It wasn't until a few years after high school that Hiyama realized he was gay. Women had never appealed to him much, but he feigned interest, believing that he'd eventually get what all the fuss was about. He even tried dated a woman once, and even though he didn't mind being with her, he never really felt the need to go out of his way to see her. Not to mention that the sex was mechanical at best. As with all his other experiences when interacting with the other gender, (not including Yagi, of whom he still regarded with a brotherly fondness) he seemed to simply be going through the motions rather than actually being involved.

Then he met Eiji. He was tall, lanky and perpetually laid-back, with a subtle curl at the ends of his ear-length hair. They had been introduced though a mutual friend and got along immediately. It wasn't long before they were seeing each other almost every day. Eiji had a way of spreading his care-free attitude to those around him, and Hiyama enjoyed the comfortable, organic kind of friendship he offered. They were in the middle of a movie marathon when Eiji first leaned over and kissed him. It was just a quick, chaste meeting of lips, but it was like finally waking up. He was felt hyper-aware of everything. The solid presence at his side, warm and lean; the slight tickle of the other man's hair near his temples, and the thin, slightly dry lips pressed against his. And for the first time in his life, he craved more.

After that they started dating, but after a few months it was apparent they were better off as friends and mutually decided to break up. Currently, he was casually seeing a young college student who worked at the coffee shop down the street. It was Saturday morning and said student was sleeping curled around Hiyama's waist while he flipped though a magazine. His phone went off, and seeing that it was Wakana, he answered.

"Hey, you awake?" Wakana's voice sounded a bit winded, as if he had just gone running.

"I answered the phone didn't I?"

"Don't be a dick. Anyways, are you busy right now? I need some help moving stuff in." By now, the long haired man's bedmate had stopped dozing and was looking at him with a questioning expression. Looking away, he replied, "Uh, yea, sure, I'll be right over" and hung up.

"You said we'd go to Shibuya today." Hiyama looked back to the now disgruntled young man at his left. With a sigh, he pulled the other in for a kiss in a half-hearted attempt to make amends. Oftentimes he got the feeling that his partner wanted more from their relationship, but neither pressed the issue.

"Sorry Atsuro, something came up. Next time-I'll make it up to you, I promise" Hearing this seemed to placate the student a bit. And he backed up slightly, allowing the older of the two to get up and throw on some clothes.

After dressing, he grabbed a few rice balls from the fridge and poked his head back into the bedroom to remind Atsuro to lock the door when he went home.

A few blocks and a short train later, Hiyama arrived at the address texted to his phone. Wakana was sitting on a couch placed crookedly on the sidewalk with a bottle of water in his hand. Other large belongings were strewn around in an equally hazardous manner.

"How could you get all of this here, but not in the house?" There was no sign of a moving truck.

"Well, about that- somehow, the company I hired only does pickups and drop offs, they actually don't help you move anything in." The sheepish grin on the shorter male's face was enough to dispel most of Hiyama's annoyance at hearing that, but he couldn't help casting a bemused look at the mess blocking the sidewalk.

"Only you, Wakana. Only you would end up in this predicament." With a sigh, he moved toward a particularly heavy looking cabinet. He stationed himself at one end and gave a pointed look to his companion. The former catcher got the cue and found a grip on the other end of the furniture.

"No way, they're still in business, aren't they? It's not my fault their advertisements are misleading. Besides, they were the cheapest company I could find." They began carrying the cabinet inside, where Hiyama could see the boxes and smaller objects already brought in on the floor. He pondered vaguely what would be inside them. Did his old teammate still keep all sorts of knickknacks? Had he grown out of reading comic books? Did he still have his catcher's mitt?

"Of course it was less expensive; they're only doing half the work. Where does this go anyways?" Wakana nodded in the direction of the far wall. They continued bickering until everything was in the house and more or less where it should be. Exhausted, they collapsed on the newly arranged sofa. Looking over at the other man, he couldn't help but notice his friend's flushed face, or the sheen of sweat that had collected along the column of his neck. Nor could Hiyama stop himself from wondering if this is what Wakana would look like just after sex.

Quickly, he dispelled the thought with a shake of his head. No. He shouldn't be thinking about that. There's no point in wanting what you can't have. With new determination, he looked back at the source of his internal struggle only to find him looking at him with concern.

"Are you ok? You look a little out of it. Do you want me to go get you some water?" Not waiting for a reply, Wakana got up to fetch a bottle. Hiyama took this time to refocus his thoughts. When the shorter man came back, he sat on the couch again, but this time a little closer. They sat in silence for a moment when he blurted out; "You know, I'm glad you're still around. I was actually a bit worried about coming back. A lot of things have changed real fast recently, but seeing you again kinda makes things seem more normal. Everything just makes a little more sense, I guess."

Hiyama was stunned. How were you supposed to reply to that? He didn't know how Wakana had been doing right before moving, so it's not like he knew what to say that would make the shorter haired man feel better. Nor was he good with words.

He settled for the truth.

"I'm glad you came back too."

Ok, this is the last of what I have written so we'll see when I can get more done. And don't worry about the OCs, I promise they won't be involved in the story unless it's for a good reason.