I. Introduction

When the fifth night dawned on his captivity, Arthur Pendragon started to feel again. So far his soul had been paralyzed by shock and disbelief. Five days had passed since he had been taken prisoner. Alone, locked up in a cell in Camelot's deeper dungeons and then in the upper chamber of the once luxurious but long since abandoned northern tower, the young Prince had had all the time of the world to be driven near madness by his own thoughts running wild.

Now, emerging from the initial shock, fear for his friends began to eat away at him, for Merlin, Gaius, Gwen, Sir Leon and all the others whom he knew were still in Camelot, at his captors' mercy.

Arthur tortured his mind with visions what might or might not have happened to them since King Uther had deserted his throne, his castle and his son.