(Inspired by the song 'Simple Things' by Alien Beat Club. Set in Margaret's POV! Attention, this is another HM poem!)

Simple Things

I don't want you to apologise
For being who you really are
I have known too many other guys
So I know this game and how it's played
I can see it in your blue eyes
There's a different side to you
Another side, not the joker, the womanizer
Not the one who always chased my nurses
So come over here, talk to me
You haven't got a thing to prove
I just need to see if it's true
But I know you've got to realise
It's all on the inside
You think it's all about cars
About money, diamonds and houses
But it's all in you head, all in your mind
You don't have to impress me
I know who you are
I look at you, sitting there
Don't just sit there, look at me
You know what I want from you
All I need, all I want, is some love
And a little respect from you
I need you to stand by me
Whatever I choose to do
I don't care about houses
About cars and diamond rings
'Cause all that I really need
Are those simple things