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Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Vongola and Yousokage


Main Pairing: TsunaxHinata

Other Pairings: YamamotoxOc, GaaraxKyoko, NarutoxChrome, GokuderaxHaru, HibarixOc, ?, ?

One Sided: TsunaxKyoko, TsunaxHaru, YamamotoxHinata, HibarixHinata

'G-Gokudera-kun's here too?' Tsuna thought

'What is he doing here?' Hinata thought as she and Gokudera glared at each other, much to Tsuna's dismay. Hinata was annoyed, especially since she's like the only girl on the team. She's always the only girl who participated to any sport that was going on.

Tsuna and Hinata knew they were in for a rough match, but with each other on the same team...nothing will stop them. The fire within Tsuna were boiling without any noticed as his true strength were coming to the surface. Within Hinata, on the other hand, her body were starting to function for the first time in many years. As her past training were about to come to the surface for the first time in any of the sports she's been on, in years.


In a dark place that was surrounded by tall trees, stood four teenagers. They were all huddled and the darkness shadowed their appearance.

"Did you find them?"

"Yeah...they've been hiding underground from your mother's old village,"

"What? They've been there the whole time? Those fucking idiots! What if they got caught? That mother fucker must have checked that place out! Or put some of his slave ninjas there,"

"You...you don't think they did get caught, do you?"

"No they haven't. Don't worry what imouto-chan had just said,"

"I'm just telling as it is, and you might never know,"

"Still...that's awful riskey for Ero-Sennin and Baa-chan to take with the Teme-aniki and Aku-imoutochan,"

"That's probably their only option. Especially knowing that we're out looking for them,"

"Not to mention they don't know about her being kidnapped,"

"When I get my hands on that fucking bastard I'll surely kill him!"

"Now calm down, imouto-chan. I know you're worried, but we first got to go get them before we can go on our search,"

"He's right, Rii-neechan,"

"Alright, alright! I get it! I just hate knowing that Nata-chan is out there somewhere, and who knows what could have happened to her!"

"Let's just go. Day-break is almost drawing near,"

"Let's just hope your mother's diary is right about that secret passageway,"

"Don't worry, Ra-aniki. I'm pretty sure it's right,"

"Ok, let's go then,"

With that, the four vanished in a whirled of leafs, as the wind blew in the same direction they had left.

Target 4

The Match and the Fight - Who Will Win?

The match was about to commence. A teenager boy with his hair gelled like pole on his head which resembled like Elvis's hairstyle ran up toward a familiar black haired Discipline committee member, who looked at him.

"Director, the preparations are complete,"

"I see," Hibari then looked toward the instructor next to him. "Then instructor, you may begin," Hibari said with a smirk.

The instructor could feel sweat dripping down his face in fear, and immediately nodded. "We will now begin the match against Year 1 Class A and Year 1 Class C!"

With the sound of the whistle, the match has begun.

One of the players from Class C served first, which headed straight toward Tsuna, who narrowed his eyes in determination. He had never thought he would ever do this, but Hinata was right. They had each other and knew they had each other's back.

With that thought in mind, nobody, except Reborn, noticed the slight pinch of orange circled around his brown eyes. This intrigued Reborn immensely.

'His progress is forming rapidly!' Reborn thought as his eyes traveled back toward Hinata. 'It seems that she is the key in helping Tsuna to become the next Vongola boss,'

Jumping to the corner of the court, Tsuna hit the ball over to the other side, who immediately hit it back. Fortunately, Yamamoto immediately got it and scored the first point for the team.

The people cheered from Class 1-A for the lead.

"As expected from Yamamoto of the baseball club!"

"Tsuna also managed to save the first serve! Way to go, Tsuna!"



Yamamoto merely smiled in his carefree self, waving at them. "Thank you, thank you,"

While Tsuna blushed and let out a small smile. He was soon glombed by Hinata.

"Way to go, Tsuna-kun! I knew you could do it!" Hinata said with a smile.

Tsuna's eyes widened then let out a warm smile. "We have each other's back...right?"

Hinata nodded. "Right!"

From the front stood Gokudera, who scowled at Yamamoto and Tsuna with his arms crossed on his chest.

The ball was served again by Class 1-C, who aimed right toward Tsuna...again.

"It's your Tsuna!" Yamamoto warned.

"You can do it, Tsuna-kun!" Hinata encouraged in front of him.

Tsuna nodded, as his determination was growing but had a slight doubt inside him. Reborn easily picked it up, and hoped Tsuna could push it away.

'Then again...' Reborn slightly pushed his black hat down, shadowing his eyes. 'His body needs to get used to the Dying Will Bullet,'

Tsuna jumped it hit, but it was slightly too weak. He watched in horror, but Hinata immediately dived toward it. With her eyes set, she hit it with all of her might, over the net much to Tsuna's and everyone else's relief.

The other team hit it back, but this time, Gokudera hit the ball which gave the team the next score. The crowd from Class 1-A cheered.

"Alright! We're in the lead!"

"Kyaaa! Gokudera-kun is so cool!"

Tsuna sighed in relief when they had gotten the next point. He was worried that he would let the team down. He had never played with so many people around, and it was starting to get to him. He felt a hand on hit shoulder and looked up to meet Yamamoto's hazel eyes.

"You did a great, Tsuna! Let's keep going," Yamamoto said with a smile.

Tsuna's eyes widened then smile and nodded. "Ok, let's do this,"

Hinata smiled and silently thanked Yamamoto.

The next serve from Class 1-C began again, and everyone from Class 1-A tensed to get ready for the next serve. Again, they served toward Tsuna who narrowed his eyes with sweat dripping down his brow.

He hit the served ball, which for some reason had great force into it, that bruised his arms. He bit his bottom lip with a slight wince, but made sure to hit it over. This surprised the other team, which in the process scored for the next point.

This kept on going for the rest of the match. Each ball Tsuna hits back, which kept being aimed toward him, he kept getting more and more bruises which were slowly turning his skin completely swollen red. This was starting to worry Hinata and Yamamoto, but made sure to help him around whenever he couldn't hit it over.

Reborn watched with frown as he looked over the team. He was beginning to notice they were putting unexpected strength into those served, which confused him. No junior high should have those unexpected strength.

'Unless one of them isn't from here,' Reborn thought, beginning to become weary. 'Whatever is the case...Tsuna won't last for much longer, but...he's doing a good job. I think you'll have regrets now for the Dying Will Bullet,' Reborn let out a smirk.

Tsuna panted heavily, he could feel his body almost giving out and was glad they were on break. He gulped down his water and sighed.


Tsuna blinked and looked up. Yamamoto gave him white bandages, which Tsuna gave a confused expression.

"For your arms," Yamamoto said with a smile.

"Here, I'll help you put them on,"

They turned around to see Hinata, who held concern in her eyes. Seeing those eyes Tsuna immediately didn't protest than he usually did toward other people. This happened to them so often, which Tsuna learned to never object toward Hinata. She was, after all, quite stubborn whenever he was like this.

Tsuna nodded and gave a grateful smile, which Hinata gave a smile back.

"You've done a great job, Tsuna," Yamamoto complemented, as Hinata bandaged her friend's arms.

Tsuna blushed from the complement. "Thanks, but you and Hinata helped out too! I'm not that great," Tsuna objected.

Hinata rolled her eyes and slightly hit the back of his head.

"Itai! Why did you do that for, Hinata-chan~!" Tsuna pouted.

"Because you're not giving yourself some credit...again," Hinata said, as her eyes narrowed with her arms crossed.

Tsuna looked the other way, not daring to look into her eyes. Yamamoto merely watched in amusement.

'Those two must have a long friendship,' Yamamoto thought, slightly jealous of their friendship.

The next game began once more, and this time...the team kept missing the balls. The other team kept serving toward everyone, but missed almost every one of them. Tsuna, Hinata, Yamamoto, and Gokudera managed to keep hitting the volleyball toward the other side.

Tsuna was beginning to feel the after effects from his swollen arms as the ball kept repeatedly being served toward him. He managed to hit it, but not over the net. Hinata always managed to be there in time. Having to be growing up with each other almost made them an incredible team, but the team from the other side were beginning to get ahead of them now.

Tsuna was slowly beginning to loose his strength, and almost felt like wanting to give up and run...but Reborn's and Hinata's words were soon echoing inside his head.

"No one will laugh if they see someone who's using all their strength and will,"

"And disappointing Hinata, who believed Tsuna could do it without the stupid Dying Will bullet or even trying,"

"That's a man's battle,"

"Don't worry, Tsuna-kun. We're in this together. I won't let anyone hurt you. I'll always be here by your side,"

Tsuna's brown bangs shadowed his eyes. 'I should be the one saying that...Hinata-chan,'Tsuna thought, as he looked up with determination. 'No, there are still four sets left. I'll fight with my dying will,'

As if he heard his thoughts, Reborn, who was about to aim his gun toward Tsuna, saw the same determined, fire expression in his eyes and stopped. A smile graced upon his lips.

"Seems that you understand now," Reborn said, as he took out a different type of bullets. These were blue with an orange fire on them. He moved his aim toward Tsuna's legs.

'It's embarrassing,' Tsuna thought as he walked toward the team. 'Accepting this because of my overconfidence. Trying to use the Dying Will Bullet to do what everyone else worked so hard on,' As he walked, Hinata noticed his eyes slowly began to half-hooded his eyes and slightly more calm. His eyes were fired with a pinch of orange around the irises. She knew the look and could feel her heart race once more.

'Tsuna-kun...' Hinata thought with a blush, and a small smile.

"Something's different about him," Kyoko's old brother muttered, as he looked toward Tsuna.

From afar, Hibari, too, kept his eyes on Tsuna.

Tsuna's hooded eyes narrowed dangerously like a glare. 'I'll do that and apologize to everyone,'

Reborn gotten ready to fire. "As long as you understand. Take this!" Reborn said as he triggered and fired the gun.

With blue firing flame, it went straight toward Tsuna's legs, which brought him down to the floor. His eyes widened in shock in confusion.

'What?' Tsuna thought.

"What happend Tsuna?" Yamamoto asked in concern.

"Did something happen to your legs, Tsuna-kun?" Hinata asked worriedly.

Tsuna sat up and looked at his legs in confusion. 'Two shots in my legs...Nothing's happening so it's not...' Tsuna thought as he picked himself up.

The gun Reborn was holding soon vanished and turn back the familiar green lizard.

The referee blew his whistle for the next match to begin.

The other team served once again. Tsuna's eyes burned with calm determination.

"It's coming Tsuna!" Yamamoto warned. "Block it!"

Tsuna nodded as his hooded eyes narrowed. 'I'll do what I can!' Tsuna thought.

The front of the opposite team jumped to spike the ball. Tsuna ran with gritted teath and jumped. His brown eyes widened in shock, along with everyone else in the gym, when he jumped much higher that no normal person can jump.

'The Dying Will Bullet is just one of the special bullets of the Vongola family. The bullet I just hit Tsuna with is the Jump Bullet!' Reborn smirked.

The opposite player spiked the ball. Unfortunately for Tsuna, the ball went straight toward his manhood...the most painfullest organ that no man would dare to do.

"He blocked it with his organ!" Kyoko's brother said with a sweatdrop and dread.

Hinata winced, knowing full well how painful Tsuna was going through being hit right there!

All the boys inside the gym were wide eyed and pale. They couldn't believe what Tsuna had done.

"I can't believe he would sacrifice a man's most valuable part just to block the ball!" Kyoko's brother said in disbelief and awe. "Awesome! That's proof of his strength!"

Tsuna jumped up and down as he held in front of his painful erection. His face scrunched in pain. Hinata looked at her friend with worry and concern, while the team all grinned upon Tsuna's sacrifice for the team.


"Good job, Tsuna!"

"You boys! Can't you see he's in pain?" Hinata glared angrily at the boys, who cowered upon her. She's one who doesn't usually glare at other people, but when it came toward Tsuna she becomes easily angered. She immediately turned toward Tsuna in full concern. "Are you alright, Tsuna-kun?"

Tsuna nodded with a shaky smile. "I'm...I'm fine, Hinata-chan. Don't worry, it's subsiding anyway," Tsuna said, trying to reasure his friend.

Yamamoto grinned and clenched his fist in determination. "Yosh! Let's turn the tide!"


Meanwhile, Gokudera, with his arms crossed, just looked toward Tsuna with a blank scowl. He wasn't sure what to make for the Vongola boss candidate. He's just going to watch carefully and find out.

The whistle was heard for the next serve. It was finally Class 1-A's turn to serve. As the game progressed, they were finally catching up, doing everything they can to win for their class and team.

Kyoko, with her hands clasped together, looked up toward Tsuna in admiration. "Wow, thanks to Tsuna's enthusiasm the team is working together!"

The whistle was heard for the end of the game. "Game set! Year 1 Class A wins!"

The whole class of Class 1-A cheered wildly for their win.

Yamamoto put his arm around Tsuna's shoulders with a grin. "You really did it, Tsuna!"

Tsuna smiled. "Yeah, we won!"

"You really are amazing," Yamamoto said with a warm smile.

Tsuna's eyes widened then softened with a small smile. They both started to laugh, but then stopped when Tsuna was immediately glomped by Hinata.

"You did it, Tsuna-kun! I told you, you can do it!" Hinata laughed with a warm smile.

Tsuna smiled in return with sincere and warmth in his eyes. He too hugged Hinata back, bringing her closer to him. 'No...it was you who gave me the courage to do it. You always manage to bring out the best in me that I never realized before. Thank you, Hikari-Hime,' Tsuna thought, never noticing the slight blush around his cheeks, or the pet nickname he use to use when they were younger.

Reborn smiled at them, then looked down toward Yamamoto. "Yamamoto Takeshi...His competence in athletics and his popularity are defintely a necessity for this family. It's good they became friends," He said with a smirk.

Tsuna and Hinata both seperated as they both laughed.

"It's not over,"

Tsuna and Hinata looked up in surprise toward Gokudera, who had his back turned.

"I won't accept it," Gokudera said, as he turned around with an angry scowl. "I'm the one that's worthy to become the Juudaime or the Nibandaime Hikarikage,"

"H-huh? The Juudaime?" Tsuna said, with wide eyes.

"The Nibandaime Hikarikage?" Hinata's eyes were too, wide eyed in shock.

Gokudera merely glared at them.

'Why does he know?' They both thought, one in fear and other in annoyance. (A/N: You can guess who. =^-^=)

It was the end of the school day that we find Tsuna, Hinata, and Gokudera behind the school building. Gokudera had told them to meet him there for something, which Hinata had a bad feeling about.

"U-um, what is it, Gokudera-kun?" Tsuna asked nervously, while Hinata bit her bottom lip as her eyes narrowed suspiciously at the silver haired boy.

"If some trash and a gentle girl like you two becomes the Juudaime and Hikarikage, the Vongola family is done for," Gokudera said.

Hinata glared at the silver haired boy. "Who are you calling gentle?" Hinata muttered in annoyance. She had never been so annoyed and angry, not to mention impulsive, toward anyone. She's always one not wanting to fight or hurt anyone, but ever since growing up being overprotective with Tsuna made her more confident. Not to mention, she really hated it when people disregade her friend.

"W-why do you know about the family?" Tsuna asked, with frown. He was slightly annoyed and angry when he heard the sarcastic and bitter tone when he said about Hinata. It was true that she was the most gentlest person anyone would ever meet, but didn't mean she was weak. She was far from it, especially when it came protecting people she cares about.

"You're both annoying," Gokudera muttered with narrowed eyes. He suddenly brought out two yellow dynamites. "This is your end,"

"D-dynamites?" Tsuna and Hinata shouted in shock.

"This was faster than I'd expected,"

Tsuna, Hinata, and Gokudera looked up toward the tree behind Tsuna and Hinata. A square from the top trunk of the tree opened like two doors to reveal Reborn, elivating up with his arms behind him.

"Reborn! In a place like that..." Tsuna looked up at the Hitman baby in disbelief.

Hinata sweatdropped with hooded eyes. 'Why am I not surprised?' Hinata thought.

"It's another one of my hideaways," Reborn explained, then jumped on top of Tsuna's spiked, bush brown hair and sat down.

"Gokudera Hayato," Reborn said, looking toward to the said boy.

"What!" Tsuna looked up toward Reborn with wide eyes.

"You know him?" Hinata asked.

"Yup, he's a family member that I called over from Italy," Reborn revealed.

"You're in the Mafia, Gokudera-kun!" Tsuna asked, with a sweatdrop.

Hinata tensed upon this new information.

"It's our first time meeting though," Reborn said.

"So you're the hitman that the Kyuudaime has the most trust in, Reborn," Gokudera said. "I've heard rumors about you,"

'Reborn is the hitman that the Kyuudaime trusts the most...' Tsuna and Hinata thought silently.

"It better be true that I'd become the Juudaime or Hikarikage if I get rid of one of these two," Gokudera said, looking straight toward Reborn's black eyes.

"Eh?" Hinata yelled, with shocked eyes.

"Wh-what are you - !" Tsuna backed up, also looking at Gokudera with shocked eyes.

"Yup, it's true," Reborn said, cutting Tsuna off.

"Donna (What)!" Tsuna and Hinata shouted, looking at Reborn with wide eyes. "Can you even do that?"

"Was it a lie that I'm destined to be the Juudaime!" Tsuna asked angrily.

"And that I'm destined to be the Hikarikage!" Hinata asked, feeling annoyed as her eyes narrowed toward Reborn.

"If you two don't want to lose, fight," Reborn told them.

"Eh? F-fight?" Tsuna and Hinata shouted, looking toward Gokudera nervously. "Y-you've got to be kidding,"

"We can't fight against a Mafia guy!" Tsuna shouted, as he immediately grabbed onto Hinata's wrist and ran off.

A yellow dynamite was thrown ahead of them, and immediately exploded once it hit the ground. Tsuna instinctively turned around and covered Hinata.

"Stop right there," Gokudera said darkly, as he held out four dynamite on each hand, counting eigth dynamites.

"Wh-where did you...?" Tsuna said, his face pale as Hinata turned around to see Gokudera in shock.

"It's said that Gokudera Hayato can hide bombs in any part of his body, in other words he's a human bomb," Reborn explained, who suddenly appeared next to Tsuna and Hinata.

Tsuna and Hinata were both shocked as their eyes widened even further.

"My other name is Hurricane Bomb Hayato," Gokudera told with his usual scowl. His hands crossed, getting ready to attack. "Brace yourselves,"

Out of no where, the dynamites lit up on their own which shocked Tsuna and Hinata.

"H-how can the fire automatically - ?" Tsuna shouted in frustration with a frown.

"Like that matters now, Tsuna-kun! We have to go!" Hinata shouted, as she grabbed Tsuna and ran off.

Not far from them on top of a trashcan, was a familiar looking brunette girl. 'I've come along to this school. That pretty baby is probably here somewhere!' She thought as she looked around, till an explosion exploded near her, which the dusted cloud exploded toward her face. This caused her to fall down to the floor. "Th-this school...is extreme..."

Tsuna and Hinata dodged every dynamite was thrown at them. At times they had to drag each other to the opposite way when the dynamite was being thrown at the other. It was gettig annoying, especially whenever Tsuna noticed Hinata almost close from getting killed. He knew he was going snap soon because the thought of losing Hinata always struck him to the core. He cared about the raven-blue haired girl too much that the mere thought of her death scared him more than anything.

'This has got to stop soon!' Tsuna thought, as he pulled Hinata toward him when the dynamite almost got her. Without thinking, Tsuna carried her in his arms, bridal style, and ran faster. Hinata blushed from the position she was in at that moment.

Back at Tsuna's and Hinata's home, Nana was watching the television while drinking tea when she suddenly heard the explosions from Gokudera's attacks from the school.

"Oh, fireworks?" Nana wondered, while blinking her eyes curiously. "I wonder if they're having a huge sale somewhere..."

Back at the school, when the dust cleared, Tsuna and Hinata stood away from Gokudera. Tsuna held his arm around Hinata, holding onto him protectively. They both noticed they were trapped, with the school behind them. Gokudera went into his stance again, holding onto another eight dynamites in his hands.

"Next is the fatal blow," Gokudera told them, the lighting of the dynamites lit up automatically like usual.

Tsua gritted his teeth as his eyes narrowed. Hinata looked at her friend worriedly. She had never seen him this serious before, but then again, they had never had someone trying to kill them. She found herself powerless and useless. It was a feeling so familiar to her somehow, and she hated the feeling. Her head throbbed once more, but ignored it.

"Oi, Tsuna, Hinata,"

Tsuna and Hinata turned around, and their eyes widened with worry. "Y-Yamamoto!"

"What are you doing over there?" Yamamoto asked curiously, with his carefree smile.

"This is the end of the Juudaime and Hikarikage," Gokudera said, and immediately threw them at Tsuna and Hinata. "Disappear!"

Tsuna immediately let go of Hinata, and pushed her toward Yamamoto, who immediately caught her by surprise. Hinata's eyes widened in fear and worry.

'Tsuna-kun!' Hinata thought, feeling fear bubbling in her chest.

'I have to extinguish them!' Tsuna thought, as he immediately ran toward the dynamite on the ground. His hands caught two lightened dynamites with his hands, which immediately burned them raw. "Itai! Th-this won't work!"

"Tsuna-kun!" Hinata shouted in worry.

"What game is this?" Yamamoto asked, holding onto a dynamite with a curious expression. "It looks like fun! Let me in too!"

Tsuna and Hinata paled with a sweatdrop.

"No, not that!" Tsuna shouted.

Reborn held out Leon, his pet lizard, and made him transform into a familiar green and black gun. "Fight with your dying will!" Reborn said, before triggering the gun and shot out a familiar looking red bullet. It immediately aimed right toward Tsuna's head.

Tsuna's eyes widened as he began to flip back in slow motion.

I felt regret

If I had the dying will, I could have extinguished the fires on the dynamite.


...stopped Gokudera-kun from killing Hinata next.

Like last time, yellow light spread all around Tsuna then an orange fire lit on his forehead. His eyes transformed in bright yellow around the white irises and slightly wild with determination.

"REBORN!" Tsuna shouted, as he stood up with his fist clenched. His clothes were once more ripped from his body, showing his blue and yellow stars boxers. Hinata blushed from the sight of his almost naked friend. "Extinguishing fires and protect Hinata with my dying will!"

With a speed that no human being possessed, he grabbed the dynamite that Yamamoto held and extinguished the fire. He repeated this action toward the other dynamites from the floor.

"Extinguish! Extinguish! Extinguish! Extinguish! Extinguish!" Tsuna shouted as he kept going.

Gokudera scowled angrily. He held out more dynamites in his hands.

"Double the bombs!"

This didn't stop Tsuna. He kept jumping up and down toward the bombs, extinguishing every bomb being thrown at, especially those that were close toward Yamamoto and Hinata.

Gokudera glared at the brunette. "Triple the bombs," Gokudera said, as he held out more bombs in his arms and hands.

Unfortunately, it was too much for Gokudera to hold. One bomb fell from his arms, much to Gokudera's dread, as more also fell as well.

"Oh crap," Gokudera cursed, as all the bombs fell the floor. "The end of...me,"

Hinata jumped to her feet and pushed him far away from the dynamites, while Tsuna extinguished the bombs. Gokudera looked at them with shocked eyes, not believing that they both came to rescue them when he was trying to kill them not that long ago. Once he extinguished the last dynamite, Tsuna breathed rapidly with a sigh and the Dying Will Bullet stopped its effect.

"Ah, thank goodness," Tsuna said with a relieved sigh.

"Are you alright?" Hinata asked Tsuna with concerned eyes.

Tsuna smiled softly at Hinata. "Yeah, a bit tired, but I'm fine,"

"I did not realize it!"

Tsuna and Hinata blinked, then turned toward Gokudera. Much to their shock, was kneeling down with his head bowed toward them.

"You are the one fit to become the Juudaime and Hikarikage," Gokudera said, looking up at them in admiration in his eyes. "Juudaime, Hime, I'll follow you both until the end of the Earth! Ask whatever you want of me!"

Tsuna and Hinata sweatdropped, both feeling confused. "Huh?"

"The one who loses becomes the winner's subordinate, that is this family's rule," Reborn explained.

"Rule?" Tsuna and Hinata blinked.

"Actually," Gokudera began, looking down at the floor. "I never had the desire to become the Juudaime or the Hikarikage. I just wanted to see if the Juudaime and the Hikarikage is really had the strength or heart to become a suitable boss for both the Organizatios of the Vongola family,"

"Gokudera-kun," Tsuna looked at the silver haired boy with soft eyes.

Hinata didn't say anything, but looked at him with soft eyes as well. Now she was understanding Gokudera a little more.

"But you both proved me wrong!" Gokudera said with exciting and admired eyes. "You two are much more than I'd expected! Both of you even risked your life to save me, even though I was your enemy! As Gokudera Hayoto, I will give you two my life!"

"Eh?" Hinata blushed from the praise, with her eyes widened in shock.

"Wait, that's troubling!" Tsuna said, waving his hands with wide eyes. "Can't we just be regular classmates?"

"I won't let you do that," Gokudera said seriously, with his eyes narrowing.

Tsuna and Hinata sweatdropped, looking at the silver haired boy in disbelief.

'He's so scary that I can't talk back...' Tsuna and Hinata thought in unison. 'What's with this situation...?'

"Good job Tsuna, Hinata," Reborn told them. "It's because of your strength and gentle heart that Gokudera became your subordinate,"

Tsuna and Hinata smiled a little.

Reborn took out his planner in satisfaction. "You've passed for today, and you didn't need the Dying Will Bullet,"

'Reborn...he must have somehow known Tsuna would be able to do it on his own,' Hinata thought with a smile.

'Even if what he does is totally messed up, he really is thinking about me,' Tsuna thought.

Yamamoto laughed with his signature grin, as he put his arms around Tsuna's and Hinata's shoulders.

"Tsuna, Hinata you both are such funny people! Let me into the group too," Yamamoto said, which somehow pissed Gokudera off from the close proximaty he was toward Tsuna and Hinata.

"You're both the bosses, right?" Yamamoto asked with a grin.

'He's just thinking it's a game...' Tsuna and Hinata thought with a sweatdrop.

"Hey you!"

The trio looked up toward an upset looking Gokudera. "Don't get friendly with the Juudaime and Hikarikage!"

"Huh, what's up with him?"

They all turned around to meet three gang-like boys.

"That underwear guy is such a loser!"

All three laughed.

"T-the third year delinquents...!" Tsuna shouted.

Hinata glared at the laughed third years, not liking it whenever someone made fun of her friend.

"Looks like it's time to make myself useful," Gokudera said, his eyes shadowed.

"W-what?" Tsuna and Hinata blinked.

Gokudera held out eight dynamites in his hand and slowly started to walk toward the third years. "I'll totally annihilate them," Gokudera said.

"Wait! Y-you don't need too!" Tsuna shouted.

Hinata didn't say anything, thinking that the third years deserved it for making fun of Tsuna. No one messed up with her friend and gets away with it. She's happy to have someone else do it for her if she wasn't around.

Far off, Nana looked around with wide eyes. She was standing in the middle of the markets, looking around.

"How strange, there are no sales anywhere..." Nana said.

That's when she heard the explosion from Tsuna's school did she turned around.

"It's over there!" Nana said, as she ran off toward the explosion was heard. She hopes to find a very good sale to buy.

Far off of the city stood the same boys from Class 1-C. With a poof, they transformed back to their original selfs. They were young men in their high school years. They each looked down where the explosion was held in the school. Their appearances were shadowed.

"So...what did you think?" One of them asked.

"Hmm...thinks are progressing much faster than it was supposed to," Another said gruffly.

"Of course it will. With that girl in his life when he had first found her, everything isn't going than it should," Another said.

"Yes...I think that was something the Primo intended,"

"With the different future that has happened to them I would think so,"

"That's right. They would need the Yousokage. They were well known using a different type of flame than the boss and his Guardian's flames,"

"Not to mention being the most best assination group in the shadows. It was why they were called Kages...ironically enough. Considering the new generation of the Yousokage are all from that world,"

"It is good though. They would the Vongola's help if they want their world back to normal,"

"That's probably another reason why Primo took her away. After all, he is his older brother's son,"

The one in the front sighed. "Let's hope it is enough. Especially for the enemy they would be facing in the near future for their greatest enemy,"

"You're not talking about that white haired freak are you?"

"No...they would be able to handle him. No, it's him I'm worried about. You know what type of power he has,"

The mood suddenly darkened, knowing perfectly well what he was talking about.

"...bringing back the dead...and controlling them, right?"

"That's right. He could easily summon those that were murdered that the Yousokage hold dear to them, especially that boy,"

"There is also the possibility he can summon the past bosses from the Vongola family,"

"That won't be good,"

"They need to maintain a strong bond to one another to help each other's hardships,"

"...let us hope they will,"

The others nodded.

"Come on. We've done enough for now. We'll test them and train them later. For now, they have enough strength for the new enemies later on,"

With that said, they all vanished.

Next time on Katekyo Reborn!: Vongola and Youkokage:

Tsuna and Hinata both looking shocked.

Showing purle poisoned food in front of Gokudera, who looked shocked and looked up.


A five year old bow wearing a cow outfit with black hair that's shaped like a broccoli and green eyes. He held a pink grenade and threw it.

"You have two subordinates. Be glad, Tsuna, Hinata!

In pink smoke, a young man popped up in replacement of the boy.

"We told already, Reborn-san! We're not going to become anybody's boss!"

Tsuna and Hinata looked shocked and freaked out, while Reborn sat on a red chair.

"H-hey Reborn, Hinata-chan! There's a weird kid outside!"

A young, teenaged boy with short wavy black hair took out two familiar yellow horns. In blue lightening at the background, the raged teen put them on his head.

"Don't forget that creepy girl too, Tsuna-kun!"

Nana, with a smile, held onto Reborn as he ate his spaghetti.

"Next time, Shocking! Cooking with Love and Horror!"