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Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Vongola and Himekage

Main Pairing: TsunaxHinata

Other Pairings: YamamotoxOc, GaaraxKyoko, NarutoxOc, ?, ?

Some: TsunaxKyoko, TsunaxHaru, YamamotoxHinata, HibarixHinata

Target 1

The Beginning

Five shadowed 17 year old teenagers jumped from tree to tree. The five kept going faster and faster to get far away from the people that were after them. All of the people they love and cared all died sometime ago. Only four of their precious people survived but were separated from them and the five could only hope that they were alright, wherever they were.

The attack and invasion upon their world caught everyone off guard. It was all completely unexpected. Everything went so fast for them. It was total chaos.

Before they knew it, the people whom they all held dear to them were all killed and gone from their lives and soon everyone else were soon controlled. Every shinobi in the Elemental Continent were all controlled because of the special ability of the leader who had done of this…


The name always boiled the five in anger and hatred.

It was because of him they lost their home. Turns out he works with the Akatsuki and Orichimaru. The whole Elemental Continent was completely overpowered by them.

LeXen had this powerful ability to take control over a person's mind but for some strange reason…it didn't seem to work on the five and their friends. That was why all of their friends, except four, were all killed. It wasn't till later that they found out why.

"They're catching up. Our speed isn't fast enough," A gruff and monotone voice said.

"Eh? B-but how did they get faster than us?" A feminine and soft worried voice shouted in disbelief.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe it was because WE'RE GETTING SLOWER!" A female voice shouted sarcastically.

"Naruto, Gaara was right…again. It was a bad idea to leave in such a hurry when we only gotten less than 3 hours of sleep," A soft female voice said deadpanned.

"We had to, Hinata. You didn't noticed but they were about to ambush us. I felt their chakra gaining on us," A youthful yet gruff voice explained.

"Can you all just shut up and concentrate on getting away from them," The monotone voice said.

"We know that Gaara!"

Gaara was the older one of the group. He had red messy spiked hair that reached a bit above his shoulders. He had light green eyes with black dark bags around his eyes from insomnia. His skin was unusually pale since he lived in the desert in his entire life. He wore a small brown pouch around his hip that was filled with pounds and pounds of sand since the seals on it allowed it thanks to Jiraiya's and Naruto's expertise on seals. He wore a red long sleeve shirt with a gray vest on top of it. His Sunagakura headband was tied around his hip at the opposite directed from his sand sealed pouch. He wore black baggy pants with fish-net ankles and black ninja sandals. On the left side of his forehead was a kanji word that read 'love'. He was known as the Kazekage from the Hidden Sand Village.

Naratii, Gaara's long lost twin, had the same messy spiked hair as her brother's but instead of red she had turquoise and the end of her hair reached her shoulders. She had eye-brows, unlike her brother, was placed delicately above her bright sky-blue eyes. Like her brother, she had pale soft skin. She wore a sleeve-less hooded, black shirt with a white ribbon tied around under her breasts and half of her waist. She wore a fish-net around her wrists toward about 3 inches bellow her elbow from both of her lower arms. She wore baggy shorts with many pockets that reached a bit above her knees. She wore a black headband tied around her forehead with the tied knot placed at the left side of her head and her turquoise bangs slightly covered the top of the headband along with coming down at the end of the headband. Her left ear was pierced from a fang earring. Around her ankles to the mid section of her lower legs were wrapped in white bandages and wore black ninja sandals.

Natsume had black shoulder length hair with unnoticeable brown and golden highlights. She had two beautiful indigo eyes that always swim to blue or lavender like the water. She had slightly soft pale skin that was slightly tanned. She wore her Konoha headband tied around her forehead with her spiked bangs covering half of the headband. Around her neck was a blue colored fox pendant necklace and wore a silver rune ring with a blue ruby in the middle of the ring. She wore a gold hoop earring pierced in her right ear. She wore a fish-net shirt with a blue hooded vest over it. She wore tight black shorts that reached in the mid of her upper leg that was a bit passed her hip. She wore a skirt cape with the front of her legs open and reached a bit above the back of her knees. She wore black finger-less ninja gloves with an outlined heart birthmark on her left cheek. She wore black ninja sandals.

Hinata had long flowing raven-blue hair unlike anyone from her clan. She had two sparkled lavender pupil-less eyes that showed the sign of her kekkei genkai. Her skin was soft pale skin and had her proud Konoha headband around her neck. She wore a fish-net shirt with an unzipped short lavender hooded jacket that slightly passed the bottom of her perfectly shaped breasts. She wore black baggy pants with black ninja sandals. Around her right wrist was a chained bracelet with a raccoon, a black wolf, a blue fox, a lioness, and a red fox pendants chained around it.

Naruto had wild spiked blond hair that now matched his father's wild spiked hair. He had two marvelous azure blue eyes that could make the sky jealous. His proud Konoha headband was tied around his forehead with his spiked blond hair covering half of the headband just like his father. His skin was tanned and had three whisker birth marks on each side of his cheeks. He had a small nine-tailed fox earring pierced in his right ear. He wore black finger-less ninja gloves. He wore a dark orange shirt and a black collared coat with orange flames at the bottom of it. He wore black baggy pants and black ninja sandals. Around his neck was an emerald green crystal necklace that Tsunade had given him from a bet when he was 12.

"What are we going to do? They are advancing us quickly," Natsume asked nervously. She really didn't want to loose any more of her friends again.

"We don't have any other choice but to attack them," Gaara said remorsefully.

"But we have to knock them unconscious if they're not from Sound or Darkna," Naruto reminded them.

Everyone nodded.

"Ok, let's go," Naruto said.

The five 17 year olds stopped and faced their enemies. They were soon surrounded by ninjas they yet not know if it's the real enemy.

The five used their telepathic thoughts to communicate without anyone knowing what they were planning. It was one of their dead friend's gifts before they passed away.

'Hinata,' Naruto silently ordered.

'Got it,' Hinata said telepathetically, as she quickly sended chakra toward her lavender pupil-less eyes.


Veins suddenly popped out at the side of her eyes as her eyes turned completely white and the veins surrounded into a circle inside her white eyes. Her vision became black, white, and chakra. She focused her eyes on the ninja's headbands and was relieved to see they were from Sound and Darkna.

'They're Sound and Darkna shinobis,' Hinata revealed.

'Good…we get to go all out. I'm completely pissed off for them ruining my sleep,' Naratii mentally growled.

The four shivered, knowing for a fact that the influence from within their friend upon her bloodlust and anger managements but they were more worried than scared.

'Alright let's do this,' Naruto said.


The five soon jumped and attacked.

Gaara looked cold at the Sound and Darkna shinobis that surrounded him. He folded his arms on top of his chest and looked boredly at this. He could sense by their chakra that they were all Chuunins. This made him want to sigh in annoyance.

'They're all Chuunins,' Gaara monotonously said.

'So it seems,' Natsume said as she drowned the ninjas from willing the water wrap around their heads then slashed them with her kunai.

'This frickin' sucks! That fuckin' LeXen is underestimating us again!' Naratii growled angrily as she killed some shinobis from her darkness elemental chakra and instantly turned them into spikes and strucked them toward their chests.

'Isn't that a good thing?' Hinata asked as she killed each ninja with her Jyuuken and strike them to the chest to stop their hearts.

No one said anything but continued to instantly kill their enemies.

"Sand Coffin!" Gaara balled in fist as he instantly crushed his enemies when they were trapped inside the sand. Blood immediately burst out of the coffin of sand as the sand blocked the blood from landing on Gaara.

"That was the last of them," Gaara muttered.

Naruto, Natsume, Naratii, and Hinata all jumped in front of Gaara.

"That wasn't nearly a challenge, let alone a warm-up," Naratii growled angrily.

"Naratii, calm down. You're starting to let it influence your blood thirst again," Gaara warned with worried eyes.

Naratii closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Right…it's getting more and more difficult to control it," Naratii said as she let her darkness chakra flow toward her fang earring.

"Don't worry about it. You'll get the hang of it," Natsume said gently.

"Yeah, if it wasn't so damaged," Naratii grumbled.

"We'll find a way. Ero-sennin and I did promise you that we'll find a way to strengthen it. Especially since we still have my dad's notes," Naruto said reassuringly.

"I know," Naratii sighed. "But that pervert isn't with us so how on earth will you be able to do it?" Naratii said helplessly.

"I am a master on it, remember? Ero-sennin did say I have a knack for it just like my father had," Naruto said with a far away look.

The four could feel Naruto's sudden depression. It always happens whenever he talked about his parents which was understandable since he was the only one not knowing anything about them or was ever raised by them. Both of his parents all died on the same day when he was born.

"We better leave and set up for camp. Back up may arrive soon and I for one want some sleep," Hinata said.

The others agreed and immediately left the place. Not noticing the shadowed person following them.

After finding a place to camp and ate the girls' most delicious food, the five teenagers went off to sleep in their camping tents. They all slept peacefully in their sleeping bags…except for one.

Where…am I? She thought as she floated in darkness.

A gentle breeze could be felt upon her slightly flushed cheeks.

"Hinata," A gentle voice said.

Who are you? Hinata wondered without moving her lips or opening her eyes.

"Open your eyes…Hina-hime," The voice begged.

Hinata felt herself blush from the name the voice called her.

With a gulp, Hinata slowly opened her eyes.

Her lavender pupil-less eyes were met with two warm gently brown eyes. That's when she noticed he was floating above her. The boy had messy bushy spiked brown hair and two wide innocent brown eyes like her own but held such gentleness and warmth and slightly smaller. He wore a blue shirt with sky-blue sleeves and a pair of dark brown baggy pants with many pockets on them.

"Who…are you?" Hinata whispered out.

A warm gently smile could be seen upon the boy's face.

"My name's Tsunayoshi Sawada but you could just call me, Tsuna," The boy, Tsuna, said.

"Ano…how is it you know my name?" Hinata asked curiously.

"Don't you feel it?" Tsuna asked with a slight hint of sadness in his brown eyes.

"Eh?" Hinata's eyes widened then looked confused at him. "What do you mean?"

"You really don't remember," Tsuna sighed. "Although…I really don't blame you since I still can't remember it myself since it had been years ago," Tsuna said with a sad smile.

"What are you-?" Hinata was immediately interrupted when Tsuna put a finger upon her soft lips. For some reason, she felt herself blushing.

"It's ok. Hmm, it seems that I have to go," Tsuna said as the bottom of his feet was slowly disappearing along with the rest of his body.

"Wait! Tsuna-kun!" Hinata shouted, suddenly feeling alarmed and scared. She tried to reach out to him but instead, Tsuna gently grabbed her soft hand and pushed it back gently.

Tsuna shook his head at Hinata.

"I have to go," Tsuna said sorrowfully as he gently stroked her soft flustered left cheek.

Hinata blushed but a felt a painful tug inside her heart as she watched Tsuna slowly disappearing. Suddenly she felt her mouth move on its own and called out a name she never knew and yet…she felt like she had.


Before Tsuna fully disappeared, his eyes widened then softened and smiled warmly at her.

"Alexia," He whispered.

That was when they both saw someone else that took their place.

Hinata saw a handsome young man that had Tsuna's messy bushy spiked hair but instead of brown hair…it was completely blond. His eyes were azure blue that seemed to pierce through her soul. He looked to be about 25 years old. He wore a large black cloak and a unique looking black, metal-clad gloves with a metal silver plate crest on the back of his hand with a Roman numeral I on it.

She felt like her heart thumping against her chest and heat gracefully went toward her pale cheeks. The young man cupped her cheeks and he thanked all the Gods for still having the top half of his body still solid and visible. Hinata felt a sudden shiver running down her spine as he stroked her cheek and neck.

"Giotto/Tsuna," Hinata's mixture voices of two, moaned.

The wonderful warm smile never left which made Hinata feel completely vulnerable against it. His azure blue eyes pierced through her lavender eyes.

"Alexia/Hinata," His own mixture voices of both Giotto and Tsuna, groaned as he slowly moved his face closer to her own.

Not waiting any longer, they both furiously pressed their lips into a passionate kiss. Another shiver ran Hinata's spine when she felt his soft lips against her own. She let out a pleasurable moan escape her lips as soon as she felt a hot, wet tongue, asking for permission to enter. She slowly parted her lips, inviting that hot wet tongue inside her mouth.

He groaned when he tasted the familiar taste of cinnamon and vanilla. Hinata moaned as she tasted a familiar taste of blueberry.

Hinata gasped when she felt the solid ground and shivered along with a blush when she felt his hot and hard body against her own. How his disappeared body came back, they didn't know nor did they care. She opened her dazed lavender pupil-less eyes and noticed his appearance were back to Tsuna's but that only made her whole body shiver even more in pleasure.

"Ts-Tsuna…" Hinata moaned out and blushed. She couldn't believe what she was doing but her clouded mind didn't seem to let her notice any of it.

"H…Hinata," Tsuna groaned as he looked adoringly at her.

Tsuna immediately kissed Hinata and both moaned once they started to taste the other again. They both kissed in such hunger that they both had never felt before. Their hearts kept pounding against their chest rapidly. Tsuna sucked her now ravished red lips between his teeth that made Hinata moan even more in pleasure.

Without meaning to, Tsuna grinded his hips against his crotch against hers which sended a great shock of pleasure between them. Both moaned and arched their back in a bliss. Tsuna began to kiss down Hinata's jaw toward her neck. Hinata moaned when she felt Tsuna suck and bite her neck and collar bone. She sighed as Tsuna licked upon the hickey of her neck.

They both began to grind even harder and faster.

"Tsu…Tsu-kun…ah! I…I…" Hinata could barely make out a word and quickly had her hand upon her mouth and bit her index finger.

"Nnngh! Hi…Hina-hime…oh god!" Tsuna groaned as he grinded even harder as he squeezed her left perfectly shaped breast over the shirt.

Hinata moaned. She could feel the intense heat all over her body especially down where Tsuna was grinding at. She felt so wet and knew that she was almost there.

Tsuna nimble her ear then had his right hand to her hip and made a huge grind that made Hinata gasped. Her eyes widened and she immediately screamed in ecstatic.


"Hina…hime…god come to me, hime," Tsuna groaned as he kept grinding harder and faster.

Hinata couldn't think. The full pleasure kept blinding her into a bliss. When she felt Tsuna grind along side her thrusted hip into a hard thrust, Hinata couldn't take it anymore.

"Tsu…Tsu-kun! I…ah! I'm…coming!" Hinata screamed out with a moan.

Tsuna moaned and immediately came once he felt the wet of Hinata's cum from his pants where his harden cock was.

"Hina-hime!" Tsuna moaned as he hungrily kissed Hinata's delicious lips.

Hinata groaned till there was a sudden flash of light. Both of their eyes widened.

"Tsuna…?" Hinata asked.

"Oh no…times up," Tsuna said sadly.

"No… Tsuna I…"

Before Hinata could finish Tsuna kissed her that easily made her melt.

"I have to go…we'll meet again. I promise," Tsuna said softly as he softly stroked her cheeks after letting go of the kiss.

Hinata felt tears coming upon her lavender eyes. She watched as he finally disappeared that made her heart ache.


Hinata gasped as she sat up from her sleeping bag. Her cheeks were still flustered in a blush and her lavender pupil-less eyes widened as they frantically looked around. Sweat dripped down her face and her heart thumped against her chest painfully.

She found herself disappointed once she realized where she was. Hinata sighed and tried to calm her frantic heart. She swallowed the lump from her throught as she brought her left hand toward her lips with blush.

Wh...what just happened? Hinata wondered.

With a sigh, Hinata slowly gotten up and noticed the wet damp from her sleeping bag and panties. She blushed five more shades of red.

Oh my god! I can't believe I...I... Hinata blushed and couldn't even finish the embarrassing thought.

She quickly changed another pair of panties and cleaned her sleeping bag with the cleaning jutsu she just recently learned. After dressing up, she gotten up and walked out of her tent.

Might as well I make breakfast for everyone, Hinata thought. At least I get to do something and try to forget about...that dream,

But no matter what Hinata did to get her mind off about the dream and focus on cooking breakfast for her friends, her mind always seemed to wonder off toward the dream and the boy.

Just recalling those warm passionate brown eyes looking down into her own lavender eyes always sends a pleasant shiver down her spine that left her flustered and confused about the feelings she was starting to have. Then there was the sexual action she did with the boy that always seemed to arouse her and make her crotch ache in such an intense way.

Why can't I forget about that dream? Hinata wondered in annoyance.

Soon after about an hour or so, everyone finally woke up and were surprised to see breakfast already been made. Hinata, noticed their arrival, smiled at them and beckoned them to get started on eating.

After eating and filled their empty stomachs, they quickly packed their stuff and left. As they jumped from tree to tree, Hinata felt a forboding feeling coming stronger and stronger. She didn't like it one bit.

Suddenly, a spray of shurikens and kunais headed straight toward them.

Gaara's sand shielded them all from them as soon as they were close to striking them.

"Who's there?" Naruto asked as they were all back to back.

A black hooded cloaked man jumped down in front of them. Gaara's eyes narrowed as he heard Shukaku thrash against the seal and kept shouted in a panick tone to get of there and run away from this man. Naruto and Naratii were also experiencing the same thing and started to get weary of the man.

"What do you want?" Naratii asked rudely with her sky-blue eyes narrowed dangerously.

The man didn't say anything but his eyes lingered toward Hinata. In the end, his black, medal-clad gloved finger was pointing toward Hinata.

"All I want...is that girl," He said.

"What?" Naruto shouted as his azure blue eyes narrowed into a glare. Gaara and Naratii also glared at the man while Hinata and Natsume looked worried.

"Like hell we're going to let you!" Naratii growled.

"Then you leave me no choice," He said as a sudden sprout of fire soon appeared surrounded his black metal-cladded gloves that Hinata found them familiar.

Before Naruto, Gaara, Naratii, and Natsume knew it, they all fell unconscious. Hinata's eyes widened in shock as she looked at her injured unconscious friends. Hinata narrowed her eyes then glared angrily at the man.

"Now that you're the only one conscious, I'll be able to use it without any of your friends interfering," The man said as he quickly did a numerous amount of hand-signs and finished them before Hinata could do anything.

Hinata's eyes widened in shock. That's impossible! The only ones who could perform seals that quickly are Jiraiya, Naruto, and...the Yondaime...Naruto's father, Hinata thought.

A black portal soon appeared once the man finished performing whatever jutsu he just did. Hinata tensed as she took a small step back only to be in shock to find the man behind her. She found herself looking into a familiar pair of eyes.

Before she could study them, the man pushed Hinata inside the portal which knocked her unconscious.

The man looked sadly as the black portal vanished.

With a sigh, he looked at the unconscious blond.

I'm sorry but I had no other choice. You will soon join her but not right now. Hopefully you'll find the other four from your group, for a new adventure will be set for you. Hopefully this will also help you all become stronger so you can defeat your own enemies from this world, The man thought sadly as he squat down next to Naruto. He softly brushed Naruto's wild spiked hair in a fatherly way. Relunctly he gotten up and looked sadly at the sleeping blond shinobi. 'Till we meet again. I know otouto(little brother) would have been proud of you...Naruto,'

With that, the man vanished in a burst of flames.

She was floating in the mids of darkness. As Hinata kept floating away, the more her body kept aching. It was like some force was trying to break her whole body apart and it wasn't a pleasant feeling. In fact, she could feel the warm familiar liquid on her skin and the familiar smell of blood.

Soon the place started to move her with such force that gashed her with many deep serious wounds. Blood nearly covered her whole body. Her clothes were ripped from the pressure.

Her body ached and screamed in pain.

That was when she felt her whole body feeling pressured as if it was trying to shrink itself. In fact...that's exactly what is happening.

Her once heart-chaped face became much rounder and more child-like. Her already small soft hands became smaller like that of a small child along with the rest of her body. The pain as it processed was unbearable that Hinata felt like screaming. The problem was that it even hurt to even move her mouth.

Hinata soon began to leave the place and began to land on a very wet floor. The impact made a huge crack noise from her head. More blood poured down the wet puddled floor.

She didn't dare to make a move. Her body just hurts so much that she didn't dare make a move. Her head especially throbbed so painfully that she could hear herself screaming inside her head since it still hurt to make the slightest movement.

Soon felt water drop lets of rain falling on her but she didn't care.

Finally, she gave in and became unconscious.

Not far off was a 4 year old messy bushy spiked brown haired boy.

His name?

Tsunayoshi Sawada.

"Where is bally?" Tsuna wondered as he gotten out of his house and into the rain. Luckily his parents haven't realized it.

Tsuna looked around that wasn't too far off his house since he didn't want to get lost like he did last time. As he searched around for his ball, he noticed something nearby. Curious, Tsuna gotten closer and was shocked and scared from what he found.

On the raining street floor laid an unconscious girl that looked about his age. But that wasn't what scared him, what scared him were her serious injuries and blood that nearly covered the girl. A sudden sense of panick and unexplainable bravery, Tsuna ran toward the girl. He gently rolled his hand on her bloody cheek and had a sudden sense of relief once he noticed that she was still breathing.

With an uncharastic determination, Tsuna carefully picked the girl up on his back. He was lucky to find her so light that even for him to carry her.

I better go get help! Tsuna thought as he quickly ran toward his house as fast as he could. Not knowing that this girl will change his life forever no matter if a certain baby was already going to change his.

10 years later

Far off in Sicily, Italy on the streets of a small hillside village was a small baby boy. He was no ordinary baby for he walked gracefully and important than a awkward walking baby. He had a black Mafia hat with an orange ribbon around it. His hat was lowered, not showing his big black baby eyes that were more sharpened unlike the innocent cute eyes that a baby has. On the side of the hat was black spikes of hair. He wore a black suit with a yellow pacifier on his small chest.

Nearby was a man who had his arms on a woman. When he noticed the baby, he immediately stiffened and was scared that he might noticed him. He immediately relaxed as soon as the baby passed by and let out a sigh along with a smirk. Not knowing that the baby had indeed noticed but didn't want to put up with him right at the moment.

He calmly walked toward a bar and opened the doors. The men inside were not startled or surprised for they had expected him.

The slightly old looking old man was the first to talk.

"Reborn. Called out by the old man again?"

The blond haired creepy looking guy was the second to have talked.

"The populare ones have it tough. Is it Rome this time? Venice?"

"Giappone (Japan)," Reborn replied as a green lizard soon popped out of no-where on his hat.

"Japan? The old man finally decided?" The slightly old looking man asked.

"This one will probably be a long journey," Reborn remarked.

Suddenly, the man from before came behind Reborn and attacked him with a knife. Just when he was about to strike, Reborn took out a greenand black looking gun and pointed at him before the man could even strike him.

"This isn't a toy," Reborn warned.

The man immediately dropped the knife and dropped his head into a defeat. The gun then changed into the lizard that was on his hat and crawled on Reborn's arm.

"My name is...the Hitman tutor...Reborn!"

The story will now begin!