Michael is sitting on the couch watching cartoons in his room all of a sudden he sticks his nose up in the air and starts sniffing the air "Is that spicy tuna ?"

Chase walks threw the door after overhearing Michael he's wearing his work clothes "Yes its always fun to play what fish Chase smells like" he closes the door walks over to his bed throws his hat down on the bed and starts to pull his shirt off Michael looks at him "How was work ?"

Chase looks at him as he walks over to the door and grabs his robe off the back off the door before he continues to take off his jeans "long and a little weird"

Michael looks at him "When is delivering sushi not weird"

Chase looks at him from where he's pulling off his necklace and bracelet and grabs a blix out of the mini fridge "good point anyway I'm going to go take a shower" he looks at the TV "hey is this a new one"

Michael looks up at him " Yea new season"

Chase walks over and sits down beside him on the couch and starts laughing "Girly Cow classic" [1]

He smiles at the TV Michael looks at him "You still smell like spicy tuna"

Chase's smile turns into a distressed look "I know" he gets up and walks out the door and to the bathroom Michael shakes his head as he leaves

The scene changes to Michael walking into the bathroom a little while later with his shower bag he starts to walk over towards the sink

Chase sings from where he is still taking a shower "I'm on a highway to no where trying to get by with owww… stupid shampoo in my eye"

Michael turns to face the shower curtain and starts to clap "Bravo, Bravo"

Chase pokes his head out of the shower surprised " Michael how long have you been there ?"

Michael looks at him "long anothe to hear your big solo needs a little work though"

Chase looks at him "Haha funny a man has a right to sing in the shower you know"

Michael just looks at him as he pulls the shower curtain back into place right then Logan walks threw the door "She set me up"

Chase pokes his head out of the shower again "Who set you up ?"

Logan looks at him "the girl that I was supposed to go on a date with tonight"

Chase looks surprised "You got a date"

Logan looks at him and Michael "why is it so hard to believe I got a date" he sees Michael and Chase giving him a look "Shut up" he pauses for a minute "Am I not loveable ?"

Chase looks at him "there are several things I don't feel comfortable talking about in the shower this is one of those things" he pulls the shower back in place

Michael looks at him "Man"

Logan looks at him "Make me loveable"

Chase yells from the shower "Logan"

Logan looks at them "Make me loveable"

The scene flash's forward to later that night Chase and Michael are sitting on the couch in their night clothes in their room sleepy eyed Michael looks at Chase "What time is it ?"

Chase looks over at him and says annoyed "three o'clock in the morning"

Logan is pacing back in forth in front of them "Make me loveable"

Michael looks at Chase "He's not going to let us go to sleep until we say yes is he"

Chase looks at him "No and I really want to sleep"

Michael looks at Logan "Fine"

Logan looks at them "Really ?"

Chase looks at him "yes now just let us go to sleep"

Logan looks at them "Deal" he crawls up into his bunk leaving Michael and Chase still on the couch

Chase looks at Michael in the dark "What did we just do ?"

Michael looks at him "Made a big challenge for ourselves"

Chase looks at him "the biggest"

The scene fades

[1] Zoey 101 - trading places