"How are you doing?"

"I am fine…please why don't you come back home? You are no longer in any danger."

"I left Europol for a reason Maslow I have no intention of returning or working for the government."

"Well at least tell me where you are?"

"I'm sorry Maslow but I have to go."

"Mika wait don't…" Hearing the sound of the dial tone Maslow sighed and placed the phone back on the hook. Rubbing his forehead Maslow swiveled his chair around and turned to stare out the window, "please stay safe Mika, please."


Staring at the phone in contemplation Mika quickly disassembled it and took out the memory card making sure to dispose of the phone and its pieces. Standing up Mika threw her clothes into her pack and exited the room she had rented for the night, nodding to the inn keeper Mika pushed open the flap and exited out into the street, ignoring the many people around her as she made her way to the exit of the small city, reaching the edge of the village Mika waved goodbye to the children and continued on into the forest the feeling of unease weighing down on her. It was a good four hour walk to where she was residing and the sun was beginning to set already, if she didn't make it before nightfall she would have to spend the night out in the open, something she did not wish to do. Walking the familiar route Mika thought back to all that had happened in the past year, from taking down the Ozunu Clan and meeting Raizo, to finding out that she had basically been used by Europol and the death of her remaining and only family member, her mother Christiana.


"Mika my child, I know that things have happened to you that I will never understand or even begin to understand, but I do know that since whatever happened there has been a shadow surrounding you."

"Mother plea…"

"No don't argue with me Mika, your eyes which used to be filled with light are now dark, you are so cautious and so suspicious of everything around you, there are bags forming under your eyes, I may be dying my little butterfly but I am not blind nor am I stupid," Christiana snapped in aggravation softening at the look of hurt on her daughters face, "My little butterfly look at me…please. I have one last desire and only you can fulfill it for me, quit your job and leave. Sell everything except for a few things and leave." Gaping at her mother Mika opened her mouth only to close it, out of all the things she never expected her mother to ask her something like this. Smiling at the bewildered look on her child's face Christiana reached out and gently stroked her forehead. "I know to ask of this is a lot but please do it for me. There is enough money in my account and in your father's will to last you at least several lifetimes, not to include your grandmothers. I want you to travel, I want you to enjoy your life to the fullest and most of all I desire for the darkness in your eyes to disappear and I feel that by staying here that will never be. Please my little butterfly, for me."

*End Flashback*

A month after her mother's death Mika did as her mother requested, she quit her job at Europol and sold all of her family's belongings except for a few items, she withdrew all of the money from her mothers and her account and deposited it into her father's account he had created for her before his death. A few weeks after Mika found herself on a plane to the wild planes of Russia, she was going to do what her mother requested, she was going to live her life and see the world. Sighing Mika stopped by a small creek and dipped her rag into it straining the water and wiping her neck and forehead with it, dipping it back into the water and straining it again Mika stood up and glanced over at the position of the sun, she had only a few more miles to go before she would reach her home, wrapping the rag around her neck Mika turned to continue only to freeze at the sight before her.

"You're a hard person to find anymore Mika Coretti."

"Obviously not hard enough," Mika replied as she watched the person before her, "what do you want?"

"It's been two years since the destruction of the Ozunu Clan, a destruction that never would have come about had you not helped the deserter Raizo."

"So that's what this is about? Revenge?"

"No, you actually did a favor to the remaining clans by taking out the Ozunu Clan. No the reason for our visit is for a complete different reason."


"Of course," Sighing Mika rubbed the bridge of her nose before turning her attention back to the ninja before her, mentally grumbling Mika nodded her head and continued on her way motioning for the ninja to follow. Finally reaching her small home Mika noticed that her entire home had been lit, pushing open the door Mika placed her bag down and slid out of her shoes and into her soft slippers, walking into the kitchen Mika began the process of making the tea setting the water over the burner Mika sighed and leaned against the cabinet.

"Why have you sought me out after all this time, why now?" Mika questioned softly.

"How much do you know about your mother Christiana Coretti, formally Yamaguchii?" Looking up in confusion Mika noticed that the nin and a few others sat around the kitchen and living room.

"I know that my mother was half Spanish and half white, I know that she fell in love with my father who was an officer in the U.S. Army, I know that my mothers entire family was killed when she was a little girl and she was taken in by her godparents, I know that she was a wonderful mother who sang me lullabies and baked me cookies, I know she read me historical books because I couldn't stand the children's books, I know she loved my father and supported me by herself after his death, I know that whatever my mother used to do I don't really care." Mika answered surprising the nin before her and earning a slight bit of respect from some of them, "but I don't see how any of this pertains my mother or why you even asked that question."

"I asked because your mother was no ordinary person, your mother was a guardian, a keeper of secrets if you will clan secrets. Her family wasn't just killed but murdered by the government in which you used to work for, in fact your entire family was guardians including you father." Staring at the nin before her Mika shook her head.

"No, I don't believe you, your lying."

"I am not lying to you I do not have a reason to lie to you for it does not benefit us in anyway." Seeing spots in her vision Mika vehemently shook her head banging her hand against the table.

"YOU LIE." Mika screamed out before her world suddenly went black.