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"You are so mean."

"Haha, I know."

"No, seriously. I don't think I've ever met anyone more heartless than you." An annoyed look flashes in his direction as she pounds on the pillow. "You're a heartless, heartless pimp."

"But you still fell for me."

"That's because you bribed me with oranges."

He laughs. "You know that isn't true."

"Yeah, well you know that it isn't true that you got to second base with a girl when you were eleven."

A pout. "That's so mean of you," he replies, echoing her earlier words in an amused, sing-song tone.

Her reply is a well-aimed throw of the orange pillow towards his head.

He dodges with a skillful ease that only comes with practice.

With a slight huff, the blond flops her head against his shoulder, slapping it lightly as her gaze shifts towards the muted glow of the window.

"Hey, Rin?"

She rolls to her side, glancing at him through wide blue eyes and tracing the line of his chest absently. "Mm?"

Len's hand rests in her hair, stroking it as his mouth curves into a gentle smile that makes a well of shy happiness bubble up in her chest. "You know you're my favourite, right?"

Rin can't help but giggle. "What, in your collection of sluts?"

His arm snakes around her waist, his lips pressing briefly against the nape of her neck before he chuckles quietly and whispers in her ear, "No, in the world."

"...Oh." She smiles, a faint flush flitting across her cheeks as she leans up to catch his lips softly, tenderly. "I know." And he kisses her outright, letting the light fade and the world sigh, the heart break and heartache the only things that matter in their shared moment of dizzying, indulgent love.

She has always known that he is far from heartless.