Let them drink Sake

"I don't think I saw your sister." said Ryu as he followed the green woman and the communist midget over to his house which was now a pile off a rubble over some hooker.

"Those are some freaky socks, the kind ducks wear…………"

"What are you saying young man?"

"See there is these things called swans and they use their partner's issue as foot bathing instead of their own. Your sister looked like she washed her own feet.""Who the fuck are you?"

"Let see if your sister is still alive."

Ryu knelt with his hand on his sword's pom. Not so much because he was afraid of the dead hooker but because her sister might just decide to see if she was alive.

Then the feet sank below the house.

"Didn't have time to verify my theory……" said Ryu

"Mister…….you are not from around here are you?" mentioned the green woman.

"Noo." whispered Ryu as he started looking for an escape route in case the small-breasted woman tried to rape him.

She grabbed his arm or tried to grab it anyway. Ryu looked at her once. He'd never met Madam Morrible, never learned magic through corespondence. Anymore then he'd learned from fighting Zack. Sometimes you could get a real feel for his history.

She backed away for a second.

"My name…………."

"Elphaba…………." yelled a woman in white with red hair.

"Galinda or is it in Gilinda?" said the green one

"HEY NINJA,I GOT SOME NEW SHOES." said Kratos as he came behind Gilinda.

"Nice slippers, Kratos, where did you find them?

"That Goddess gave them to me."

"Galinda,you didn't…………."

"Dear, sometimes it is better to give rather then receive.""So Kratos, what happened to that midget?"

"I made a diaper cake out of that motherfucker. I broke grinded his bones and I used his vital organs."

"Did he sing dixie?"

"I told him that life is basically a cake of shit that you make yourself and sometimes you have to eat that cake. Then sometimes you are that pastry. He was kind of loud for a while…………."

"I think I am in love." said Elphaba

"I saw him first,dear." from Galinda.