By Kayli

Spoilers: This fic starts right after 405 and sort of branches off from there. So basically anything that happens after 405 (the chapter right after Naruto 'defeats' Nagato, and where Danzo was selected to be Hokage) I altered to fit the parameters of my fic.

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"Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end."
-Scott Adams


There are many legends about the shinobi of Leaf. They are told to inspire the younger generation, to inspire loyalty and because they are great stories. There is one story that is not often told, because hers is lost among the many great shinobi of her time. She was born with a gift that allowed her to see the veils of the world, she was trained and shaped by Root to be an model shinobi. She had been trained to think that personal attachments made her weak and unfit to protect Konoha. This is story is about a boy that changed her mind and his teacher who changed her heart.

The woman was called Yuurei, the Ghost, she didn't have any other name or if she did, it had been forgotten by all but the dead. They had started calling her Ghost because of her kekkei genkai. But they kept calling her Ghost because she could tail almost anyone without being discovered. They kept calling her Ghost because as she grew she became barely a person, too pale and too skinny, her muscles taunt and her features blank. Most of Root bore such an appearance, but Yuurei was different from her fellow Root shinobi because she hadn't been taken and raised by Danzo, she'd been drafted.

That was how she thought of it. She tried not to remember life before hand. She tried not to remember smiling, or laughing, because that made it harder to remember what they had taught her. Danzo-sama reminded them emotions made them week, so to remember the past was foolish and she agreed with him for the most part. But she cheated, the first sign that she did not truly belong in Root.

She kept a pendent from her best friend and several old photographs, she hidden so well that not even the enforcer had found them to burn. Still she didn't bring them out except on the anniversary, the rest of the time she'd refocus knowing that being emotionless made her a better shinobi. However she also knew after each anniversary something would spark the rebellious streak they'd never managed to subdue, this was the second sign Root was not her original home. These antics would earn her a session with the enforcer to remind her how a Root shinobi should behave, and by the end she would be convinced that was how she should behave. Because as much as she missed the laughter, she was an efficient machine was well suited to protect Konoha and it had been Danzo-sama that created her.

The third sign she did not belong in Root was when she'd ignored the hold he placed on operatives and had gone out to fight against thePains. She would not, could not leave her village unprotected with those monsters around. As the fight stemmed, she managed to save lives but it was what she witnessed that made the rebellion worth it. She watched amazed through eyes that could see through the layers of this worldas Nagato sent the souls of the dead back to their hosts. He used the last of his life force to bring them all back. All because a fearless orange clad blonde idiot had listened to his story.

It went against everything she had been taught in the last 15 years, and perhaps that is what started Yuurei on the road to leaving Root and betraying Danzo. It started with Uzamaki Naruto, but it would end with his teacher- Hatake Kakashi, the Copy Cat Nin.

The ninja in question, Hatake Kakashi, was summoned to Danzo's, the new Hokage, office, well tent. After Kiba's sudden announcement, the only reason Naruto wasn't there shooting his mouth off was because Sakura had knocked him out with a sedative, telling his half conscious form that he needed to rest.

When Kakashi stood before Danzo, the newly elected Rokudaime's, he didn't realize it has nearly been him with the title of Hokage. He didn't realize that Danzo had come to see him as a rival, something that was incredibly bad for ones health. Kakashi's face was blank betraying none of the confusion and turmoil the nin felt after recent events. He had died and come back. He had talked to his father. And the new Hokgae was going to throw him for more loop.

The mission he was being assigned was a loyalty test. It was to solve Danzo's problem with Team 7. Either they would die on this mission, or they would defy the order and he could kill them. Naruto was not to come, Naruto was not to be told, after all the jinchuuriki was too valuable an asset to loose. Danzo wanted him to remain in the village. The team would consist of Kakashi, Sakura, Sai and a woman from Root. Danzo had smiled as he'd told Kakashi his mission, he'd expected the Copy-cat Nin to refuse or to slip up somehow.

He was wrong, because Hatake Kakshi had been given enough missions to know how to react, even when this imposter Hokage had just given him the mission to bring back the head of Uchiha Sasuke.


A/N: Alright so the premise of this story focuses on Yuurie (the Ghost), a root operative who is sent on a mission with Kakashi, Sakura, and Sai to bring back Sasuke's head (Danzo doesn't want him brought back alive/cause he's an evil bastard). I picked Sai because he's less powerful than Naruto and he is also a recovering Root member. I won't include a lot of Naruto in this story, because I have trouble writing him. So I took the cowards way out and didn't include him, plus he's also too powerful and would outclass the others too much. Just wanted to explain :).

So that's it for today, the bulk of this story is written, and I know where's its going so never fear this story shouldn't be ended prematurely without being finished. Hope you enjoy, I'll put up the next chapter within the week. Maybe early if I'm feeling productive.

PS If you'd be interested in beta reading for me, I open to offers as I am the words worst proofreader.

-Kayli, 3/30/10