Title: M*A*S*H'ed Poetry
Author: RHHP Freak
A/N: This is a collection of my poems about M*A*S*H. They can be inspired by everything: episodes, quotes, songs etc.
First, let's begin with an introduction to it all.

M*A*S*H'ed Poetry

Hello and welcome to this fic
First: Reviews give me a kick

This is poetry of M*A*S*H
I don't think there will be slash

But in poems of love you never know
Hopefully my updates won't be slow

I will try to do my best
And enjoy, that is my hest

However I do not own M*A*S*H
If I said so someone would me bash

So let me welcome you once more
And when you are done, please don't snore

Leave a review filled with thoughts
Instead of leaving me totally lost