Cupid isn't Stupid
By: M14Mouse
Summary: Cupid isn't stupid. He wants the brothers back together as much as us.
Disclaimer: Don't own them.

Cupid wasn't stupid.

Not by a long shot.

He knew he was going to be in big trouble for what he did. He can imagine that Zacky was going to stick him in divorce court for a hundred years. Or worse….reality tv.

Even with those threats over his head, he couldn't help himself.

Come on…look at them! They look like a pair of puppies that got left on the side of the road in the rain! He just wanted to hug them!

Or maybe not…He didn't really want to be punched again.

That made him sad.

But it made him sadder by watching them. They were so full of love but so broken and tired. His brothers have been doing a number on them. It wasn't fair. He knew what Zacky said. But…but…this just seemed so wrong.

Soo….he gave a little…tiny…push.

Nothing harmful.

At least, he doesn't think it was harmful.

Maybe….a little?

Anyway, after the whole incident with Famine….Honestly, the guy was giving him a bad name! He had the urge to shot him with one of his arrows. He would make him fall in love with a pig…or snail…oh! OH! A worm. Of course, he would feel sorry for the worm. Poor worm. He would give it a hug. But it wouldn't do any good. But the thought counts…

Where was he?

Oh, right! After the whole incident with Famine, he knew he did the right thing. Of course, he had to check to make sure. It took him days to track them down.

Once he did find them, it broke his heart all over again.

Just watching them….it hurt. He couldn't and wouldn't try to turn away. He waited and watched. Finally a few days later, Sam stopped screaming….stopped trying to rip his hands out of the cuffs…the cries. Dean listened and prayed through each and every one of those days.


So, he watched on.

He was there when Dean slowly opened the door to where they kept Sam. He looked terrible. Just awful. There no prize for him being asleep either because his dreams were plagued with nightmares. He wished he had the power offer comfort but he didn't. He just watched and hoped. Dean approached the bed and took a seat. He was within arm reach of Sam. For longest time, Dean just watched him. He would twitch when Sam twitched in his sleep. There was the angst on Dean's face when Sam would moan and groan under his breath. Slowly, Dean's hand reached out and gently stoked Sam's hair. Sam's moans and groans slowly disappeared. The twitching stopped and Sam fell into a peaceful sleep.

He almost burst into a happy dance. Sometimes, he thought his brothers and sisters forget what love meant. Love is simple. Sure, they may help it along. Humans are the ones that give it face and are the ones that shape it. Sometimes, they made it difficult. But by watching the different form of love between lovers…friends…family…complete strangers. It was so beautiful.

While Dean wasn't hugging his brother, he has to take while he can. Winchesters can be so stubborn. He should know.

He knew he was going to be in big trouble for what he did.

Standing there….watching them.

It was worth it.


A/N: Rahmi requested something involving Cupid and the boys. But…but…it didn't turned out as planned. This fic was supposed to funny and adorable! How in the world did it become so angsty! On the positive, Dean did make Sam feel better. Sooo…I take it when I can get it. ::Pouts.:: Stupid bunny. So...uhh..... Cookie?