The crimson liquid spilled all over the ground. I looked at it wide open eyes. "Y-you killed my mother.." I stuttered. "And my father, and my brothers and sister…" Tears were forming in my eyes. He looked at me and laughed. "Heh.. You gonna cry because of it? I thought you hated them…" I looked up at him. "N-no… I didn't really~" He cut me off by pressing a hard kiss on my mouth. My eyes widened even more. He broke the kiss and looked at me, smiling. "How was that?" He asked. Purple eyes looked at me. He kissed me again now even more violent. I tried to push away but he held me close. "Why?" I asked. He didn't answer. He shove the hair out of my face and gave me a kiss on my forehead. Then he grabbed my neck and shove me against the wall. I tried to break free but he was simply too strong. He longed for my mouth once again now pushing his tongue inside. I screamed but it was muffled by his mouth. He ripped my clothes off and then grabbed my ponytail. He yanked hard on it. I yelped. "What are you g-gonna do!?" I asked while I already knew the answer. "I want you… I want you now…" he said while watching my naked form. He yanked my face down to his pants. In one swift motion the pants were off and revealed his pulsing member. He hissed when the coldness of the night hit his warm naked flesh. The tears began falling again. He looked at me. His face softened. "Please…" He said. "Take it in your mouth… You know how long I long for you…" I looked at him my eyes narrow. "You just killed my parents…" I growled. "… Now you can join…" "Join what. That group of bloody criminals that call themselves Akatsuki? The group who kill innocent people and rape girls..!? No. I'm not joining." "That sounds so familiar… Who said that?" Another voice out of the dark said. "Help me!" I screamed. Someone was walking over to us. The person I once loved looked up. "Who!? … What are you doing here!?" A shadow appeared close to us. "Heh…" A voice said. A voice I heard so many times. My memory just didn't want to recognize it, how hard I tried. Breath brushed against my pale face. Blue eyes were visible in the dark. "Remember me?" The person asked. "You.." I hissed. He laughed. "Finally we met again." He said. "and we too…" he said to the man next to me. I shivered. Finally?! It was just an hour ago! What was going on!? "Heh…" the white haired guy said. "It indeed was a long time…" He stood up pushing his pants up again, but he was still hard as a rock. "Deidara…" Hidan was the man I once loved. Deidara was the man I once loved. Why was everything taking another way than I hoped it to take? Deidara looked down on me, a typical grin on his handsome face. "Why is she naked Hidan, un?" He asked suddenly, his eyes narrowing. Hidan seemed to snap out of his sleep by the words of Deidara. The eyes that just looked cold down onto me seemed to get their own warmth again. What had happened? I didn't know. Hidan's pants seemed to flatten. I let out a shaky breath. Deidara who just was the scary intruder who didn't care what was happening to me looked now at me concern in his eyes. He looked over at Hidan again anger burning visible in his eyes. Hidan looked back. His face paled. He looked at me and swallowed his pants becoming tight again. "W-who'd unclothed her..!?" He said while gulping again. Deidara looked scared. "No…" He breathed out. "N-not again… But this time… Was it me too?!" He took his Akatsuki cloak off and put it on me gently. I looked at him with thankful eyes. But what had happened..? Why didn't they remember..? Hidan looked back at me. "Who did that to you!" He screamed then. "You." "I- I!? I didn't!Hidan looked at me with his jaw a little open. Then he turned around an walked away, stunned.