Hello, thank you for checking out my story. Though I must first apologize because I am by no means a writer. So if it's a little odd to read, I'm sorry. Also, I write extremely slowly so this won't be updated very often, if at all… But I hope you like it anyways.

The sun was setting as Hiyama walked home from work, making the summer heat a little more bearable. There used to be a time that he hated humid days like these, preferring instead the subtle chill of autumn. But now they only brought back memories of his days in high school. The time 9 years ago when life consisted of endless practice in the glaring sun with his friends and one common dream; Koshien. Just remembering those times was enough to bring a small smile to his face as he entered a convenience store to get dinner.

The former shortstop had lost contact with most of the team over the years. The only ones he still saw on a regular basis were Okada and Yufune. They had opened a salon a few blocks away from where he lived so they got together every once in a while for drinks. Kawato-sensei was still teaching at Futagotamagawa, reforming another generation of punks. But, being Kawato of course, he didn't have much free time. The others he had lost track of somewhere along the way, either they got too busy or someone moved away. And while the guys from work were great, it just wasn't the same. Hiyama reached the food display and looked over the premade meals. He must have really been feeling particularly nostalgic because even these brought back memories of his former teammates. How Sekikawa would always try to sneak his vegetables into Mikoshiba's lunch, and Shinjo's unnatural hatred of onions. He himself had always gotten fried noodles.

'What the hell, why not' Hiyama thought, and picked them up. Also grabbing a soda, he made his way to the front counter, idly wondering what his old friends were up to now. It was then that he noticed that the person looking though the next isle looked awfully familiar. Almost like…

"Wakana." It wasn't a question. Hiyama would recognize his best friend anywhere.

"Eh?" The other turned around questioningly and soon his eyes widened with recognition. "Hiyama."

Neither said anything for a while, both were too surprised to speak. The first thing Hiyama noticed was that Wakana's hair was shorter. It seemed foreign on him, especially given how much pride the other man had taken in it when they were younger. But he supposed that the slicked-back hoodlum look wasn't very popular with employers. The second thing to be noticed was that he was in a suit. It was yet another thing seemingly out of place on his childhood friend, but even still, Hiyama had to admit that he looked good. It made him feel a little self conscious. His own hair had actually gotten longer and was currently up in a messy half ponytail. Not to mention he was still in his work clothes so he had on grungy coveralls and smelled like fish from the plant. Feeling somewhat awkward, he was glad when Wakana broke the silence first.

"Shit man! I haven't seen you in forever! How've you been? Do you live around here? You look great!" And just like that, it was as if they never parted ways. Wakana was as lively as Hiyama remembered, still with that same smile that hid a shade of mischievous charm that never failed to make him feel both reassured and nervous at the same time.

"Slow down moron, why ask questions if you don't even wait for an answer? But, yeah, I've been pretty good, I live about 2 blocks from here. And most importantly, don't I always look good?" At this Wakana gave a small snort. "Anyways, what brought you back to town? If you're staying for a while we should go grab a few drinks together. Yufune and Okada will be pretty psyched to see you too."

"Sure, that sounds great. I just got transferred back for work so it'll take a little while to get settled in but I'll definitely look forward to it." The two men exchanged contact information and after a brief awkward pause, parted ways.

Finally entering his apartment, Hiyama let out a sigh and leaned against his door. He certainly hadn't expected to see Wakana, and having it happen so suddenly had left him a little dumbfounded. Not to mention the distinct increase of his pulse that he felt upon recognizing his former friend. That's not to say it was anything new, his blood had always seemed to run a bit faster around his old teammate, but now he was familiar with what it meant. Attraction. And that just made things much more problematic then they needed to be. Hiyama was a direct, simple type of person. He didn't like hiding things or putting off confrontation, but he'd have to ignore the crush? Infatuation? Lust? Whatever it was he felt for Wakana if he wanted them to spend time together again. And he really did, plutonicly or not, he missed having his best friend beside him. Besides, knowing his old friend's quick temper, he probably wouldn't appreciate being hit on by a man. Even if he didn't react violently, chances were that he wasn't into dudes, and then things would just be too awkward to be salvageable.

"Fuck, this is going to be interesting."