Okay folks, here's the deal. I've always hated the way the Pokemon television show and games played out, plot-wise. Am I the only one who thinks everything is just a little too convenient for the main characters? I believe that the world of pokemon would be more interesting if a more realistic twist was put on it. I've been known to write depressing works, so this is no different. If it goes over well in the reviews, I'll continue the series.

Be warned: This series is more realistic than the television series. There is going to be pain, death, drugs, crime, and other such things that little children and the elderly would usually object to seeing. This is NOT a series for the weak of heart or overly optimistic. If you're still interested in reading it after all that, please enjoy. The series is relatively non-cannon and takes place several years in the future of the television series.

I'm free to all critique and commentary. Blatant insults and threats on my life are not only wanted, they're encouraged. Any messages that would be considered 'flame' to a certain degree will be forwarded to my friends, mocked, and then posted on my web page.

Ja ne.


"Having defeated the Omega League against the insurmountable odds, Ash Ketchum takes his place as the youngest trainer to ever defeat the Omega League, only twenty-five years! His explanation for his unbelievable victory against a trainer who had thirty years more experience than he?:

"Love and respect for my pokemon! As long as I believed in myself, I knew I could win the day!"

The television clicked off with an electrical snap, leaving the dimly lit room in sudden blackness, as the screen's images vanished away into the void. Reclining in bed was a young woman, seventeen years old for only another eight hours. She would be visiting Morpheous' kingdom when the anniversary of her birth rang, leaving her to awaken in the morning to a new part of her life.

In the morning, she would leave her home to join the ever-growing ranks of those known as Pokemon Trainers. She knew she would be the greatest trainer the world would ever see, even greater than Ash Ketchum himself. She would be powerful, respected, famous, and rich within a year's time. She would dominate the world of pokemon trainers like a tsunami sweeping over the nation.

Nothing would stop her. She would be the best.

With thoughts of greatness in her mind, the teen slipped down under the heavy blanket covering her futon and drifted off to a sleep full of lovely dreams.

The Universe had chosen a person for it's personal whipping boy (or girl, in this case.). It has a tendancy towards what has been known as a 'low- blow'. More accurately, it has a tendancy towards distracting it's target ("Hey, A hundred yen!") then resoundingly kicking them in the genitals.


With steel-toed boots.

Then flicking their nose and running away whilst giving them the raspberry.

And as the teen slumbered, she dreamt of her conquest of the Leagues and assured legendary status within a short amount of time.

The Celestial Raspberry fell deaf on her ears, but it was there nonetheless.


Asuka smirked, full of her self-assuredness to a fault. Not even two hours after leaving with her first pokemon to the wonderful world of pokemon training had she encountered her first challenge, the christening battle that would mark her first victory as a trainer.

The man's appearance had given her a moment of doubt when she'd first seen him. He was not terribly tall, but still stood a few inches above her, his height aided by a pair of heavy-looking boots. He was dressed to attend a funeral: black slacks and a sheen black dress shirt with a high neck collar. His face was hidden mostly by a pair of thin-rimmed glasses that reflected the sunlight in a glare along with the man's black hair, which was long enough to hang down well to his chest and mid-back, held in a ponytail with a simple strip of cloth. The man's leather duster coat flared dramatically, regardless that there was little wind to influence it so.

All in all, he seemed very intimidating, but Asuka wouldn't let that phase her. His disinterested expression was met with her smug one as she drew out her only full pokeball and launched it forward with a wonderful bravado.

"Okay, for my first win, I choose you: Rattata!" She cried as the ball arched into the air and snapped open upon impact with the ground.

In a flash of light, the small rodent pokemon appeared from it's pokeball. Specially bred and raised in captivity for it's trainer, the purple-furred rat stood confidently before it's trainer, ready to loyally carry out the commands it was given.

Neither poor soul knew what they were in for.

The man seemed saddened by the girl's choice in pokemon. To Asuka, she was sure he realized that she would be too much for him to handle and he would simply give up and join up with her to follow in her wake as her loyal companion and confidant for the rest of her quest towards fame and fortune and….

The girl's daydream was shattered by a heart-rending scream. She snapped out of her dream world in time to see a great pair of jaws clamp around her Rattata's body, snagging the terrified rodent into the air. The Arbok that held her pokemon captive was massive, far larger than the ones she'd seen on television during the League Matches and looked as though it could turn a car into a tin can if it so wished. Before she had a chance to even catch her breath, the Arbok flicked it's head, causing her twitching Rattata to vanish down it's gullet with a satisfied gulp.

Asuka couldn't feel her legs. She stared blankly at the serpent who had swallowed her dreams along with her pokemon. Hot tears burned her eyes as she began to shake with fear and anger, not at the Arbok but for it's trainer. The man had not commanded it's Arbok to take her Rattata, nor had he told it to stop. The entire time, he had not reacted in the slightest. She stared at him with her tear-filled eyes, waiting for his sudden confession of remorse; an apology, a pang of sorrow or even a tear for the atrocity his pokemon had committed.

He grinned.

With a cry of rage, Asuka suddenly dashed forward on wobbly legs at the man. She could feel her tears and hopes falling with each jerky step as she raised a fist to wipe the smirk away from the man's face. He had let the Arbok eat her pokemon on purpose! She couldn't let him get away with this, no matter what!

The Arbok watched intently, it's slitted eyes tracing the human girl with cold calculation. It let loose a terrible hiss and lunged downwards behind the girl as she charged it's master, the same jaws that had taken her morsel of a pokemon stretching open behind her.

The man sighed as he saw his Arbok snap his jaws over the girl's upper body. She let out a terrified scream worse than that of her pokemon as she was lifted from the ground and left to dangle half-in, half-out of his serpent's mouth, her own blood beginning to leak down her legs from the wounds in her stomach. The monstrous snake shook it's head once, issuing another scream and a spray of blood from it's victim. Another shake brought a sickening crunch as the girl's spine compacted, leaving her limbs to hang limp as the Arbok tilted it's head back. The man's neutral expression didn't even quiver as he watched the girl's body slide into his pokemon's mouth and down it's throat.

"Amateur." Was all the man grumbled as he mounted the Arbok's head, letting it carry him back down the road he had been heading down when the girl intercepted him.

He cast a second glance over his shoulder at the remains of the girl's presence; an empty pokeball, a few shreds of clothing, and a pool of rapidly vanishing blood. He shrugged his shoulders and turned his eyes back on the road, watching the sun arc high into the sky.


This isn't the end of the story folks, so send in those reviews it you want to see how things develop from here.