Chapter 0 – The Perfect Prologue


Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. I'm out of practice, and apparently, the opening line of a story is supposed to start with a "BANG!" so there you go. Don't expect many more of those. They're expensive, and no matter how much I begged, FanFiction refused to give me a hundred dollars for every review I received. It was worth a shot. I have to pay off student loans somehow.

Hello, you amazing author who clicked on my story, you! I'm so happy that you stuck around for the second paragraph – I won't let you down. For all my past readers: welcome back, veterans! For my new readers: escape while you can; it's a trap. My name is Summer Dae, and five years ago, I started this random-tastical parody "Summer's Day" that taught FanFiction authors ways to improve their writing. From henceforth, the old version of this story will be referred to as The Turd. Because that's what it was. A massive, grammatical-error-ridden turd.

I apologize if potty humor offends you. Sometimes, it's the best I can do.

Good news! I have completely redone the story! To prepare you for the crazy fun adventure that lies in future chapters, I will implement praise that The Turd acquired. Hopefully, it'll encourage you to stick around and learn. I went through every single review and took everyone's ideas/criticism/compliments to heart. This improved edition will be more interactive and incorporate these ideas.

Ishi Bana-Bana: I am crying because I cannot write like you. But that's why I'm reading this story, right? Right.

I'm crying because I can't write like me. My readers are crying because I abandoned The Turd and let it get all dry and crusty. No! More! Crying! This new story will never be abandoned, and new chapters will be posted approximately every week.

TheNightFury: My Beta recommended that I read some of this to help with my writing, and I'm glad I did. If you haven't already, I would highly recommend making something like this for other fandoms. The more people who see this the better!

Maybe that's a quest I will undertake after I finish this monster. If The Turd inspired esteemed Beta Readers to recommend my writing tips, hopefully this will as well. I have massively edited this baby and added bonus lists, prompts, and quirky humor because honestly, it's just embarrassing to have a badly written story about how to write better.

Loquacious Lass: Hey there – mind telling me where you got that magnet that's bringing in all these reviews?

What magnet? Certainly you aren't referring to the enormous magnet in my room, singing the song of my people and attracting unsuspecting FanFiction users to the Promised Land (a.k.a. the Review button).

I don't know how the most talented, beautiful people stumble upon my humble corner of the Avatar fandom. I promise I never take you for granted. Whether you read one paragraph or the entire story, whether you Favorite/Review/Subscribe or leave (sniff, come baaack), whether you get help from one list or them all, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! The new and improved Turd is for you!

potentially lovely: FREE THE MEATHEAD! Or Snoozles. Or Ponytail. Or Sokka the Veggies and Straight Talk Fellow-oops, I mean the Meat and Sarcasm Guy. Whichever.

Sokka wishes he could join me for this prologue, but I didn't want to scare away too many readers. Only the weak ones.

Thank you for enduring this prologue. Technically, you can't accuse me of breaking FanFiction's Terms & Conditions because this is a first-person narrative from a fictional character's point of view. No, Summer Dae is not my real name – my parents don't hate me that much. With the exception of the delightful Avatar characters that'll join us soon, all the people and events in this story are fictional. Except the ones that aren't.

Please make yourself comfortable, eat cookies (that I would buy for you, if I could), take notes if you please, and enjoy the revamped Summer's Day!

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