Hey guys! Now making Marvin Grossberg: Turnabout Lions. (Takes place before the DL-6 incident)

Prologue: The LK-3 incident. Reopened.

Phoenix was just minding his own buisness, just reading a book.
Maya was running around because there was no cases in a while.
But just then, Nick's computer beeped. He had an E-mail.

When Nick then opened it, it read

Dear Phoenix,

Come to my office,
I have something to tell you.
This was before the DL-6 Incident.

From, Marvin Grossberg.

Pheonix was wondering what Grossberg was talking about, What was before the DL-6 incident?

Later, when both Nick and Maya went to Marvin Grossberg's office "Hey Nick? What did Mr. Grossberg want?" Maya asked, as they opened the door to Marvin's Office.
"Hello? Are you here Grossberg?" Nick asked, "AH-Hemmm!!" said a familier cough. When they turned around, they saw Marvin Grossberg.

"Hey! Mr. Grossberg!" Maya said happily, "Ah, hello young Maya." Grossberg said as he saw Maya, "So what's this LK-3 incident?" Phoenix asked, of course, Marvin almost forgot about that.
"Well, The LK-3 case is almost similer to the DL-6 case, Almost identical." he told both Phoenix and Maya. "So, who do I defend?" Nick asked,
"Oh it's already been solved by me, eighteen years ago. It was before the DL-6 case." Marvin told him, "Oh, What was it? And who was the defendent and the person who did it?" Nick asked him.

"Now now, Hakuna Matata." Marvin told him. Wait? "Hakuna Matata?" both Nick and Maya asked.
"Oh, to both Timmothy and Patrick. It means 'No Worries'" Marvin said. Nick was dumbfounded while Maya said, "Hakuna Matata!" Maya yelled happily. "Great, now I have that stuck in my head." Pheonix thought.

"The Defendent's name was Simon Brandford. (Simba) And the person who actually did it was Takashi 'Scar' Brandford." Marvin told him.
"AHHHHHHHH!!!" somebody yelled, when both Maya and Nick both turned around. They saw pearl.
"Pearly! What are you doing here?" Maya asked, as she saw Pearl terrified.
"Pearls. Why did you scream and how did you get here?" Nick also asked. "Um...I ran as fast as I could and sensed that you were here." Pearl told him. Again, Nick was shocked that Pearl ran all the way to Marvin's office from Kurain village again, "Pearls, Why couldn't you take the train again?" Nick asked her, again, Pearl was confused. "Train?" Pearl asked,
"Pearly, did you scream when Mr. Grossberg said Scar?" Maya asked, but that didn't help Pearl at all when Maya said Scar.
"Please tell us about the LK-3 incident before she screams again." Nick told Marvin. "Of course." Marvin Grossberg said.

Eighteen years ago.

Back before Redd White blackmailed him, he was an honest Lawer.
It was a boring day today, since he had no clients.
But just then, an old man came in, he had long clean dark red hair, yellow long sleeved shirt, yellow pants, and dark brown shoes.
The man had dropped an eye glass on the table and told him, "Go to Pride city." he said quietly. And then, he left.
Pride City? That city had been decaying since both Mortimer (Mufasa) and Simon Brandford died ten years ago. Mortimer was the mayor of Pride City before he died, and now. His brother Takashi had been the mayor of Pride City, but he had been denying it's decay ever since then. He then put on the glasses and went to his seceretary.
"Hey, have you seen a man go by here?" he asked his secretary. "Man? What man?" she asked confused, did the man, who looked like Mortimer actually be a ghost?
"I'm going to take a bus to Pride City." Marvin told her, "Pride City!? But that place has thugs and it's been decaying ever since Takashi 'Scar' Brandford took over as mayor." she told him.
"I know, but something told me to go there." Marvin said.

Later, when Marvin got to Pride City, it was true that the city was decaying, when he was walking he bumped into a young woman, she had strawberry blond hair, light blue eyes, light yellow shirt, white vest, dark blue pants and sandles. She was surprised when she saw him, she then ran away from him. "Wait! Don't run away!" Marvin called. But she was still running.

Later, while he was still chasing the girl.
But just then, someone bumped into him, "Whoopsie, sorry!" said the female voice. This one was different. Marvin saw a woman, she had long messy hair, black eyes which look like she hadn't had some sleep in a long time, gray sleevless shirt, black vest, dark gray shorts, and black sneakers.
What Marvin saw was his wallet on one of her hands, "Hey! Give that back!" he told her. But she continued smiling, "Ha! By old man gotta catch me first!" She mocked him.
This made Marvin angry, and then he chased the thief.

Marvin chased the thief into an allyway, he thought that he cornered her. "Think that you cornered me? Think again." she said. And then, two other people began to surround him. One was male looking psycotic, he had short messy black hair, raven black shirt, gray shorts, and yellow shoes. The other one was also male, he looked really crazy, he almost had no black hair, a black shirt that looked tight on him, big shorts that didn't fit him, and really big red shoes. "Damn it! Note to self, DO NOT GO INTO ALLYWAYS!!!" Mavin said in his mind, the woman had a gun in her hand and the two men had knives. He really didn't want to die right here.
But just then, the same girl appeared and knocked the three of them out. And got out while grabbing Marvin's hand to get away.

When both Marvin and the girl got away, he wanted an answer from the girl, "Young lady, please tell me your name." Marvin said.
"Namine, My name's Namine Landia. (Nala)" she said, "An old friend of Simon Brandford." she said sadly. She then began crying.
Of course, he didn't mean to get her to cry.