The Bitter Berry

This is a collection of ficlets, one shots or longer, which all include some version of female Ichigo. Ichigo will still have the same personality and he most certainly will NOT be like an original character in any sense of the word. He will be kept in character, the same way I write him when I write yaoi.

While the majority of this will be 'het' because Ichigo is female, some of it will be 'yaoi' when Ichigo is in his male form (for gender benders and the like). This will also have Ichigo as a hermaphrodite, as a cross-dressing male, a cross-dressing female, etc.

Please read ALL of the warnings for each chapter, because they will vary. NO UNDERAGE READERS! This is rated 'M' for a reason.

The first one that I am doing is STARKKXICHIGO and it's the next chapter in this collection.

Here are the ficlets I have planned:

Female Ichigo Plot Ideas

Pairing: unknown Summary: Ichigo is working at a cosplay café, but he doesn't want anyone to know it's him so he dresses like a girl. Idea by Deviously Ruined Rose.

Pairing: Kenpachi x Ichigo (this should just be expected from me now…) Summary: Kenpachi accidentally finds out that Ichigo has female sex organs. At first he black mails Ichigo, so that way he can fight whenever he wants or else Kenpachi would tell his little secret. After a while Kenpachi's started to have other types of feelings for Ichigo and after a drunken night, he gets Ichigo is pregnant. Now Kenpachi will try to convince Ichigo to live with him. Idea by Belletiger BT.

Pairing: KenpachixIchigo AllxIchigo Summary: Urahara has been playing around with some new pills that increase energy. Well Ichigo is the unfortunate guinea pig and well he wakes up and Hello! He's a girl! And nothing special, I mean we all know how hot Ichigo is as a guy and how many guys want him for that, so what if the same was true for his female form? And, I may regret this later, now that Ichigo is 100% female Aizen is thinking of Ichigo as a breeding stock? But here's the thing, instead of Yamamoto saying they should go in to save him/her, he forbids the captains from going. His reason? He's scared of Ichigo's power so he thinks out of sight out of mind. Of course there are gonna be some shinigami who are gonna ignore that and go and save him. Idea by anon Beloved Shadow of Light.

Pairing: Aizen x Ichigo Summary: Ichigo gets turned into a girl when Aizen left and Aizen finds himself attracted to the boy but knew he was straight and when he figures Ichi a girl he can not stay away or keep it in his pants he rapes Ichi but feels guilty and wants Ichi to love him so he lets him go and a few weeks later Ichi finds out he's pregnant and Sousuke does not want his child or Ichi to get hurt and so he kidnaps Ichi again and they slowly start to fall in love. Idea by anon Lily.

Pairing: Nnoitra x Ichigo Summary: AU. Ichigo was taken roughly (rape/consensual/anything, just as long as she hates the guy's guts for it) back in HS and that was the last time they saw each other. Now Ichigo, in her early 20's, lives by herself with her kid in a cheap apartment (do whatever with her family or Ichigo can live with them) and is struggling with money working as a waitress. Nnoitra is a successful business man who has Ichigo on his mind everyday. Then one day, they meet. Ichigo was shocked, then wants to murder him but Nnoitra intends to make her his this time. He stalks her around and doesn't leave her alone until she forgave him. (Nnoitra does something REALLY nice...which must be really big since she has a hateful grudge against him) so they talk, and Nnoitra takes her out (kind of like your Cherry Lips story). Nnoitra discovers Ichigo's child at her work but Ichigo doesn't tell him who the father is. then Nnoitra finds out Ichigo is seeing someone else at the moment (Kenpachi) and thought that the father might be that other male and that Ichigo has 'slept' with someone other than him. Nnoitra, angry, gets Ichigo to spill everything with a little 'persuasion.' Idea by anon Dot.

Pairing: Kenpachi x Ichigo Summary: Urahara was playing around with some new pills that are supposed to increase the user's energy. Ichigo is the unfortunate guinea pig and well he wakes up and Hello! He's a girl! Now that Ichigo is 100% female Aizen is thinking of Ichigo as a breeding stock. Yamamoto forbids the captains from going to rescue her/him because he is scared of Ichigo's power so he thinks out of sight out of mind. Of course there are gonna be some shinigami who are gonna ignore that and go and save him. IE Kenpachi XD Idea by anon Beloved Shadow of Light.

Pairing: Nnoitra x Ichigo Summary: Ichigo gets turned into a girl and needs a kiss from a prince in order to become a guy again. Nnoitra is a prince in disguise who meets Ichigo along the way. He hates women, but there is something about Ichigo that is strangely alluring. Ichigo tries to ignore Nnoitra because of his need to find a prince, but he ends up falling for Nnoitra instead, not knowing who he truly is. Idea by RamenCupMiso.

Pairing: All x Ichigo Summary: Ichi's family was in a terrible car accident everyone in the vehicle was killed except for little Yuzu. Ichi who wasn't in the car at the time is called to the hospital and given the bad news. Yuzu is placed on serious life support. Ichi's inheritance isn't enough to cover it so he has to take up many odd jobs. Even working multiple jobs isn't enough until his old friend Rukia shows up and tells him that her brother is looking for a new (FEMALE) house keeper. Ichigo refuses at first but after he hears about the ample amount of money he'll be paid he has no choice but to agree for Yuzu's sake. With all the money he'll make from working for Byakuya he'll be able to pay for an operation that may save Yuzu's life. While in the house Ichi develops a friendship with Byakuya's adopted son Toshiro and Rangiku Matsumoto. (just small side friendships with a bit of a crush on Shiro's part. Also Matsumoto knows Ichi is a boy but just let's her inner fangirl out to help him) and finally Ichi turns many heads dressed as a maid including those of the master of the house Byakuya kuchiki, his business colleague Grimmjow, the head of security in the house Kenpachi Zaraki, lieutenant of security Renji, and Ichi's self proclaimed personal security guards stark and Nnoitra. Not to mention Byakuya's cousin Kouga and Byakuya's personal butler Mayuri. Idea by Blacksebonzakura2.

Pairings: GrimmIchi Shiro(dark Ichigo)Ichi StarrkIchi one-sided KenIchi NnoiIchi Summary: Ichigo witnesses a murder and he and his family has to move to another town and go into witness protection custody. The only problem? He has to pretend to be a girl at Fukuoka Daiichi High School. Idea by Kera-Izaki.

Pairings: undecided Summary: (as given) hermaphrodite Ichi (male) is working at a bar(1) and is really pissed off that his female counterparts get paid more than him for doing the same job(2). He decides to embrace his feminine side, so he quits and applies for the job as a female (he knows he can pull it off because he's done it before on a dare or something). Upon starting work as a female he soon discovers the real reason for the salary discrepancy, the bar(1) is actually a brothel(3) and female employees are 'coerced' into working at the brothel(3) so Ichi is too. Now this is where the plot can go in a few directions: 1) Ichi's boss wants to keep her for himself 2) One of Ichi's clients wants to 'buy' 3) Ichi is bought by one of her clients and is rescued by someone who works for that client after seeing how badly his boss treats Ichi At this point all the parties know about Ichi's 'condition'. (1,2,3) these can be changed to whatever you think will suit the story better. Idea by Trixe.

Pairing: Kenpachi x Ichigo Summary: Kenny starts acting weird and not paying as much attention to Ichigo because of fighting match coming up. At first Ichigo doesn't mind, but then he starts ignoring him entirely. Ichi thinks Kenny's cheating on him and over-reacts and in a drunken night he cheats on Kenpachi with his rival. Kenpachi finds them in bed and gets pissed off, then realizes how much he hurt Ichigo. He tries to win Ichigo back, but their relationship might be too broken. Idea by Trixe.