Yugi's First Love

Story Description

When thinking of Yugioh love stories, people often think about the relationship between Yami and Tea. Well what were to happen if Yugi were to find love elsewhere? In this story Yugi and his friends are introduced to a new classmate who has transferred to their country from England. Although this girl looks wonderful on the outside Yugi soon comes to learn that there are a lot of skeletons in her closet to be found.


Hello People, It's Maisie here, I have posted this story before but due to the chapters being titled in the wrong order I had to post it again in the right order hehe ^_^! Oops sorry. I'd just like to inform you all that I don't not own Yugioh! ^_^' As great as it would have been for someone like me to get an genius idea like that it's not mine but I've always been a fan so I figure I could try and write my own fanfic so enjoy.

Although I have added a few characters of my own to this story, I do not own the characters from Yugioh.

Also there is a lot of strong natured content within some of the chapters that are written, so don't say you haven't been warned.

Now let's get on with this story shall we. Remember Yugioh = not mine!

Chapter One

It's Monday morning in Domino and a sleep deprived Yugi wakes up to the sound of his alarm clock ringing as loud as church bells, or that's what it felt like. He stretched out a hand to shut it off and unwilling sat up in his bed. The same amethyst purple eyes that usually had such a gentle and happy sparkle in them were now red raw from lack of sleep, as well as from the unstoppable tears that he had shed into his pillow just last night. His spiky tri coloured hair and golden yellow bangs had lost its usual shine and was all tussled and messy, his cute little face held an expression of great sadness upon it. He turned his head groggily and glanced at the digital alarm clock that sat on his bedside table.

"7:45?" Yugi thought "I better get up quickly before". Suddenly there was a loud banging sound that was coming from directly behind Yugi's bedroom door. Before he had anytime to react, in marched Grandpa Motto with his soup pot and metal ladle playing what he called the 'wake up symphony'. Yugi pulled the covers back over his head to try and block out the noise, but when he did Grandpa Motto would just play his kitchen based instruments closer to the bed making it louder, then came the singing.

"Now it is time, to get you up,

You have to get up out of bed

and if you don't I'll just play louder,

Until you get your butt out of bed. Hey!"

Grandpa sang the same song twice over and was about to sing it again, when Yugi finally came out from under his covers "Alright! Okay! I'm up! Now would you please stop that you'll wake the whole neighbourhood!" exclaimed Yugi, relieved to have a bit of silence.

Grandpa Motto looked at his grandson with a sad pout on his aged features "Aww Yugi your such a spoilt sport! It's the most fun I get other then playing duel monsters with you kids" he sniffled. Yugi rolled his eyes as he stood up from his bed "Well try waking Yami up, I bet he's not up yet!" he says. Again Grandpa Motto put that pouting look on his face "I can't because he already left for school". "What? You mean he left with out me?" Yugi asked "Yes, he left a while ago with Tea" Grandpa says "Something about meeting with Joey and Tristan, so they could see each other before class starts" Yugi's facial expression rapidly changed from shocked to hurt in a matter of seconds. Grandpa saw this and his playful pout switch to that of concern for his grandson.

It wasn't the first time this had happened; in fact it had been happening for a long while now, ever since Yami had gained possession of his own body. Since then, it just seemed like his friends only focussed on Yami and Yugi was just background noise that was left to fade…well into the background. He put on a fake smile for his Grandpa and says "Okay then I better get ready and see if I can catch them" Grandpa Motto patted Yugi's shoulder as he passed him to exit the room. As soon as Grandpa left to let Yugi get dressed for school, Yugi removed his pyjama shirt and began to dress for school. He raised his wrists slightly and all the way down his arms were scars both old and fresh ones lining his wrists. He thought back to the moments that had caused him to do this to himself, the countless incidents of ignorance displayed to him by his best friends. Even Joey would look at him grudgingly as if he was interrupting something of importance.

Where as Yami, never noticed a thing. As far as Yami was concerned nothing strange was going on. Yugi felt bitter about Yami's ignorance to his situation, he felt that the one person that had vowed to protect him was now turning a blind eye to what was happening around him. "I don't understand what Yami has that makes him better then I am! I mean I know I'm not as confident, as skilful or good looking, but I have what matters. I have a heart is that not enough? Why am I never good enough? Why have I suddenly become the invisible boy again?"

Yugi finally shook himself out of his thoughts and continued to put his school uniform on. As he went into his bedside draw for his choker and wristbands, something fell out of the draw and landed on the bedroom floor with a heavy clank. It was the knife that Yugi had been using to cut himself with. Stained with his blood from last night's cutting, Yugi wiped the blade clean with a handkerchief that he kept stashed with the knife in his draw and put the knife back where it was.

Without stopping for breakfast Yugi grabbed his schoolbag and raced towards the door "Bye Grandpa, I'm going to school" he shouted back through the game shop, leaving with tears running down his face praying, "Please let today be different! Please! I don't want to be invisible anymore!"