Yugi's First Love


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Seven years later, Yami and Tea moved to America together shortly after school ended, helping Tea to achieve her dream of taking up dance classes in USA. Whilst Yami was offered a soccer scholarship to NYU after the people responsible for running the college saw him play randomly in the park one afternoon.

Joey and Mai finally got together, they now live together in their own apartment and both have full time jobs during the week as a beauty therapist and carpenter, but still make time on the weekend for their friends. They still see Tristan and Serenity; they went round to see them quite often due to Joey's big brother protective streak. Serenity was now coming to the end of her high school year and was determined that once she was able to do so she was going to the Domino university, whilst Tristan worked as Football coach at a local primary school. Tristan always beamed with pride as Serenity said she was going to university. Proud that his love was thinking practically about what to do with her life, although they still argue over who out of the two of them was the better driver in the car.

Mr Motto decided to take an expedition with his dear friend Arthur Hawkins and his grand daughter Rebecca for a while and was due to return to his beloved game shop in a few months.

Mona finally found herself a nice guy and to everyone's surprise it was Dr Miller from the hospital, they met again shortly after Ally's birthday and had been with each other ever since. Now happily married to the man she loved Mona was also expecting her first child. Mona was overjoyed and assured Ally that she would not love her any less then her own child and that her motherly love can be split both ways. Ally would laugh at this every time and tell her not to worry.

As for Ally and Yugi, things couldn't be more perfect for them, they had stayed together through high school graduated together and gotten into the same college. Ally took to doing music and dance degree as she wanted to open a performance arts school for dancers and musicians for young children, where as Yugi started a business studies degree in order to take over the Game Shop business from his Grandpa when he was ready to stop working. Each year they spent at college together was filled with more fun, happiness and intimate memories as the last one.

It was now graduation day for Domino University students, and as Ally's name was called on the honour list an almighty cheer came from the crowd, she had been an honour student since day one and was now receiving her diploma with first class honours. Yugi got his next and again received applause from his friends within the crowd as his accepted his diploma, thankful for all the night's Ally stayed up to study with him for his exams, when most times out of ten she had a dance recital in the morning and she still managed to take his breath away, as even when tired Ally would dance like the angel she was. The day moved on slowly as speeches were given and the last speech to be delivered to the audience in this grand hall was the speech of the class of 2010's representative. A loud round of applause was given as Ally stood gracefully from her seat on the stage and walked over to the podium, shaking hands with her professor. Standing at the podium, Ally took a deep breath as she began her speech:

"You'll have to forgive me I kind of suck with speeches" A titter of laughter was heard from some of her friends in the first few rows. "So I guess the best I can do is speak to you with words of utmost honesty. As a young girl, I never once dreamed of being a university graduate, who stands here today in front of all of my greatest friends and companions, wishing them all the luck for the future as they go off into the world. It was a common occurrence in my lifetime for me to want to curl up into a shell of my own uncertain and never emerge from it as I'm sure many of us have felt within our lives."

Mona sat in the crowd wiping tears of pride from her eyes as she remembered all of the times Ally was referring too. With a small smile tugging at her lips Ally continued

"Where as now I have new inspiration into how my future will turn out. Seven years a go, I came here to Domino with little hope or confidence in myself, thinking that the world hated me for something that I had been born into, or so I was told, but then I found something incredibly precious, to any person. I found a home, a new family, new friends, love and an undeniable passion to prove myself worthy of respect from those around me. I have finally come to find that I am able to change my future through my own actions. We stand here today not only as university graduates but also as individuals capable of creating our own future and changing it to benefit us. We are this world's future generation of today. Let us change the future into an incredible experience for all of us." Taking her graduation cap from her head she said, "I raise my cap high above my head as I say these last few words for all of us. We made it!"

With that all graduates rose from the chairs as they tossed their caps up in the air above them cheering at their newfound independence. Ally ran down the stairs of the stage into Yugi's awaiting arms as he swung her round "I couldn't have done a better job myself" is all he said as he kissed her lovingly on the lips. Suddenly she was pulled away by her college friends and squeezed in the middle of a group bear hug as she laughed.

Yugi looked on at her as he felt a hand clapping his shoulder "Yugi, can you believe we actually made it here today?" Yugi laughed as he turned to see Bakura standing behind him "No my friend, I can not!" Bakura looked from Yugi to Ally who was still being squeezed tightly by her friends and taking group pictures with them "So are you still thinking of asking her tonight?"

Yugi looked back over to the angel that had control over his heart for the past seven years, remembering each tender and happy moment they had shared. With a smile adorning his face, he nodded his head "Absolutely!" Bakura tapped his hand to his friend's shoulder as his other friends made their way over to him "Well buddy I wish you all the happiness in the world, she's quite a catch"

Yugi looked back at his friend with a warm smile "You can say that again" The smile he saw on Ally's face as he saw her laughing and smiling with her friends melted his heart "I'm going to make sure that smile never leaves her, for as long as I live"

Pretty soon everyone changed out of their gowns and changed into something more comfortable. Yugi and Ally raced back to the apartment that they had bought together to change and head over to the White Domino after being told specifically by Ally's uncle Darren not to be late. Yugi put on his favourite silver, long sleeved, silk shirt that Ally had gotten him for a Christmas present. He wore it with the top button undone, with black jeans adorning the lower half of his body and black shoes as well as the snazzy wristwatch he still had from his 16th birthday. Unbeknownst to him Ally was looking at him out of the corner of her eye as she put a pair of earrings in her ears.

Reaching up to his neck, he took out a small pendant of fine silver with an angel engraved onto it as she held his birthstone in her outstretched hands and kissed the angel as he silently prayed "Lillianna please, grant me the courage I need for tonight and give us your blessing".

Looking himself over once more he looked to the other side of the room, so see Ally sat at her vanity table, applying some light make up to her face. Looking her over, he bit on his lower lip trying to control his urges. Ally was a stunner in a light silver and purple off the shoulder cocktail dress that came to just below her knees, with patterns of glorious silver lilies around the bottom of the dress. Her hair was still the same as ever, short length that came to just above the collar, with those glorious colours of red and pink running through it. Looking in the mirror he saw the pendant he had given her on her 16th birthday, to this day she never has taken it off.

Standing from the vanity table Ally turned to see Yugi staring at her "What? What's wrong?" Ally panicked "Is there something wrong with the dress?"

Yugi walked over and took Ally in his arms laying a soft kiss on her cheek "You look beautiful as always Angel" Ally smiled at him lovingly as she ran her finger over the angel pendant he had given her as he said "Although I don't get why you wear make up, you don't need it" stroking her face with the back of his fingers, raising her hand to touch his she said "A little bit never hurts" Kissing his fingers Ally said "Come on Darren will throw a hissy fit if we don't turn up"

Pulling Ally back to him with a mischievous grin on his face "Do we really have to go to this thing? I mean I had better plans for us tonight" Ally laughed as she put her arms around Yugi's neck, kissing his cheek "What did you have in mind?" Yugi leaned into her ear and whispered softly as he tightened his arms around her waist. Once he finished he nibbled softly on her ear causing her to gasp slightly as her knees gave way slightly.

Ally merely groaned disappointedly as she looked at Yugi longingly "I'd love to do that but he made me promise we'd show up tonight" huffing as she pulled away from Yugi mumbling curses to her uncle under her breath and he distinctly heard her say something about "Stupid family functions" making him laugh at her cuteness when she was angry. Ally slipped into some silver strap shoes, they both gathered their things, Yugi checked his pocket before locking up the apartment and they drove to the restaurant in Yugi's little two-seater car.

As they pulled up into a parking space, Yugi stopped the car and before she could get out, pulled Ally to him kissing her deliciously pink lips as he cupped her face in his hands. Pulling away slowly, Ally smiled at him lovingly "Thank you my love" Yugi just gave a loving smile back to her as he thought "Here goes, it's now or never" Yugi got out of the car racing round to Ally's side, helping her out of the car.

Taking Yugi by the arm Ally walk with him into the restaurant. As they came through the doors a burst of party poppers and shouts of "Happy Graduation Day!" Both surprised by this gathering they came into the restaurant and were greeted by their friends and families

"Yugi it's about time you showed up, and Ally's looking like a stunner as usual" Tristan complimented as he looked in the direction Ally had gone in to greet her uncle

"Yep, I still have to pinch myself sometimes to remember that she's mine" they both laughed as Serenity swooned at his comment. Serenity ran off towards Ally giving her a friendly hug and they got to girl chatting.

Just then, someone grabbed Yugi from behind and started giving him noogeys on the top of his head "Long time no see Yugi? How's my little brother?"

Breaking loose he saw Yami looking back at him "Yami I thought you and Tea were in America?" Yami nodded "yeah well, sort of came back here" Yugi looked at him in shock "What? Why? Did something bad happen?"

Yami said, "Yeah turns out schooling over there isn't as cool as Tea first thought. Her instructor hit on her" Yugi's eyes widened "You mean he felt her up?" Yami nodded, the anger still clear on his face "What did you do about it Yami?" Yami laughed "What else? I smacked the guy right between the eyes with my own fist! No one touches my girl that way but me!" Yugi laughed "So where is Tea anyway?" Yami just chuckled "Where else would a she be?" pointing over to where Ally was he saw Tea there with her, Serenity as well as Mai.

"Oh man where's Joey?" Yugi thought nervously. The last time Mai turned up to one of the parties Ally and Yugi had shared, the two of them had a fight, which resulted in Mai slapping Joey in the face so she came by herself and a very unhappy Joey called Yugi saying that he wasn't coming.

Suddenly, Yugi felt someone grab him around the neck in a headlock again "Oh my god, what is it with you guys and getting me in a headlock?"

Hearing Joey's laughing voice behind him "Sorry man, just so proud of my best bud, the graduate! Graduate can you believe that?" He asked turning to Tristan and Yami

"It's not that hard to believe" Yugi said with a slight annoyance in his voice. Just then he caught Ally and the girls looking towards their group as Mai and Tea started whispering as Serenity brought them some drinks. Ally brought her slender hand to her mouth to stifle her melodious laughter as the other girls laughed with her.

All four guys turned to the girls with raised eyebrows that just made them laugh harder "Are we missing something here?" Yami asked Tea.

Shrugging slightly, Tea responded by saying, "What would make you say that?"

Just then a Britney Spears song came on and all three girls grabbed Ally's hands and pulled her towards the dance floor shrieking excitedly "Oh this is such a good song come on!" Yugi and the guys moved over to the bar where they order drinks and watched their girls dance. After the first few seconds Tristan and Joey gave into their temptation and went to dance with their respective girlfriends. Yugi sat watching Ally as she danced so sensually in the middle of the floor. He was never able to figure out how she was able to take his breath away with out so much as an effort.

Giving a hefty sigh he felt his nerves begin to surface. He felt a tap on his shoulder and saw Yami looking back at him "Yugi, are you alright?" Just as he was about to answer the door to the restaurant burst open to reveal an old man in a old plum purple suit with a ruffled shirt walk through the door with his ever familiar hat on his head as he bellowed joyously "Where is my graduate, grandson?"

Recognising the voice Yugi put his drink back on the bar and walked quickly across the room to embrace his grandfather. Mr Motto pulled back taking his grandson's face in his hands "You've done this old man proud my boy, you know that!"

Yugi just laughed "Thanks Grandpa" as they walked back to the bar "So where is Ally? Don't tell me she hasn't graduated?" "I thought I saw a charming man at the bar" came the sweet feminine voice of Yugi's girlfriend

"Ally my dear you look lovelier every time I see you" he said giving Ally a peck on the cheek "Thank you Mr Motto" she said "What did we say about that Ally?" Mr Motto said looking at her sternly. Ally blushed a shade of crimson "That I was to call you Grandpa Motto" Grandpa Motto smiled "That's right, so did you graduate?"

Yugi walked over to Ally wrapping his arm around her waist "Oh she graduated alright! With 1st class honours and was named an honour student" Ally blushed an even brighter shade of crimson. Grandpa Motto just rolled his eyes "Now why couldn't you get any of that numb nuts!" Grandpa Motto said, thwacking Yugi on the head with his hat "Ow Grandpa watch it!"

Ally just laughed as she watched them argue, then was bombarded by the girls again when Mai approached Yugi "Would you mind if we borrow your girlfriend we have something we want her to do for us" Yugi just chuckled and said "Sure go ahead" "Thanks Hun, Lets go girlie" steering Ally towards the dance floor Ally excused herself and disappeared into the crowd on the dance floor.

Yugi collapsed back on to his bar stool and downed the rest of his drink in one gulp. Yami asked the bar man for the same order again, plus a glass of whiskey for their Grandpa "Come on Yugi spill, what's going on with you?" Grandpa put his hand to Yugi's forehead "You're not sick are you?" Batting his Grandpa's hand away he said "No Grandpa I'm fine honestly"

Yami turned Yugi's head with his hand as he took Grandpa Motto's cane and jammed it through the bars of the stool, trapping Yugi into it "Spill or you don't get off this stool until you do" Turning to look at his Grandpa he saw the same determined look on his face that he'd just seen on Yami's "Why the hell did we all have to be born with the same face?" Yugi sighed heavily "Ok I'll talk"

Drawing them both closer to him, Yugi put his arms around his Grandpa and brother as he quietly told them of his plans. Grandpa almost shouted it out for the whole restaurant to hear but was stopped by Yugi covering his mouth "No don't say anything you fool"

Grandpa's eyes just filled with unshed tears for his Grandson "Oh Yugi, I've been hoping for this for the last seven years" he said hugging Yugi to him, receiving a pat on the back from Yami "It's about time too"

Yugi smiled nervously "I know I'm just so nervous I mean what if she says no, then what?"

Yami pulled the cane from between the bars of the stool and place his arm around Yugi as he said "I don't think that'll happen, just have faith you never know" Holding up their glasses "Here's to you Yugi, good luck not that I think you'll need it" toasting each other they all drank their drinks as Grandpa Motto filled the boys in on his trip to Egypt before being called over the their designated tables to start dinner.

Sitting at the head table Yugi sat next to Ally as her Uncle Darren gave another of his proud speeches. He slipped his hand across to Ally's and felt her soft fingers encircle his hand as he looked across to see her looking at him with a loving smile. "I can't hold this off anymore I have to do it now" As the speech drew to a close, everyone enjoyed the meal as well as some of the conversation that took place as something about an underdog came up which resulted in Joey smacking Tristan upside the head. Laughing out loud the whole room as the persisted with their quieten argument.

With the last course of the meal finished, Yugi stood offering his hand to Ally "May I have this dance Angel"

Ally smiled at him warmly as she said "You may my love" Placing her hand into Yugi's she let him lead her out onto the dance floor.

Pulling her close to him, Yugi took her by the hand, resting the other hand on her waist as they started a slow box step dance to the sound of soft music that reached them on the dance floor. He was holding her so close to him that Ally couldn't help but take in Yugi's warmth, the smell of his light cologne and the feel of his body holding her against him. She couldn't asked for anything more perfect if she tried, Ally was with the man she loved, what more could she want. Yugi held her close to his body, taking comfort in the fact that she felt so right in his arms, the intoxicating aroma of flowers coming from her.

Leaning into her, Yugi placed a soft kiss on her cheek as he whispered in her ear "My beautiful angel, have you ever thought of where we will be in the future you spoke of today?" Ally pulled back slightly, looking Yugi square in the eyes "It is hard to know of that now, but I know of one thing" Yugi looked her in the eyes "What's that" Ally slid her hands up Yugi's chest locking her fingers together as she pulled his head light so his fore head rested on hers, with all sincerity she whispered "That I will still love you this much a hundred years from now when I have long been laid to rest" Yugi couldn't stop his joyous tears from falling on to her face as she kissed him deeply on the lips. The dance long forgotten along with the music and the people around them, all they knew in this moment was each other.

Not to far from them Mona, Yami, Mr Motto and Darren sat at the bar, with drinks in hand. Yami and his Grandpa still held excitement in their hearts for Yugi and it showed on their faces, what with Mr Motto close to tears and Yami grinning like mad. Mona leaned closer to them, and asked "Penny for your thoughts gentlemen?" They both looked at Mona with pride in their eye.

Nodding towards the Yugi and Ally on the dance floor Yami spoke up "He's going to ask her a question"

Both Mona and Darren looked at Yami in confusion "What question is that?"

Yami looked at her with a sparkle in his eye as he said "The question"

Mona brought a hand up to her mouth, as she understood his meaning. All four of them watch the couple on the dance floor intently as they waited for any signs of a special moment between the two, Tristan, Tea, Serenity, Mai and Joey all came over to see the excitement and tears on Darren, Mona, Grandpa and Yami "What's happening guys?" "Sssshhhh! Shut up!" As they doubled back Mona turned and said quietly "Yugi's going to ask Ally something" All four face looked at each other on confusion "What is he asking her about?" "Just watch them Joey" Darren said. All of them looked out at the couple that were still entwined within each other's arms. Darren placed a box of tissues on the bar.

Yugi finally pulled back from Ally his forehead still resting on hers as he whispered; "Marry me Ally"

Ally looked up at Yugi in surprise her heart racing like a hammer to her chest as she said, "What did you say?"

Reaching into his pocket, Yugi pulled out a small white velvet box. Unaware of the pairs of eyes watching him from the bar, he got down on the floor onto one knee and opened the small box to reveal a small white diamond ring, surrounded by smaller rose pink diamonds all mounted onto a slender, fine silver band.

Everyone at the bar gasped out loud the girls all tearing up where as the guys looked on in astonishment. Mona's hands flew to cover her mouth as tears blurred the image of Yugi knelt down in front of Ally, taking the tissue that was just offered to her by Mr Motto as he placed his arm around her. Yami beamed with pride for his brother "Go get her Yugi!"

Looking into those gorgeous hazel eyes that were filled with surprise at his actions, Yugi took Ally's left hand into his right one as he said "Ally, when we were in high school, I gave you that pendant your wearing to show you that you were more then just any typical high school sweetheart, but that you were my one love. That one person that would make you want to drop everything your doing just to be with them, to hold them close to you and not want to be apart not for an instance. Every morning for the past four years in college, I have woken up to your beautiful face in the morning thanking heaven for bring you to me and for allowing me to fall in love with you. I would love more then anything if I could wake up with you next to me everyday of my life."

Ally stood there looking down at Yugi with the biggest smile as tears ran down her face. Still not taking his eyes from hers he asked "Ally you're everything I want in my life, I love you with all my heart and would be honoured if you would allow me to show you that love everyday for the rest of our lives. Will you marry me?"

All eyes were on them now as they watched Ally anxiously awaiting her answer to his question.

Ally's smile was just unbeatable; wiping her tears from her face she answered, "It would be my honour to marry you Yugi" Yugi looked at her in slightly confusion "Is that a yes?" Ally nodded as she laughed, "It's a thousand times yes!" Slipping the ring on her ring finger, Ally knelt down in front of Yugi as she took his face in her hands and kissed him lovingly on the lips, threading the fingers of her right hand through his fingers.

An enormous cheer was heard through out the whole restaurant as a heavily pregnant Mona came over and gave her daughter and son in law to be big hugs

"I can't believe it! You two!" Smacking Yugi on the arm lightly she said "Why didn't you tell us what you were doing? We could have done something special for you both"

Shrugging slightly he looked back at Ally as he said, "I honestly think, this was special enough"

Mona tapped his face with her hands "Well you know what I mean…oh my little girl's getting married" she said as she hugged Ally close to her

"Ally!" Ally looked around as a girl no more then about ten years old, with long dark brown hair and big brown eyes came and threw her arms around her waist "I can't believe my big sis is getting married, I call dibbs on flower girl" Ally laughed as she hugged Lily.

Yugi looked between the two "Big sis?" Ally turned Lily slightly to reveal the name on the bottom of her sweater, which read Lily Rose Parker "Mona adopted me too, now I don't have to pretend Ally is my family, because she is my family" Throwing her arms around Ally. Grandpa and the rest of the gang came over offering their congratulations and they spent the rest of the evening dancing and having fun.

After taking a cab home to their apartment, Yugi opened the front door letting Ally in ahead of him, locking the door behind him as he came in. Kicking her shoes off by the door Ally collapsed onto one of the couches in the lounge. Leaving his own shoes by the door he walked to the couch Ally was sitting on looking at her swollen feet

"Oh… note to self never dance in high heeled, strappy shoes again" Yugi chuckled as he sat next to Ally. He took one of her feet, allowing her to rest her leg across him.

Sliding his hand along her lower leg to her foot, he started to rub her feet as he asked "Why do you wear those shoes if they hurt your feet angel?"

Ally thought about that for a second "because they looked nice when I bought them, that and they go with what I'm wearing" laughing Yugi said "Should have known it would be something to do with the way they looked, typical woman"

Sitting up, wrapping her arms around his neck, her chest flat against Yugi's back as she said "yes, but you love me for it" The feeling of her soft body against him sent a delicious shiver of desire through him.

Turning in her arms to face her, Yugi pushed Ally gently back, down onto the cushions on the couch, wrapping his arms around Ally as he said "I also love you for being able to put Joey in his place, I can't believe he actually did the tango with Tristan"

Ally laughed and beamed with pride as she responded "Yes well he should know better then to take on any bet that is initiated by me"

Shaking his head, Yugi just said "Well I did warn him, I knew what you were doing, especially when you had that look on your face"

Ally mischievously smiled at Yugi "You mean this one?" he lay his head in the crook of Ally's neck as he said "Oh God it was so hard not to run and grab you off that stage"

Ally laughed melodiously "I'll have to remember that one" she said as she placed a hand on the back of Yugi's head as he started kissing her neck "Well at least we made it home before being intimate which is more then I can say for Joey and Mai"

Ally's eyes widened in surprise "What?" Yugi lay his head on Ally's shoulder and said "Yeah they started doing some really naughty things back at their table, lets just say Mai's hand was in an inappropriate place" Ally covered her mouth as she laughed

"and there were children present, for shame!" Yugi said as Ally rolled her eyes and said "Say's he who spent all night trying to get his hand up my skirt"

Yugi just sat up and smirked at Ally "yeah but at least the table cloth on our table was longer so no one saw me do it"

Ally just gave him a light thwack on the arm with her hand "Hey, uncalled for!" Yugi moaned, unpleasantly, as Ally chuckled "I'll tell you something though" Yugi continued "the drunkard of the year award definitely goes to Solomon Motto, he tried dancing with one of the waitresses and fell right on his ass!" They both burst out laughing at the memory of Grandpa Motto dancing and then falling to the floor, as Ally added in "and the cancan performance we got when Yami and Tristan help him up off the floor, he he they even joined in" burying his face in Ally's shoulder as he muttered "God my family are crazy!" Ally ran her fingers through Yugi's hair as she said "No your family are wonderful, Yugi"

Bring his head up he said "Don't you mean our family?" he said as he took her left hand in his threading his fingers through hers whilst admiring the small symbol of love that he had placed on Ally's finger only a few hours ago.

Kissing her hand, he spoke softly "Thank you so much angel" Yugi looked into Ally's eyes seeing the smile in her eyes as she said "For what my love?"

Cuddling closer to her, Yugi laid one single kiss on Ally's cheek as he cradled her face in his hand "For finding me, when I thought that no one else could, through out that time in high school I went around feeling like I was invisible and because no one could see me they couldn't' see the pain I was in" Yugi still looked into Ally's eyes, his gaze becoming slightly blurred as tears of happiness came to him "But then you came along and the more time I spent with you the more my pain just melted away and all that was left was an undying want to be with you, you saved me that day you came into school Ally, I'll never forget it" Yugi's tears ran down his face as he kissed Ally full on the lips.

Wiping the tears from his face with her hand, Ally pulled back "You forget Yugi that I am the one who should be thanking you as well"

Yugi looked at his bride to be "For what angel?"

Ally smiled as she wrapped her arms around Yugi's neck holding him flat against her body "You've saved my life in so many more ways then one, you saved me from the darkness of my nightmares every time they took hold of me, swam out into the freezing cold water of Domino Bay just to try and save me from death and every time I was with you, when ever you touched me or held me close to you, an overwhelming sense of calm would wash over me, knowing that I was safe with you"

Feeling his forehead rest on hers, Ally looked into those wonderful amethyst eyes to see them filled with such love and admiration for her as she said "I thank heaven everyday for sending me back to you Yugi, because without you, even in the most heavenly of places, I would feel a deep sadness in my heart knowing that we could not be together. You are my saviour, love and I could not ask for anyone more perfect, my heart is yours"

With that Ally closed the small space between her and Yugi, placing her lips against Yugi's in a kiss that melted his heart. Holding Ally tightly to him, Yugi kissed back with all the love he had in his heart, then pulling back, he took the angel pendant around her neck in his hands asked "Always mine?"

Ally took Yugi's hand and placed it on her chest over her heart and whispered in his ear "Forever yours" capturing his lips within hers once more.

Eventually they both fell asleep, there on the couch wrapped within each other's embrace as they both dreamed of that one beautiful day where they could take each other's hands and say those eternal words "I do"

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