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He remembered the stories his mother told him when he was a kid, about how the heroic prince would risk his life fighting feral creature, slaying dragons and waken the sleeping princess with a kiss.

Snow knew better than to believe in fairytales, but – as desperate as he was – he would try anything to get Serah back.

He leaned in, pressing a soft kiss to Serah's cool crystal lips. He daren't open his eyes as he pulled away, hoping that – by some miracle – Serah would return to him.

Snow hesitantly opened one eye, and sighed in defeat.

Nothing. Still crystal.

Taking her hand in his, caressing her crystal cheek affectionately. "I'll save you," he promised, "no matter how long it takes. I promise I'll save you."

Picking up the scrap metal once more, he continued to dig away at the crystal shards that trapped Serah.

He may not believe in fairytales, but as long as Serah needed him, he was happy to be her hero.

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