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"Sebastian, draw me a bath." Ciel yawned, standing up from his desk and stretching after many hours.

"Yes, bocchan."

Steam surrounded Ciel as he stepped into the bathroom. "Sebastian!" he said, and the butler was instantly at his side. Ciel raised his arms, allowing the butler to ease his clothes off. First the ribbon, then the shirt, then shorts.

"Is it just my imagination, or is Sebastian slower than usual today?" Ciel wondered, but waved the thought away.

Sebastian was both in heaven and hell as he took off Ciel's clothes. Recently, he had begun to see his master in a new light. He puzzled over why he hasn't noticed it before. Ciel's slender, girlish arms, his silky, dark blue hair, and his eyes. Deep azure orbs you can drown in. A bulge began to form in Sebastian's pants as a result of his thoughts, and he forced it back down with his mind.

"Sebastian?" Ciel called, shaking him out of his reverie. "Soap me now."

Sebastian mentally groaned, wondering how he is going to survive today without doing something totally inappropriate to his dear bocchan.

Oh wait…

He WAS a demon. Skilled in many arts.

No, it'll violate the contract.

But didn't it say to please the master in any way he can? And pleasure he will most certainly bring.

His mind decided, he moved over to clueless Ciel.

Ciel is unsettled. Just now, it felt like a dark aura suffused the room. Well, he was always besides a dark aura (partially suppressed) that was Sebastian, but this was different. It felt sweet, somehow. But dangerous. It almost felt like Sebastian had let himself go. Nah, not possible. See? There he was now. What's up with the look in his eyes though? It looked…predatory.

"Bocchan, please turn around, I will soap your back now." Ciel complied, and Sebastian faced an expanse of smooth, flawless skin. He rubs the soap around on his back, and places it on the edge of the tub. Taking off his gloves, he placed his hands onto Ciel's back, and massages him.

Ciel is trying hard not to moan as Sebastian works out the knots in his muscles. Ahh…yes, right there. Sebastian's hand is so warm, almost as hot as the water. Sebastian finds a particular knot in his shoulder, and Ciel went boneless, sliding under the water.

"Please don't do that, bocchan." Sebastian scolded gently, inwardly grinning at his expertise. Ciel closes his eyes and ignores Sebastian, unable to will himself to sit back up again.

"It can't be helped then. I'll come in and do it underwater." Sebastian said in as calm a voice as possible, fighting a smile.

"Wha..? Sebastian, no!" Ciel flailed around, arms splashing the water in the process.

"Is something the matter, bocchan?" Ciel momentarily stopped, looked, and is unable to look away.

Sebastian stood before him, his nakedness in all its glory. He walked over and slid into the water besides Ciel, whose jaw had dropped open.

"Really, bocchan, what am I going to do with you? It is impolite to stare you know."

Ciel blushed furiously, and muttered: "I wasn't staring." He looked away, staring at the tiled wall.


"I WASN'T!" Ciel's embarrassment had turned into indignation, and he turned around to face the butler—

--and his lips were caught in a crushing kiss.