Up front, I would like to make my intentions clear. I am not targeting the advice in this story toward any person or group of individuals. This parody is for FanFiction users who would like writing tips, not for shoving my opinions down others' throats.

Please understand that I did not write this to display my writing expertise on a pedestal. I know I have a lot to learn. Please don't stick around to be disrespectful. Others have told me that they learn from this parody, so I will continue to write for those who are open to improvement.


Chapter 1 – Coffee Shop Surprise

Summer frowned angrily at her computer. She was desperately trying to finish the next chapter of her fanfic Tasteless Honor so she could update the story, get reviews, and feel popular.

It was the action scene and the start of a wonderfully suspenseful climax, if she did say so herself. Meredith, Summer's original character, was kidnapped by Fire Nation soldiers, and Zuko was the only one who could save her! This was the peak of the book, where the action was building up, and everything would fall into place. Zuko and OC together forever!

Then, I saw Meredith struggling with about two dozen fire nation soldiers.

"Meredith!" I yelled, rushing to help.

"Zuko!" she screamed back. She sounded slightly afraid, but mostly just relieved.

One of the soldiers grabbed her hand, but she sent him flying through the air. I sprinted toward them, fire bending from my fists. I hoped to take some off Meredith's back. There were too many, and she'd never be able to handle them all herself.

"Let go of me," she shrieked.

Summer paused a second to think. Nothing came to her, so she did what every author does in the middle of a small writer's block.

She checked her emails.

Leaning back in her swivel chair, she lazily scrolled through FanFiction updates, messages from her friends, annoying ads telling her that an Indonesian princess needed her money… but she stopped at an e-mail that stood out from the rest.

The sender was labeled hotman25. The name sounded so familiar to Summer. Too familiar. Maybe it was that cute guy she liked who finally cared enough to email her back! She excitedly opened the message.

Summer Dae,

Please meet me at the coffee shop in the shopping center across from your neighborhood at noon. Thanks, it's for your own good.


The email wasn't signed, and Summer had a funny feeling in her stomach that it wasn't the guy she liked. She also knew that it could be dangerous to go to a coffee shop where some sort of random computer stalker could be waiting for her.

She checked her phone; it read 11:47. Reluctantly, she dialed her best friend Ellie's number. Ellie Ricci lived down the street, and they always went to the coffee shop on sunny Saturday afternoons like this one.

"Hey, Summer. What's up?" Ellie answered her phone.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go to the coffee shop and get some lunch."

"Definitely. Be right over!" Ellie exclaimed and hung up the phone.

Summer breathed a sigh of relief and tucked a strand of her strawberry blonde hair behind her ear. With Ellie and the other customers at the coffee shop, no one would try anything strange… maybe. Stranger things had been known to happen.

She grabbed her purse, phone, and drafts of Tasteless Honor that she carried everywhere, and waited for Ellie on her front porch. Soon enough, her friend came skipping over to Summer's house, her shiny brown hair flying in every direction behind her.

"Ready to go?" Ellie asked with a smile, making her green eyes and pretty Italian features stand out more than usual.

They walked over to the small shopping center and headed into the coffee shop. Mr. Machonley, the coffee shop's owner, welcomed them in. "How are my favorite customers?" he asked, giving them a grin through his twisted mustache. "What would you like today?" He already had a pen and pad in hand. Both girls ordered fruit smoothies, and Mr. Machonley went off to fill the order.

"I'll be right back," Ellie said, and she headed off to the bathroom.

Summer scanned the shop, still curious about the mysterious e-mail. No one looked like they were watching her. She glanced at her cell phone; it read 12:03. Maybe the e-mail was another a scam. She scowled with disgust. She had worried and wasted her time all for nothing. At least she was getting a cool pineapple smoothie. Then she could go home and write more Tasteless Honor.

Suddenly, a teenager came into the shop. He was wearing a black hoodie with regular blue jeans. His hood was up which cast a shadow on his face, so none of his facial features were distinguishable. A chill went up Summer's spine. She shifted her gaze and pretended to be really interested in the table's plastic red coating, but she could practically hear every footstep he took as he approached her.

"Summer?" a raspy voice questioned.

Summer jumped at the sound and whipped around to see the hooded boy standing right behind her. She balled her fists and exclaimed, "Get back! I know karate!"

The boy touched her tight fist and lowered it away from his face. His hand was abnormally warm. Why was he wearing a sweatshirt in seventy degree weather?

"Calm down," he said quickly. "I'm not going to hurt you. Stop attracting attention."

Summer relaxed her shoulders but didn't lift her suspicions completely. "Who are you?" she asked.

He shifted his weight as if not sure how to approach the topic. Finally, he decided, "Well, according to fangirls, I'm some sort of lovesick, sexy swimsuit model."


"I am not Percy Jackson!" the boy interrupted. "Who is that anyway? Some other poor, fictional character that fangirls have destroyed?"

"Well, about that…"

"That's not the point here. I'm here to help you with your writing. You need to save the Avatar fandom. It's disgraceful."

"What do you mean Avatar is disgraceful?" Summer crossed her arms. "I hated that movie! I swear, if you're M. Night Shamalama - whatever, I'm going to kick you in a place you really don't want to be kicked – "

"I'm not the director of The Last Airbender," the boy said, and Summer saw him roll his eyes. "I guess I'm not going to accomplish anything when you keep thinking I'm random people like M. Night and Peter Johnson –"

"Percy Jackson," Summer corrected. Her lips spread into a dreamy smile. "I love those books."

"Well, you actually do a decent job of writing for that fandom. Why can't you write better Avatar fics and do some good on FanFiction?"

"Wait… Are you Dev Patel, the boy playing Zuko in The Last Airbender? Man, I didn't think you'd be that good, but you definitely have the Zuko voice down. At least you're better than Jesse McCartney. He's blonde, you know."

With that last comment, the boy took off his hood to reveal a set of glowing gold eyes and a hard frown. His black bangs hung loosely over his forehead, and there was a familiar deep red scar on his left eye. In Summer's unbiased opinion, his face looked to be carved of angels. It was much more magnificent to see him in real life than as a cartoon.

She stared in awe. The face staring back at her was Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation.