Spoilers/Timeline: None/Set in future; B&B are in an established relationship

A/N: The combination of watching Foot in the Foreclosure again and listening to Lifehouse's Everything (hence the title) at the gym somehow yielded this fic... take that for what you will. Many thanks to SSJL for the spot check, K. Elisabeth for the look over, and space77 for the feedback.

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"Mmm, you smell that?" He pushed their flatbed cart down the aisle, avoiding other customers and inconveniently placed displays. "That is the smell of power."

"Booth, power doesn't have a scent. Most likely," she stopped, almost running into him as he bent over to examine their options, "you're discerning the mixture of lumber, gardening supplies, and paint fumes..."

He shook his head and smiled up at her, "Right, what was I thinking?"

"Unless, of course, you meant that those scents make you feel powerful... given the emotive influence of scent it's highly probable that a male such as yourself would in this enivro-"

"I get it, Bones. Now," he reached up, grabbing their list from her hand, fingers brushing over her knuckles, "what do you think? Whiteboard? Pine? Spruce?"

"I'm sure any of those would be fine; there's no difference in their durability, correct?"

"Not enough to really matter." He stood, leaning against the cart, "I knew we should have brought Stella... it is her playhouse."

"So she could do what? Decide on the type of lumber? That's very impractical; she's five!"

"Doesn't matter, it's about getting her involved, working on something from beginning to end together."

She bit her lip, watching as he pulled board after board of pine from the shelf, placing them on the cart next to the concrete blocks he'd picked for the foundation. "I suppose that's admirable, but it would be much more economical for us to hire someone."

"That's the thing, babe," he flashed her a smile as her eyes narrowed, "it's not about being able to afford to have it built for us, it's about bonding... ya know, quality father-daughter time? Like," he straightened, throwing the last of the lumber in before turning to the opposite side of the aisle to choose a stain, "like that time we took Parker paint balling even though neither of us really wanted to get hit with tiny pellets of paint..."

She smiled, looping her arm around his waist, head falling to his shoulder as he pulled a can from the shelf. That had been fun. When they'd finally given in, Parker had been so excited that the fact that they only went through the course once didn't matter. And she hadn't even minded the bruises she discovered on her back the next morning; the memory of her boys laughing and tackling her had been more than enough...

"I," sighing, she picked up a different can, analyzing how it would contrast with their deck, "yes, that was quite nice."

"It was." Their eyes met and she shuddered as his smile widened, dimples appearing as his thumb stroked over her hip. "Now what do you think? Special Walnut or Sedona Red?"

"Let's get both," she leaned closer to him, hand playing with the belt loop on his jeans, "we'll let her decide. Maybe we can even add a little porch if she wants..."

Laughing, he brushed his lips over hers and started towards roofing. She took a deep breath and followed after him, grinning, astonished that there was nowhere she'd rather be in that moment than in the middle of a home improvement store. Next to him.