15 years later


"Ashley Carlissa Cullen, get your behind down here right now! Allison Marie, you better be with her if either of you even want to think of not being grounded until you're in college!" Bella was standing on the bottom step with both hands on her hips. Her cheeks were flushed with anger.

We'd only been home for five minutes, so I couldn't figure out what the girls could have done in that period of time. Bella had briefly gone outside to see Jasper before storming back in to call the girls down from their third floor bedroom. When she gave me that look as I opened my mouth to ask what was going on, I shut it quickly. I didn't know what our daughters did, but was smart enough to not get caught in the backlash of it. She'd tell me later. If she wanted to. Maybe.

Our twin girls came running down with seven-year-old Eric on their heels. "Mom? What did they do? I'm not in trouble, too, am I? I was good! I promise I've been good since you told me not to color on the walls anymore!"

His hands were up, and I could see faint green splotches which meant he'd been finger-painting somewhere. There was another smear under his nose from wiping it frequently; he'd been home the past two days with a cold. He had the same penchant for trouble making as his father. Eric already looked like Jasper except for the dark brown eyes of his mother.

"Sport, I think you and I should go find your other dad and go hang out in the garage for a bit." I'd come back in and clean up whatever mess he'd made in the playroom before Bella found it.

"Okay, Dad. Will you carry me out?"

I lifted Eric up onto my shoulders and then ducked through the door. We followed the sounds of Jasper's swearing out to the shed where he was slamming metal cabinet doors. "Girls! Kissing already. I swear to fucking God they're going to have Edward and me gray before we're fifty."


"Jazz, what did you say about kissing?"

He threw his hands up into the air. "Mom went to pick up the girls from school since you and Bella were closing up at the old house and I was here with Eric. Mom saw Ashley kissing Joshua, Jake and Leah's boy. Then she looked the other way and saw Ally with Pete Junior. I just told Bella when she came out to let me know the two of you were home." Seeing his and Bella's boy, Jasper held his arms up for his son. "You're not going to kiss any girls, or boys, are you, Champ?"

Eric wrinkled his nose up in a very Bella-like look. "Girls are gross, and boys are more fun to push down in the mud, Dad."

Eric spent more time with his nose buried in books than pushing his friends "down in the mud" so I'd started taking him to the dojo with me on Saturday mornings. I was teaching the children's class and could keep a close watch on our wiry student who towered over his classmates.

We tried to take even just an hour a week with each of the kids by ourselves. It was important to our family dynamic and we simply enjoyed it.

Jasper set Eric down on top of the workbench and held his arms out to me. "Why did you have to make such beautiful girls with Bella?" Eric rolled his eyes, muttering about "mushy stuff" when I kissed the side of Jasper's jaw and let his warmth heat my chest. Bella and I had stood in the March winds for an hour waiting on the other family to show for the closing.

We'd stood in front of the bank with my arms about her waist, too stubborn to return to the car or go inside to warm ourselves. As we handed over the last of the keys and Bella explained the color coded bands on them for which rooms they belonged, I couldn't help but smile. The three of us had been through so much.

We moved when the girls were only one, wanting to find a place that was ours, not a place that had been Jasper's and mine first. It also gave us more distance from Renee who had tried several times to push her way into the girls' lives. The three of us, well, Bella with the two of us, fought desperately over the living situation. She was determined to have her own space and give us our privacy. We did not feel the need.

To make everyone happy, we had agreed upon connecting bedrooms, although she rarely used hers. If one of us ended up ill, we'd sleep in there to avoid sharing germs. For "normalcy" she always entered our bedroom suite through there when the kids were younger. After a while, we dropped all pretenses. In the new house, we had two bedrooms side by side, but she had yet to use hers except for closet space or the occasional afternoon nap.

There were school issues at first as the girls talked about having two dads and a mom who all lived together. Teachers looked at us oddly at the first parent-teacher conferences for Eric as they saw Jasper, Bella, and I all walking in together. When our son started school, they'd look to Jasper and then verify the paperwork listing of Eric Cullen. We had decided while Bella was pregnant that Eric would have my be a Cullen so the children had the same last name.

When we first decided to have another baby, one that was biologically Jasper's, I underwent a vasectomy. The three of us already had two children by me; it was my husband's turn. To avoid condoms, I went under the scalpel. I must say the doctors were surprised to see me back so quickly for the sperm test. It had taken little time at all to perform the required number of ejaculations when I had two partners to please and be pleased by.

It took almost three years once Bella went off the pill, but she and Jasper had their little boy who completed our family. Jasper's "Baby" may have made the three of us whole, but Eric made our family complete.

Before her pregnancy with Eric, I never understood how Jasper could see the girls as his. He loved them as his; I knew that, but I didn't quite get it. Watching Eric (and Bella's stomach) grow throughout the thirty-nine weeks she carried him, was just as amazing as the first time with the twins, although with a lot fewer worries. She had been frustrated with far fewer ultrasounds to 'peek in' on our son, although happy that the chances for complication were less.

"So, Eric, where did that paint come from?" Jasper examined our son's hands with a smirk and raised eyebrow.

"I was making palm trees!"

We both groaned. "Where at?" I asked on a sigh.

"On the wall. I want to have a jungle room!"

Jasper bit his lip to stop from smiling. "You better get in there and clean up your toys right now, Boy-o. We'll cover for you, this time."

With a ruffling of hair, and a kiss to a forehead that had the same paint smeared beneath his bangs, Jasper sent his miniature back into the house. "I hope we aren't sending him to a spanking, Edward."

I shrugged. "He shouldn't have painted on the wall; Eric knows better. But, I think if we tell Bella we were planning on painting his bedroom this weekend, she'll let him off the hook and just make us sleep on the pullout in my studio downstairs."

Jasper pushed me against the workbench and smiled down at me, his boots giving him another inch over me. "You, a soundproof bedroom all to ourselves, and a night with no interruptions." He reached up and stroked the short goatee he'd grown over the years. "I like this idea, Edward. It's almost worth painting."

In a move that still stole my breath away, Jasper lifted me up onto the work bench counter, putting us at the same height. "We haven't been back to the house in a while. Think Mom and Dad would give us the keys again sometime? You, me, the pool..." His words faded away as his lips tickled along my neck, leaving teasing, feathery kisses.

"The kitchen counter," I added, turning my head to kiss him.

"I love you, Edward; always and forever." he said before kissing me once more.

Jasper's tongue silently sought entry into my mouth as he pulled my legs around his waist. I hummed in pleasure when his hands moved up under my shirt, scratching my back lightly. We parted briefly as Jasper went to shut the door and drop a broom across the make-shift inside lock to give us privacy.

I unfastened my belt and was had my zipper halfway down when we heard the shriek.

"Eric Anthony Cullen, why are there green hand prints on the bathroom wall? You are in so much trouble, Mister!"

Jasper tucked his cock back into his pants and sighed. "We better go save our boy. Rain check?"

"Yeah." I leaned back against the wall-mounted cabinet and tried to will away my erection. "Let's go take the blame so we can get banished to the basement for the night."

We walked to the house hand in hand, heart in heart; the way we always have, and always will.

The End

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I write from experience, not a fantasized dream of what a triad would be like. This is a 20 minute glimpse into 15 years of a relationship. A triad isn't 100% equal in its division of time. At another moment, it could have been Bella and Edward, or Bella and Jasper, sneaking away- which would have caused a whole other problem with my readers regarding Bella "being more important" than their relationship. Has Edward snuck downstairs with Bella- or all three of them- absolutely. Have Bella and Jasper gone off without Edward, yes. This was a short glimpse to show that even with everything they've been through, Edward and Jasper are just as strong as ever, if not more so.

She's a mom. She's disciplining her daughters and telling the men to stay out of it. That happens around here between my husband and me when it comes to our children. Has nothing to do with them being in a triad- just a real world look into a family; this one just happens to have three parents instead of two. In my head, Jasper had already talked to the girls about how they're his baby girls and he doesn't want them kissing boys and ruining their lives. They're dads; it's what dads do. I know mine fussed over me dating, and I know my husband is already freaking about how our daughters will be when they're teens.