Title: Kyuubi Potter
: I don't own Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto does. I also don't own Harry Potter, JKR does.
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: I know, another new fic. I just can't help myself. I haven't stopped writing FoFtA, or Tensai or Sharingan, but this came to me so I wrote it :) Hope you guys like it!
: Harry Potter's animagus form is the Kyuubi no Yōko. And now he's stuck in a little boy named Naruto. So he helps the kid out.


Uzumaki Naruto was two the first time he heard a voice in his head telling him to pretend to be asleep. He was in the hospital and there was a nurse standing over him, watching with dark eyes, pillow in hand. The voice told him to stay still, to not open his eyes, to keep breathing slowly.

Eventually the nurse put the pillow down and left, but Naruto hardly noticed as he was far too engaged in his curiosity about the voice that he'd listened to.

The voice didn't tell him anything else though, and he didn't hear it again until he was four.

When Naruto was four, he became angry at the people that ignored him, that threw rotting fruit at him, that mocked him and hated him. The voice came back only moments before Naruto was about to shout out that he would become Hokage and then they would have to like him, have to acknowledge him.

The voice insisted that Naruto just leave, go back to his lonely apartment by himself. Naruto, knowing that the voice was right once before - because the nurse would certainly have tried to smother him with the pillow had he moved that time in the hospital when he was two - Naruto did what he was told.

In his apartment, Naruto talked to the voice and the voice talked back. They had a lot of conversations in the following weeks and Naruto learned that the voice had a name. It was named Hari. Why it wanted to be called 'fishhook' Naruto didn't know, but since he didn't want Hari to leave him, he called him that.

Hari was old. He said that he remembered long before the time of the Elemental Countries, a time before shinobi jutsu, a time when men walked in space and machines were used for everything. Naruto had no idea what he meant, but figured that Hari was probably older that Ojii-chan. Hari just laughed at him and said that he was old long before 'Ojii-chan' was born. Naruto wasn't sure that was possible, but Hari hadn't been wrong before, so Naruto trusted his word.

By the time Naruto's fifth birthday came around, Hari and Naruto had become good friends. Hari had even started to teach Naruto some simple tricks about chakra. Naruto had taken to using chakra like a duck to water and Hari was always so very proud when Naruto managed to do whatever the exercise was. It was on Naruto's fifth birthday when Hari taught Naruto how to walk up trees. A week later Naruto was walking on water and a week after that Naruto could walk across a field of long grass without ever touching the ground or bending a single blade of grass.

Naruto was usually very careful when out walking on the tall grass around the two or three sparsely trafficked training areas. Considering that Karma was working overtime for Naruto, even though he'd managed to be caught on the training grounds, he'd never been caught doing the chakra exercises. At least, up until half way through his fifth year of life when a tall man with silver hair and a mask found him balancing on a single blade of grass that was a foot and a half tall.

"Well, hello there," The man's voice was a little breathy and Hari told Naruto that the man was surprised. Naruto didn't know why the man would be shocked, but he trusted everything Hari said.

"Hi!" Naruto waved manically at the shinobi - Hari didn't have to tell him that the man was a ninja, it was all over the way he moved - and didn't even waver on the blade of grass.

"What are you doing?" The man asked and Naruto thought that he sounded a little strange, but shrugged it off.

"Chakra exercises! I can tree-walk and water-walk and now Hari-chan said to do this!"

The man idly folded his body up underneath himself and sat in a cross-legged position, still staring at him. He reached up and nudged his hitai-ite up off his covered eye and Naruto became enthralled with the red eye with three tadpoles swimming around his pupil.

"You have tadpoles in your eye!" Naruto laughed and the man coughed abruptly.

"They're actually called tomoe," He corrected Naruto and Naruto shrugged. What did he care what they were called? They looked like tadpoles, so he was gonna call them tadpoles.

"Whatev's," Naruto bit his lip and then twisted his shoulders to the right, raised out his arms and then drew them in as quickly as possible, throwing his twisted shoulders in the opposite direction, forcing his body into a spin.

He laughed loudly as he spun on the blade of grass like a toy top.

The man continued to watch him and Naruto finally got tired of spinning on his foot so he concentrated firmly and with a jump into the air, twisted his body around so that he came down head first, hand out and landed on a single finger on the grass. He frowned and licked his lips.

He mumbled to himself as Hari told him to try something else and the man seemed to perk up.

"Would you like me to get you a leaf?"

Naruto scoffed, like Hari did, "What do I need a leaf for?" He held out his free hand and gathered his chakra into his palm. His hand started glowing and then he yelped and stumbled off the blade of grass, rolling as he hit the ground and came up rubbing his bright red hand.

Hari was laughing at him - and not in a mean way - and telling him that he needed to protect his hand before letting his chakra crawl over his skin.

The man was staring at him even harder than he had been before.

"What was that?"

"Was 'con-duct-ing' chakra through my skin," Naruto spat out the word Hari always used in pieces, but he was fairly sure that he got it right.

"... 'Through' your skin." The man sounded faint and Naruto looked up from where he was rubbing his hand to see that he'd gone almost completely white.

"Who are you, anyway?!" Naruto jumped to his feet and pointed at him rudely. Hari chastised him for his rudeness, but he didn't let that stop him from continuing his pointing.

"Hatake Kakashi," The man, Kakashi, said wearily. Naruto wondered why he sounded tired all of a sudden, so he asked. Kakashi's mask inched up his face and Hari told Naruto that Kakashi was smiling. "Too many missions, so little time," Kakashi answered him.

He wasn't telling the whole truth, but Hari said not to worry about it.

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto! And I'm gonna be a wicked shinobi!"

Kakashi smiled again and cocked his head to the side, "Nice to meet you, Naruto-kun."

Hari urged Naruto to respond in kind, so he did. Grudgingly. "You as well, Kakashi-san." And then Hari metaphysically bopped him on the head for calling Kakashi by his first name. "Sorry. Hatake-san."

"Maa, maa, you can call me Kakashi," Kakashi waved his hand in front of him, "So, ahh, how long have you been doing chakra exercises?"

Naruto sighed, "Six months?" He hummed and hawwed, "Yeah, that's about it." Hari said some rather nasty words in his head when Kakashi rolled his eyes. He reached up then and flipped the hitai-ite back over his tadpolly eye. "... Why have you got the tadpoles?"

"Tomoe," Kakashi tried to correct him and Naruto huffed. "My friend gave me this eye before he died."

Naruto's eyes widened in awe, "Really? Really, really?"

"Really," Kakashi's cheek pushed up and his eye curved up in an upside down smile, "He did."

"That's so cool!" Naruto bounced on the ground, "It does special things, right? I mean, he totally wanted to make sure that you okay, right?" Naruto's eyes grew so big that he thought for a moment his eyeballs would pop out of his head and a look of awe came over his face, "Can he still see out of it?" He whispered his question and Kakashi jerked back, startled.

Hari told him that it wasn't a good question to ask. Naruto slumped and bit his lip.

He was about to apologize when Kakashi shook himself all over, kinda like a dog, and took a deep breath. "Sometimes," He paused, "Sometimes I like to think so."

"Oh," Naruto hunched in on himself, "I- I didn't mean to make you sad." He could feel something like sadness, but deeper, from Kakashi and Hari told him that the feeling was sorrow.

"It's okay," Kakashi gave him a different smile, one that he'd never seen before, and rubbed a hand over his bright silver hair, "It's good to remember Obito. He would have wanted to be remembered."

"Well, then I'll remember him too!" Naruto cheered up. Anything he could do to make his new friend happy would be what he did. That's just the way he was. He flopped down on the ground, not minding the dirt, "Can you tell me more about Obito-nii?"

Kakashi laughed then and Hari told Naruto that he was a good kid. Naruto already knew that though, so he just laughed with Kakashi.

As Kakashi told Naruto about his friend Uchiha Obito, Hari constructed a mock up of what Obito would have looked like in Naruto's head. By the time Kakashi was out of words and Naruto was thoroughly in love with Obito's goggles, the sun had started to set and Hari had a perfect image of Obito walking around in Naruto's head.

Naruto looked up at the sunset and sighed dejectedly. He really wanted to stay and keep talking to Kakashi, but he had to get back to the apartment. He told Kakashi that he had to go and Kakashi nodded in understanding. With only a little apprehension, Naruto lunged forward and hugged Kakashi around the waist tightly. Kakashi chuckled and petted his shoulders and ruffled his hair.

They said good bye to each other and before Naruto left the edge of the training ground he turned spun around and waved to Kakashi, "Kakashi-nii-san!"

Kakashi turned to look over his shoulder from the tree he was crouched on, "Hai, Naruto-kun?"

"Can- Will we see each other again?" Naruto played with the hem of his shirt and mentally wrote a post-it note - he'd seen post-it's in Ojii-chan's office and thought they were completely awesome - to re-hem his shirt. It was getting a little ratty.

Kakashi nodded only once and then vanished as Naruto called out his enthusiastic farewell.

Naruto's journey to his apartment went well, since he had the skills to hide from most of the civilians. The shinobi generally didn't bother him, they just ignored him. That was one of the reasons he wanted to be a shinobi. They didn't like him, sure, but they didn't say nasty things to his face or try to hit him with rocks or rotten fruit.

And the ANBU that followed him around sometimes were completely awesome too. Almost better than multicolored post-it notes.

He didn't slam his door when he got inside, Hari hated it when he slammed doors, and he quickly went to the tiny, cramped table and pulled out his small - but growing - pile of colorful post-its that he'd snitched from Ojii-chan's office and sketched a small version of what Obito's goggles looked like.

Obviously he was drawing on an orange post-it, but it was either orange or lime green at this point.

He had a deft hand at drawing so the goggles looked pretty much like the ones that he could see on imaginary-Obito. He crowed in delight and tucked the post-it into his pants pocket. He thanked Hari for helping by showing him what Kakashi was describing.

He wondered, as his re-hemmed the end of his shirt with a fine needle and bright orange thread, if Kakashi had been telling the truth about them seeing each other again. Hari growled at him in a parental manner to stop thinking that the nice adult was lying. Naruto apologized to Hari and knotted the end of the thread. He examined the stitches for crookedness, and pleased with what he could see he tossed the shirt into his laundry bin, stripped out of his dark blue pants and jumped into bed.

He drifted away with Hari's soft growl-like purrs in his ears, Kakashi-nii's gentle story telling in his memory and a vision of completely awesome goggles in his near future.

**To be Continued**