FMA: A New World, A New Path

(The past 1924 New York city America)

The wind blew icy cold across the city streets, bending the already balding trees to their whim as it rushed by them. The concrete of the streets was covered in dead leaves and a light film of ice in shaded places. People hurried about their business going to and fro between the buildings and stores as if this were the last day on earth, bundled up to beat back the cold, steam rising from many of the buildings and business's.

Two young men walked aimlessly through the streets, cold and hungry. One of the men pulled his collar up around his neck tightly to try and keep the icy wind out of his shirt, his face red from the cold, clutching the small meager bag of groceries close to his body. Beside him a younger man almost the same height as the other, wrapped up with a long scrappy looking scarf and wearing a wooly hat. They made their way towards a ramshackle building, clearly their dwelling, and entered into a still cold stairway making their way to the first floor. Upon opening the door to their room the scene that greeted them was bleak and depressing. To the left of the door was the tiny yet unmistakable kitchen area housing only a simple stove and a chipped porcelain sink, the tap dripping. Beyond that was the living area. One raggedy old couch, a simple high back chair with the covering almost all gone from the back and a crate for a table. Opposite this was the bedroom area, or to be precise, the fold down bed that both the young men slept on. To the right of that was the bathroom, with it's cracked tiles, half sized bath tub and toilet with the broken seat.

They walked in not bothering to take off their coats, as the room was the exact temperature as the street outside. The taller man put the grocery bag down on the only counter top in the tiny kitchen and set about making a warm drink. The younger man curled up on the couch to keep warm, occasionally sneezing. Once the drinks were made the taller man brought them into the living area handing one to the younger man before settling into the high back chair with a sigh.

"Here ya go Al. This should help keep ya warm" He said with a little smile.

"T-Thanks brother. Geez it's freezing in here." Shivering he sipped his drink.

"Yeah it is. Wish spring would come already." He said sipping his own drink a little.

Later that evening after eating their meager meal and drinking more warm drinks the two young men retired to bed, pulling all three blankets on them and huddling close to each other to keep warm. As the street below them faded into the darkness and the daily sounds drifted into silence they dozed lightly. Still cold, hungry and very miserable. This was their life, living from day to day not knowing where their next meal will be coming from or if they will be able to stay warm.


(Present day 2008 Virginia America)

Storm clouds gathered above the huge grey building while in the distance thunder claps could be heard roaring ever closer. A tall gentleman with glasses looked up at the sky sighed to himself and went inside. The corridors of the building were completely grey just like the outside with several large doors leading off of them into unknown rooms. The gentleman made his way down the corridor to the far end and entered one of the large doors that opened into an enormous room filled with complicated and expensive looking equipment. He walked over to a desk sat down and

began to review some paperwork, scribbling down calculations every so often biting the end of the pen as he paused to think.

The room was huge and echoed with every sound. On the far wall was a panel of switches with some of the lights lit, to the left of which was a very large steel circle standing upright cables leading off of it to the panel. Amongst the clutter of machinery were a number of canisters all with warning labels on stating highly flammable. On the opposite side of the room was a small group of men of varying ages in white lab coats going about their daily checks of the equipment.

"Sir? We're ready to try everything is set up. We have a green light." A middle aged man called


"Thank you. Lets begin with a system test alright." The gentleman said putting his pen down.

He made his way to the panel, threw a few switches and the whole thing hummed to life, causing vibrations on the floor. The steel circle buzzed as the lights on it twinkled into existence. The other men in white coats gathered and listened for their instructions, spreading out across the room to their various places. Today he it will has to.

"Ready gentlemen?" He asked.

"Yes sir." Rang out the chorus of voices from the other men.

"On my mark....3...2...1...mark." He flicked several switches as he said mark.

The other men did the same at their stations and the room was filled with a deafening buzzing sound. The steel circle vibrated and shook a little as the machinery began its final data reading before transmitting it to the panel. The lights on the panel lit up in all the right places. As they did a swirling blue mist appeared within the steel circle growing larger and larger before it finally filled the entire space inside the steel ring.

The tall gentleman turned three dials on the panel, day, month, year. This time he thought...this time it has to work.

The blue swirling began to clear and the image of a street started to become visible in the center of the steel ring. The room suddenly became freezing cold as the image cleared and the icy wind blew through the ring.

The past had met...the future.

Two of the white coat men hurried towards the steel ring, checking it was safe, giving the nod to the tall gentleman. They picked up a rope tied it around themselves and with a deep breath stepped into the image. It appeared to the naked eye they had merely stepped through a door, but they had actually crossed the time line, in a matter of seconds passing from 2008 into the past of 1924. They looked around identifying what they were searching for, nodding once more before making their way towards a ramshackle building. The tall gentleman watched with anticipation as they vanished from sight into the building, for what seemed to be eternity they were inside, before emerging once again this time accompanied by two young men. They hurried back towards the opening, panic crossing their faces as they saw the portal closing rapidly. They ran towards it desperately.

"QUICKLY! IT'S CLOSING! YOU'LL BE TRAPPED!!" The gentleman shouted to them, fear in his eyes.

They ran faster, the men in white coats loosing pace as the younger men over took them reaching the portal first. They turned back yelling at the men to hurry, before being yanked through the portal just as it closed the final bit. The room fell silent all eyes on the young men and the now empty steel ring. The two young men were sat on the floor having been yanked through and landing hard on the concrete floor, their eyes wide, mouths open absolutely confused as to what just happened.

The gentleman slowly walked over to where they were sitting, knelt down behind them and reached out a hand placing it on the shoulder of the taller young man.

"Edward. It's good to see you son." He said calmly and softly.

"UH!" The tall young man jumped a little at the voice behind him, one he thought he would never hear again. He turned to look at the person behind him, the look of shock plain across his face.

"D-dad? How? Where are we?" He looked totally stunned.

The younger man turned to face the gentleman too, with an equally stunned look on his face. The gentleman smiled softly placing his other hand on the younger mans shoulder.

"Alphonse my boy." He said smiling. "I finally have you both back."

"Dad? What just happened?" The younger man's eyes were wide.

"There's a lot to explain, but that can wait till later, let me look at my boys. Have you both been well?" He asked calmly.

The taller of the two young men looked in astonishment, then his face softened as he smiled a little. He looked to his little brother who was still in shock and chuckled a bit. Upon hearing this the younger one looked at his brother and began to join him in chuckling. After the reunion Edward and Alphonse decided it was about time their father, Hohenhiem, explained just what was going on. To Edward's knowledge his father was dead having sacrificed himself to try to get Edward home to the world he was born in and more to the point where were they now? Why did all the people around them wear such odd looking clothing, what was that metal ring they passed through? Plus they will they blend in wearing clothes from 1924?

Hohenhiem began his long winded answer trying not to miss a single question. He had been brought back after some scientists were experimenting with the same thing as the Thule Society had done all those years ago, and by some odd twist, he had awoke in this facility with all his memories intact. Though in the process of him being brought back into existence several of the scientists were taken into the payment. Once settled and aware of where and when he was, he had begun to work for the people who ran this place, finding out they were also experimenting with Time Travel. This intrigued him and he had worked closely with those on the project until finally he took over, his sole bring his sons into this time to be reunited with them. As for when they were he explained that the year was now 2008 some 82 years into the future, hearing this both the young mens eyes widened, Hohenhiem told them that he would get them some clothes to wear and that he wanted them to meet a friend of his. Someone who knew all about them and himself, someone who had worked with Hohenhiem previously.

This was to be the start..of a very strange adventure. Very strange indeed.