanted Alice to think that she was obligated to be formal. Mirana had longed for Alice to come back so that she would be her champion. She wanted Alice to risk her life, so why would she have Alice be so formal? Mirana also had hoped to become friends with her wanted champion. Alice didn't look like what she had expected, mainly because she had not expected someone so beautiful.

"No Mirana, I did not mean it like that. I only meant that the things I had seen there were things I never thought I would see in my life. Not that Underland is remotely normal, by any means." The Queen smiled at the way her name sounded in Alice's voice.

"And her head…" Mirana trailed off, moving her hand out to each side of her own head.

"Absolutely bulbous." Alice replied to the Queen, with a slight giggle.

"I think she was some type of growth in there, pressing on her brain." Mirana agreed.

"Ah lets see." Mirana spoke as she approached the table. "Hmm... oh here we go. A pinch of worm fat, Urine of Horsefly. Buttered fingers…." The Queen said as she dragged the wrinkled, dried out fingers across her nose, inhaling deeply. She quickly dropped them in her brewing pot.

Mirana smiled at Alice and continued to brew. "3 coins from a dead man's pocket, two tablespoons of wishful thinking..." she then spit into the pot. "That should do it. Blow." Mirana said and lifted the spoon up for Alice to take a sip.

Alice blew lightly, and took a small sip, As she did, she began to shrink to her normal size, and caught her dress so that it did not fall off her. "Feel better?" Mirana asked, extending a hand to the slightly shorter blonde.

"Much, thank you." Alice nodded in response to the Queen.

"Come now, we must get you in to better clothing." The White Queen said, noticing that the only reason Alice was not naked was because she had caught the oversized dress before it had fallen. 'Not that seeing Alice naked would be an unpleasant sight.' the Queen thought, but then quickly discarded that inappropriate thought away.

Alice followed the pure and beautiful white woman to what she assumed was the White Queen's quarters. "Here we are. This is my room I'm sure there is something in here … Aha!" Mirana talked as she looked through her closet. "Here" she handed Alice a pastel blue, robe-like garment. "You don't strike me as the formal ware type of girl."

"You couldn't have been more right! How did you know? My mother always scolded me for not wearing corsets and stockings. I found them to be unnecessary and quite uncomfortable…" Alice rambled, expressing how she felt about certain clothing. The White Queen chuckled as she saw Alice blush, when she had realized that her talk would be considered inappropriate for a conversation.

She found it quite endearing and cute to see the blonde blush. She had never known Alice to find anything uncomfortable, and it worried her a bit. Alice was always Alice; no matter what she did, and said as she liked, so this struck the Queen as odd.

"What is it? You never mind what you say around anyone. I would prefer that it be no different for me. You speak your mind, it is part who you are, so why did you shy from your truthful rant?" Mirana asked Alice, concern underlying her airy tone.

"Because I realized that it might bother you, being so informal." the girl responded.

"Alice, I told you there are no need for formalities. And since when have you cared what other people thought? You speak your mind, and if others take offense you say not to listen. You are acting unlike yourself. And I, of all people, want you to be you. Not who I want you to be, but who you want to be." the Queen dropped her airy facade.

"But you want me to be your champion." Alice protested.

"We are not talking about what I want, Alice. We are talking about you, and what you want. What I want is not important at this point." Mirana pointed out.

"Mirana I am not the Alice, but I am Alice. But, now I am the Alice, and I am supposed to do what and what not. Here in Underland, I have seen things that are not real, that cannot be real. Yet, I can get hurt here, and everything here is foretold. I am me, and this is my dream, so how can I be the wrong Alice?" Alice ranted, becoming stressed, upset and confused. Alice walked over to Mirana's bed and sat down.

Mirana took a seat next to her blonde friend, and put her hand under Alice's chin, and tilting her head upwards. "My dear Alice, please look at me." Mirana said ever so softly. Alice looked in to the beautiful Queen's hazel eyes, as one tear streamed down her cheek.

"Do not cry, my dear Alice. Do not be upset. Every choice you make is yours, and do not allow any one to make up your mind. You never have before." She told the girl, as she ligtly brushed the tear away from Alice's cheek. It pained the Queen deeply to see her beautiful Alice so saddened.

Alice blushed, and tingles went through her body as the Queen wiped away her tear. How she longed to kiss Mirana's deep red lips, and touch her fair white skin. She mentally chided herself for thinking about violating someone so pure. Alice made a face as she snapped herself out of her thoughts, which did not go unnoticed by the Queen.

"What where you thinking my friend?" Alice shook her head lightly.

"Ah I see, another inappropriate thought?" The White Queen remarked with a small smirk, until she realized that Alice was frowning.

Alice stood up from the bed and began to walk away, when she felt Mirana's hand grab her arm. "Please! Don't go." Mirana pleaded. Alice had a perplexed look on her face from Mirana's actions. The Queen stood up, and placed her other hand on Alice's cheek, while she slid the hand on Alice's arm down to hold her hand. "Don't go my dear Alice…" She said softly.

The Queen grew more curious by the second as Alice just continued to stand there. "You really want to know what I think?" Alice asked.

"Of course…" Mirana replied. Alice let go of the Queen's hand, and removed her other hand from her face.

"No you don't" she said as she turned away, still holding up the oversized dress she wore.

"But I do. Alice, please, there is no need to shy away."

"Fine." Alice said. She turned around and walked right up to the White Queen, with barely any space between them. Her face was devoid of any emotion, and she leaned in very close to Mirana. Alice narrowed her eyes studying the beautiful Queen's face.

Mirana's heart began to beat wildly, though one would not have noticed by looking at her. She longed for Alice to be hers, but she kept a straight face and stared right back into Alice's eyes, very nonchalantly, in hopes that she would not lead the young woman on.

Alice leaned in closer. Mirana's eyes shut, and her lips parted ever so slightly, to give Alice the hint. Mirana did not mind at all if the 19 year old wanted to kiss her. Alice continued to look at the Queen, wanting to kiss her but still not doing so. Mirana opened her eyes. "You can kiss me any time now, you know?" The Queen said gently, like it was a normal statement.

Alice smiled, leaned in, and gently pressed her lips against the deep red lips of the Queen. Mirana's hands rose up and grabbed the blonde's face gently, to deepen their kiss. Both of their eyes closed. Alice still held on to her dress with one hand, and had the other one holding on to the queens slender waist.

Alice soon stopped holding back, and pressed her body so close to the Queen's that she no longer needed to keep a hand on her dress. She moved her newly freed hand onto the other side of her Queen's waist. She ran her tongue over Mirana's lips, pleading for entrance, and Mirana quickly granted it. Alice pushed Mirana back until she fell onto the bed.

When the Queen realized that she was no longer standing, but lying on her bed, with an eager Alice on top of her, she roughly pushed the blonde girl off of her. "I'm sorry!" Alice yelped, startled, as the kiss broke. She jumped up, and grabbed her oversized dress again. She realized that the robe Mirana handed her was on the ground. Alice quickly picked it up, and ran out of the Queen's room.

"Wait! Alice…" Mirana called after her, but was not fast enough. She realized that she had given Alice the wrong idea when she pushed her away. She had only meant to say 'slow down', but her heart broke as she realized that she had given Alice the idea that she didn't want her. Mirana was upset with herself for not being clear. All she meant by that push was to slow down. But the gentle push she had meant to give was more of a shove, now that she thought about it. She was just startled, but now she had given Alice the wrong idea. "Oh Mirana, you have to fix this. And you will in the morning I suppose.." She muttered to herself, and readied for bed.

"Stupid Alice! That was so stupid!" Alice scolded herself as she walked out on to a balcony, after she had changed into the billowy blue robe. There she found the blue caterpillar smoking his pipe, of course. "Absolem?" Alice said as she saw him. She engaged in a conversation with him.

"Hello, Alice. Do you know what day is almost upon us?" Absolem replied.

"Of course, how could I forget? It is Frabjous Day. But you said I wasn't the right Alice!" She remarked, slightly confused.

"Stupid girl. I said you were not hardly Alice, but now you are more her than you were. In fact, you are almost Alice." The two exchanged a few more words before the night was over.

In the morning, after not much rest at all, Alice walked back out to the balcony, where she had talked to Absolem. She looked out over the kingdom to see all its beauty.

"Alice.." A very soft voice called to her. She turned around to see Mirana behind her. The Queen walked up and stood next to her friend on the balcony. "You know, when a champion steps forth, there is no reason why all of Underland can't look like this. Once Iracebeth is gone, Underland will no longer be dangerous."

"You want me to slay the Jabberwocky. Why because I am supposed to, because its foretold?" Alice asked, confused and frustrated.

"Things do not happen because the Oraculum says they will. They happen because you cause them to." Mirana said as wisely as anyone could have.

"I can't kill that thing!"

"Alice? Last night, I had only meant to say slow down. It wasn't a no. I could never say no to you." Mirana explained as she reached up to lightly stroke Alice's cheek. Alice looked down at the ground, to avoid eye contact with the Queen. "Look at me, my dear Alice." Mirana lifted up the girl's chin, looked into her eyes, and smiled, which in turn caused Alice to smile.

"Hello Bayard." Mirana said quickly, as she pulled away from Alice. The hound had startled the Queen. Mirana didn't mean to come off so secretive, she just merely wanted time to figure out what her relationship with Alice was, exactly. If Alice decided to leave Underland, then there was no point to make any announcement of their relationship, actually, there would have been no point to have any relationship at all. When the Queen thought of that, her heart grew heavy.

This had upset Alice greatly when she realized why Mirana pulled away. "I see that what you actually meant was you couldn't ever say no. But only if it was in private." Alice said trying to get a response out of the White Queen.

"What?" Asked Bayard, who was entirely lost. "We have company." Mirana stated airily, as she peered through the looking glass. She walked of gracefully to greet the guests. Alice stared curiously at the looking glass and then couldn't help but to take a peek herself. She saw Hatter, the Tweedles, Nivens McTwisp, Mallymkun, and many others, including Bayard's family.

"Take a look Bayard." Alice said as she held the looking glass, so that the bloodhound could peek through.

"Bielle!" Bayard shouted excitedly. He had seen his wife and pups coming towards the kingdom enterance. The hound turned around and ran back into the castle, to get to his family. Alice followed suit to meet the Hatter, and the others that had escaped.