-Dream Sequence-


"Yes my little butterfly?"

"Who are the shadows?"

"What do you mean who are the shadows Mika?"

"The shadows, they pop up every now and then mommy, one of them always brings me a strange sweet candy when they come." Staring at her daughter in surprise Christiana tightened her fist and squatted down, smiling softly at her little butterfly.

"They are your friends Mika and always treat them with respect and kindness." Giggling Mika nodded her head and raced back to her room, closing her door Mika smiled at the shadow and curtsied.

"Hi Shadow mommy told me you were my friend and since you're my friend would you like to play with me?" Mika asked innocently cocking her head to the side watching as the shadow stepped out from the corner of her room. Smiling Mika grasped the shadows covered hand and gently tugged them to the door, peeking her head out and not seeing her mother or father any where Mika led them to the back door, closing the door behind them Mika motioned for them to follow her as she raced off into the backyard and into the forest giggling in joy. Upon reaching the small pond in the forest Mika glanced over at the shadow and smiled placing a finger to her mouth in a shushing motion.

"Watch this," Mika exclaimed as she darted into the pond, watching her, the shadow's eyes widened in surprise, "Isn't it amazing? Mommy said I was her gifted little child and that I shouldn't let anyone know, but you're my new best friend so it's ok to show you." Mika exclaimed childishly as she stood on the water's surface in the middle of the pond, twirling in circles and laughing excitedly.

-End Dream Sequence-

Groaning in pain Mika gently pushed herself up, gently putting pressure on the back of her head in hopes of alleviating the pain, hissing as her fingers hit a sore spot. Opening her eyes Mika glanced out her window, the sun was beginning to rise, standing up Mika made her way into the bathroom, washing her face and her hands. Staring into the mirror Mika glanced at her reflection, her skin was lighter, her eyes were still brown but with a hint of blue shining through them, her hair was longer, now reaching mid back, she was still short but over time she had lost weight instead replacing it with muscles. Exiting the bathroom Mika made her way into the kitchen ignoring the eyes that followed her. Grabbing her tea cup, spotting the fresh new batch of tea on the burner, grabbing the handle Mika poured herself a cup taking a sip of her tea Mika glanced down at in surprise.

"Gyokuro," glancing up Mika scrunched her eyebrows in confusion, "the tea you are drinking it is called Gyokuro."

"Thank you, it is very good," Mike replied honestly, taking another sip, walking towards her chair Mika sat crossed leg and motioned for the others to sit, "I am sorry for my reaction last night, it was not my intention to pass out on you. My family is a very delicate subject, especially my mother." Sighing Mika glanced up, slightly surprised at seeing some of their faces, cocking her head to the side Mika stared at the nin sitting across from her. "You used to play with me as a child." Smiling slightly the nin nodded his head.

"My name is Akihiro, I am surprised that you still remember me, it has been a very long time since that time." Akihiro replied. Staring at her tea Mika took a sip before glancing back up.

"I didn't not until last night," Mika answered softly, the sound of thunder rumbling off in the distance, "I had a dream of my childhood, a childhood in which I don't remember." Staring at her in surprise Akihiro looked at his companions.

"You don't remember?" Akihiro questioned leaning forward watching as Mika stared out the windows.

"I don't remember anything beyond the age of twelve, for the longest time I would question my parents but they would simply smile sadly and shake their heads, saying that it was best that I didn't. I had figured that maybe something horrible traumatic happened but my dream from last night suggests otherwise." Placing her cup on the table beside her Mika leaned back against the chair, "why have you been looking for me? For what purpose or reason would you have to find me if not for revenge then for what? I doubt I have much use to you being as I have no memory of my past."

"In your possession you have a black raven pendent do you not?" Akihiro questioned, nodding her head slowly Mika stood and made her way towards her room, bringing back with her a small locked box, withdrawing the key Mika unlocked it and riffled through the items. Finding it at the very bottom Mika grabbed it and handed over towards Akihiro, sighing Akihiro handed it to one of the nin beside him who bowed and left. Watching him leave Mika turned and glared slightly at Akihiro.

"I want that back once you are done with it."

"I swear to you it shall be returned once we are done with it," standing Akihiro nodded to the remaining masked covered nins who began to disperse. "We thank you for your corporation but we must be going." Nodding her head in understanding Mika stood and watched as Akihiro replaced his mask along with the others. Bowing Akihiro disappeared along with the remaining few. Staring at the spot where he last stood Mika shook her head, grabbing her tea cup and walking back into the kitchen, pouring herself another cup of the sweet tasting tea. Pondering for a few minutes Mika walked into her room and turned on her laptop, quickly accessing her bank and checking the funds, drawing up an airport website Mika scheduled a flight and began making preparations. Finishing up Mika shut off her computer and drew out a medium sized black duffle bag from under her bed and began to pack the few necessary items. It would seem Maslow would be getting his wish after all.