Death Note: Link to the Past

He stood at the bathroom sink, the water running down from the faucet, fresh water dripping from both face and hands, and just stared blankly at the mirror's reflextion.

His eyes were dull shades of grey, and his hair was as black as oil. The lids under his wild and bewildered eyes were forever blackened, from many nights with no sleep and from too many days with too much sugar.

He normally was able to describe things perfectly, but this...No this was utterly different. How could he describe in words, that wouldn't make him seem crazy, the images that he saw. He thought that he could go to his beloved friend Watari and tell him, but he then reconciled, and thought better.

So he just let the images and the words run through his lost mind:

My death!

My tomb!

My loss!

My....successor...and finally....

My enemy!

To anyone else these words would just seem to be words picked randomly out of a bad horror novel. But to him, they were the realization of a real life horror story.

Still lost in his own little world, he didn't notice when an elderly man knocked three times on the wooden door to the room. His greying-pepper hair combed back, and his attire, a nicely tailored tweed jacket and pants.

"Ryuzaki? Are you all right? You've been in here for some time."

The man named Ryuzaki gasped, his mind brought back from darkness. "Watari...I'm...I'm fine. I just had something in my eye. But it's gone now."

He said all of this while still looking down at the sink, he couldn't make eye contact because he knew that eye contact would give him away.

He then felt a thin hand gently grasp his shoulder.

"Ryuzaki I have watched you grow up since you were eight years old. And if you think that you're able to hide your fears, then I must tell you that for once, the great L, is wrong."

He felt his eyes widen in surprise. "The great L, huh? Is that what they're calling me now?"

The hand grasped harder. "Don't change the subject."

The man who went by the names Ryuzaki and now L, winced from the severity in Watari's voice.

"Now L...tell me what is wrong."

L felt his knees almost give way, his peach colored face losing all of its color and fading to ghost white.

"You know me all-too-well don't you Watari?" He tried to laugh, but was forced to stop for the fear of being ill due to his nerves. So swallowing, he began. "You must understand Watari, that this is in no way logical. But after we got hold of Higuchi's Death Note I saw these images in my head."

"What images? Describe them for me."

And just as he'd done moments before, L recited the list outloud:

"My death, my tomb, my loss, my successor and my enemy. Those are the things that I saw."

Watari sighed and gently patted L on the top of his head. "L I'm sure that you're just tired. You've gone almost two weeks without a break or any sleep. Do yourself a favor and take tonight off. You deserve it...."



"No! If I take off then who will surveillance all activities that Light does? His is our numer one suspect for Kira after all."

"Don't worry. I will keep an eye on Light Yagami's movement throughout the night. Now please go, L. Go and get some rest. I'm sure that you'll wake up in the morning feeling good as new."

L was unsure. He felt certain that Light was going to prove that he was indeed Kira soon. And that he had to be ready. And seemingly reading L's mind Watari hurried L off to bed.

"In order to be ready, and person in the world must get deserved sleep."


"No 'buts'. Now go."

L sighed and began to walk away. "Here I am almost twenty-nine years old, and you're still treating me like I'm nine."

Watari chuckled. "Well I find that however old you act, is however old you should be treated like."

"Sounds reasonable. Well goodnight, Watari."

"Goodnight, L."

The walk back to his bedroom seemed to drag on forever. The entire way his mind was reeling back and forth, going from his visions to Light.

And with each step, a single question became more and more pronounced in his mind: What if I die before the case is solved?

He still hadn't decided on who his successor would be in the instance of his death. There were so many choices, and from the way that things were looking at that time, he seemed to be facing so little time.

He would let Watari decide.