The New Girl

Being a new scientist on Atlantis say the least, a bit of an adjustment for Serena Marlo. The SGC had called her in do to her experience in advanced genetics. She, however, had been less then thrilled about the whole affair having just received a promotion at Gene-u-tech Labs. The place was big, and all sorts of countries had dealings in their research, but Serena was one of the best and brightest despite her age and background.

Serena, 23 years-old, stood at about five foot two with shortly cropped black hair accentuating her pixie like face. She had cool green eyes framed by long black lashes, pale ivory skin, and a shapely figure complete with a small and fairly short waist, but what she didn't have in size she made up for in talent. Having grown up in the back streets in down town New York, with an alcoholic father, who thankfully worked nights at steel mill; and a bar waitress for a mother, she had to work hard to get through school. Serena excelled in her studies and soon was out of high school and off to New York State on a scholarship. All things considered, things were going well, and soon she even landed a job at Gene-u-tech, first as a lab assistant, and then on to being one of its top geneticists.

Though quiet peeved at the fact that she had no say in going to Atlantis, Serena had to admit she was curious and just a bit excited. From what she had been told about the Wraith and their feeding habits, she was a bit anxious to see one up close. The SGC wasn't shy about pushing her through the gate either, and as she arrived on Atlantis for the first time she instantly felt that she may have been better off back on earth. No one seemed to think she was a scientist, but then that could be do to the fact she was wearing a pair of painter pants, with army boots, and a tight black Nightwish tank-top, which showed off the tattoos on her forearms and parts of her shoulders and back. "Oh pressure." she said to herself as Carnal Carter came down to greet her. "Hello, I'm Carnal Samantha Carter, welcome to Atlantis." she said. Serena looked Carter over and new that, despite the fact that she was a military, Carter was a woman that she could work with. 'Maybe this won't be a total waist.' Serena thought as Carter made to show her around.

The tour was nothing short of amazing. Serena was in aw over several things, not so much about the vast size of the city, but rather how much the expedition has managed to learn in just a three year period. "And we still have so many things that we haven't even touched on yet in the labs, let alone in the data banks." said Carter as they came back up to the control room and to the briefing room. Several people were already there, some seated, and other's standing or leaning against the table in the middle of the room. Serena sat somewhat away from the others not knowing what to expect, as Carter asked for everyone to sit so the briefing could begin.

Cater introduced Carnal Sheppard and his team, as well as Dr. Keller, and Dr. Zelenka, who would be working closely with her on her new project. Though from what Carter was saying, several scientists have already made some head way in the field of changing Wraith genetics. Dr. Becket being the first to try changing Wraiths into humans.

Carnal Carter then showed video logs of Becket's progress and his notes on the basic theories and results from his experiments. As Serena watched the subject that Sheppard had affectionately named Michel, she became increasingly agitated and just a bit angry at the team's methods of testing. The subject lost all memory of everything that he ever was, and as soon as he started trying to reintegrate, as Becket called it, into a normal life on Atlantis, he seemed to know deep down that something wasn't right. However, when ever he asked about it, whether it was to Teyla, Dr. Weir, or Becket they all said that it was do to his loss of memory and that it would pass with time. In a nut-shell, Serena understood Michel's anger and confusion when he found out what he really was; and even more so when it happened yet again, only on a larger scale.

When Cater had finished explaining how recently the goal had been changed to simply finding a way to eliminate the Wraith's need to feed on humans, she turned to Serena and said, "This is why you're here. I'm told you're one of the best and brightest in the field of genetics, and we need that on this project. If you have any questions feel free to ask." Oh Serena was boiling now, but she knew it would be better to hold her temper in check, or she may not get a shot at getting answers to her questions. So she simply leaned back in her chair for a moment or two thinking of the best way to say what she thought needed to be said. Then she came forward to lay her elbow on the table and said, "Well fist and foremost I want to know what kind of ethics you people use when dealing with a subject, because quite honestly I'm not impressed thus far."

Everyone in the room was quiet, either in shock, or disbelief, so Serena went on,saying, "One, you took a subject against their will; Two used a drug on him that was until that point untested, and therefor you had no idea what the effects would be; and three when he showed signs of knowing something was up you deliberately kept the truth from him. Add on top of that the fact that you didn't just do this to him once, but twice, and on the second run you had several others on the drug as well, quiet frankly I'd be pissed too! So I'm not sure if I want to work on this project if this is the way you treat your subjects; I've seen genii pigs treated better then this."

"Oh really?! And what would you have suggested? It wasn't like a Wraith was just all of a sudden going to lets us test the drug on him!" said Mc Kay after a moment. Serena just looked at him, and said, "All the same you could have found a different method by which to test the drug! Who knows, you could have found some Wraith that might have been willing to help in your research." "And where would you suggest we look!?" yelled Mc Kay. Then Cater decided to step in saying, "That's enough, both of you! now we knew that testing the drug on a Wraith would likely have its set backs; but we learned a great deal about the Wraith while they were taking the drug, and now we have moved on in this new direction to change the Wraith's feeding habits." Serena sat quietly as Carnal Cater went on, "We need the best scientists on this project, because we are running out of time. The Wraith are far greater in numbers, and if they find out where we are they will use everything they've got to get to our gate and use it to get back to Earth."

Serena sighed but nodded so did Mc Kay, and so Carter sat down once more saying, "Alright, now seeing as how you will be working with both Dr. Zelenka and Dr. Keller I've taken the liberty of giving you a lab which is near the medical bay and fairly close to Zelenka and Rodney's lab." At that moment Mc Kay interrupted saying, "Well technically it's just my lab, but...." "Rodney.. will more then likely be in and out of the project do to the fact that he's been working on a shutdown program for the Replicators, also his... assistant, is the one that you will be working with on a daily basis when he isn't working with Rodney." At this point Serena was intrigued, 'Could it be?' she wondered to herself as she asked the question that Cater knew she would ask. "Am I to assume that Dr. Mc Kay's assistant is a Wraith?" That's when John smiled saying, "Yay well, he's been real helpful in the past, and he did have the original shutdown program that we're now trying to modify, so...."

At that moment the alarm went off, signaling an in coming wormhole. As soon as the horizon was formed and the shield in place a technician named Chuck, stepped forward saying, "We're receiving an IDC, it's Sergeant Claymore and his team." Carter told them to lower the shield and people started coming through, who were undoubtably from the planet that had just dialed in. Serena watched as these people filed in as quickly and carefully as they could, keeping their family and loved ones close. They were frightened, absolutely terrified from what she could see, as more and more came through.

"That's nearly all of them." said a voice from a panel behind her. Looking back she saw that it was a glass screen holding a video of Claymore, who was still on the planet. In the background you could see his men helping some of the last groups through the gate. "Just one more group and this place'll be empty; who knows, if the Replicators scan the planet and find no one they may leave it alone, and these people can come back, when we've dealt with the Replicators." Claymore said hopefully. John smile at the Sergeant saying, "Well we'll deal with relocation at a later date, meanwhile we need to get everyone through before..." There was an explosion in the background near the gate. Claymore ducked and ordered his men to make for the gate, then turning back to the malp he said, "They're here, we're coming in hot sir!!" Sure enough people began running through the gate, and as soon as Claymore was through it shut down.

Now Serena understood how dyer the situation was with these Replicators, and that they had to be stopped. However, she knew that once they were, that the Wraith would be back to their position of power, just like in the reports she had read back on earth, and it would be up to her to change their feeding methods. So she went down the stairs of the control room to help those who were injured to Medical bay. Once everyone was taken care of John Sheppard came to her saying he'd show her to her new lab. It wasn't very large, but Serena was used to working in close quarters and didn't mind in the least.

After inspecting everything in the lab, she set up her lap-top and said, "Okay, so this Wraith I'm going to be working with, where is he at the moment?" John shrugged saying, "Oh probably still in Rodney's lab working. If ya want I can take you there?" Serena nodded and they headed out for Mc Kay's lab. Rodney was scrutinizing the Wraith's calculations as he always did when John and Serena came in. John headed over to Rodney to see how much progress had been made, while Serena got her first look at the Wraith she was going to be working with.

He was tall, at least six foot six, and had, what appeared to be a well muscled frame; though Serena couldn't really tell under all that leather. His hair was past his shoulders and laired somewhat haphazardly, but it looked soft like spider webs; and like all those of his kind, his eyes were yellow-ish green, with cat slits for pupils. He was in a word, beautiful, and Serena thought it a shame that he was trapped here, but at least it would give her a chance to get to know him, if he would let her. So without further ado, she walked up behind him, as he worked at one of the lab's lap-tops, laid her head on his left shoulder, and asked, "What'cha do'en?" Both Rodney and John were shocked at what Serena was doing, and the marines had their weapons poised on the Wraith as he turned his head to her.

The Wraith looked at her somewhat surprised that she was so close, and simply said, "Working." then went back to typing. Serena watched him for a few moments and then switched shoulders, saying, "I can see that, and I've gotta tell ya, I've never seen something so complicated... well unless I'm looking at a mapped genome, but still..." The Wraith once again looked at her on the other side and said, "So you're the new geneticist then." It was a statement, and Serena remembered that he could read minds if he wanted to so she simply nodded saying, "Yep, I'm Serena. What's your name?" He didn't answer, not that she expected him to. From what she could remember from the reports, Wraith didn't have names, or if they did they never said what they were. So Serena continued to watch him in relative silence as he continued to modify the shutdown command program.

After a few more moments she moved her chin to the top of his head, still watching him. This caused him to stop typing and say, "What are you doing?" She looked down and said, "I'm observing you working, and working hard I might add." At that point she turned her still sitting chin to Rodney and said, "Do you give this guy any breaks?" Mc Kay had to shake himself slightly and then said, "Are you nuts!!! Don't get so close, he could feed on you!!!" Serena looked slightly amused at Rodney's outburst, but as she looked at Sheppard she realized that he along with the marines were ready to shoot. She sighed and pulled herself up to stand strait and looked at the sitting Wraith, who had now turned his chair around to get a better look at her.

He looked her up and down, and gave a small grin, which she guessed was the closest thing to a smile she was going to get. She smiled back at him and said, "So, how long since you last fed?" He was silent for a moment, and then he looked at Sheppard, and said, "It will be a week come tomorrow since my last feeding." Serena nodded saying, "Uh-ha and how many weeks can you go after a feeding?" The Wraith was now watching her with curiosity in his eyes as he said, "Up to three or four weeks maybe more, but only if there is nothing to feed upon, or if feedings must be rationed." What was she getting at he wondered, she certainly wouldn't consider feeding him; after all his last feeding was hard to come by, and was only given because he was needed to help heal Mc Kay's sister. However, Serena gave nothing away as she turned to Sheppard and his men saying, "Well there you have it then, he only fed a week ago and it takes three to four weeks for him to get hungry again. So I'd say I'm perfectly fine, thank you."

This time the Wraith looked at her in surprise along with the others. Was she truly that dim, or was there something else she had in mind for being this casual around him? He had no idea, but as he looked at her she smiled yet again saying, "Well I look forward to working with you, see ya tomorrow, and don't work too hard." She turned to leave, and for the first time he noted the tattoos and clothes she was wearing, as she left the lab she winked at him and walked down the hall as if she had just walked out of a general staff meeting. One thing was for sure things had certainly become interesting on Atlantis and the Wraith was going to use every bit of it to his advantage.