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It was a beautiful morning on that particular day. It was early spring; the season of new life. Somehow it seemed appropriate.

I always had my breakfast in solitude, since I was the only one that actually ate. The only one in the entire castle that didn't feed off the blood of innocent humans. My diet was a thorn in the side of my father; yet another reminder of how I had failed to meet his expectations. The first disappointment he'd felt towards me happened the day I was born, and I turned out to be a girl instead of the son he so longed to have. When I showed no obvious signs of having a special gift, he was let down again. Even though I grew at an exceptional speed, and my brain advanced faster than that of any child before me, it was never enough - not for him.

I learned the story of my conception when I was only actually one year old. My physical appearance was more like that of a four year old, and my mind was more developed than most of the people in my family. Of course, that's not saying much; most of them live to fight, not to learn. I was conceived after my father learned that vampire men could impregnate human women. He searched far and wide for the woman that met his standard of perfection, and when he found her, he brought her back here and kept her prisoner. I don't know much about my mother. My father doesn't talk about her; she was never anything more to him than an incubator, a means to an end. All I knew was that I looked like her: the same long, dark hair and the same green eyes. She'd been terrified and in a lot of pain in the short time she'd been in the castle. Her pain was ended the day I was born, the day I killed her.

Since I didn't meet his standards, my father did not feel the need to be affectionate with me. He simply continued to test me on different levels. I was trained in many fighting skills, including sword fighting, which I actually very much enjoyed. I was taught our history, reading hours and hours on end to learn more about where I came from and who my family was. I was taught to speak many languages - Italian, French, English, Latin and Greek to name a few. I was schooled in arts, science, biology, and the history of the world in general. My mind and body were more skilled than any human would ever be in a lifetime, but it wasn't enough.

No matter how I tried, I could never please my father, or my uncles for that matter. They were powerful rulers of their kind, and they hoped that with my creation, they could enter a new era. They wanted to breed an army of creatures like me - hybrids, as we were called. With our inhuman strength and ability to walk in the daylight without showing our true nature, we would be an unstoppable army. We would rule the world, both that of vampires and of humans. That's what I was made for; it's what they wanted from me. I should have been their leader, the man that would lead them to victory. Instead, I was the girl that never quite measured up.

So far, I was the only one of my kind in my family, but I knew they were planning to create more hybrids. They were waiting for me to reach maturity, to have witnessed every stage of development. They didn't want any surprises; they wanted to know how to handle the new hybrids. My life was carefully monitored, documented and studied for future reference.

The time was here; it was the day of my seventh birthday - the day I stopped progressing and reached full maturity.

My name is Luciana. I am the daughter of Caius. The Princess of the Volturi.

This is my story.

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