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"That Which Is Perfect Is Come"

Kirk stood expectantly at the base of the transporter pad waiting on his two senior officers to beam back up.

Spock and Uhura had been sent down as a precursor to his own arrival. They had been tasked with a fact-gathering mission on the Dantoue people. They were to make preliminary introductions with the Dantoue emissary and to arrange a meeting time between the ambassador and himself. A while ago he had received word that they were finalizing the plans and would beam up momentarily.

And now, here he was. An hour and a half later still waiting on his officers.

Finally, the communications console chirped.

"This is Spock. Request immediate beam up." The terseness of his first officer's message surprised him. But he didn't have time to process it because in the next moments the transporter began to glow as the soft blue and white swirling lights began to form the lean, familiar frame of the Vulcan.

He stepped forward and stopped, sharp brown eyes quickly scanning the image before him.

"Spock! Where's Uhura?" Kirk asked staring at the sole figure of his first officer on the transport pad. He was instantly aware that something had gone wrong. Two officers had beamed down...only one had come back up. Spock's science blue shirt was off, leaving him in the fitted black undershirt they all wore. He was striking in the all-black look, which mirrored an equally dark (and Kirk had to admit slightly intimidating) countenance. He stepped down from the transport pad, looking exceptionally grim.

"Captain, we have a problem," he replied shortly.

Before Kirk could even open his mouth to respond, his ears were greeted by a small, human cry coming from… he looked his first officer again- this time his eyes snapped instantly drawn to the tiny blue bundle in the crook of Spock's arm.

Cautiously he peeped over to look at what Spock was holding- and the blue fabric began to move to reveal a very, very, very small brown face.

Big brown eyes and a head full of curly black hair greeted him. The eyes met his, and instantly she began to wail.

He looked at his first officer, his own mind going blank.

"Yep. I'd say that's a problem."