OK I LOVE Justin Bieber xxx so I decided to write a fanfic about it its probably rubbish, but reviews are welcome, and emails from other Bieber Fevers xx

Background info: Cassie lives in a care home in London, Britain, and lost her single mother to cancer when she was three. She's always been lonely at school, because she lives in care, until a certain Canadian boy is sent for 'character building' at her secondary school.

Luck. That's all life is. Pot-luck. Some people have it easy- nice home, nice family, good life. They can afford clothes in Abercrombie, and Hollister, and Jack Wills and have massive parties, and everything else they take for granted. They have nice houses, big bedrooms, and sweet parents who spoil them. Then there were seven thousand.

Seven thousand children living under Council Care in the UK alone. These are the children who came out with no numbers on the life lottery. They live in crappy care homes, with others in exactly the same situation as you, and you still end up beating the crap out of each other.

I should know. I have a bruise on my forehead from where Ellen whacked me on Sunday. She has a split lip. That was my hairbrush. Not me.

Hey, it's not the first fighting injury I've ever gotten. I got thrown out of the other care home I was in when I was seven for getting into fights all the time. Some girl broke my wrist, and she only got grounded, because she was seventeen and about to get her own flat. Lucky. I would give anything to live on my own, away from everything...

"Cassie!" Whoa. Miss Goodier, my geography and form, and P.S.H.C.E teacher has been on the warpath this month. I blame it on stress. Serious stress. Or PMT. "Since you seem to know so much about the structure of frontal rainfall to daydream in my class, maybe you can explain to the rest of us how it works."

Jeez. What is it with teachers and the post-Easter holidays? Are they as stressed as us, knowing they won't get another holiday for seven weeks? Ugh. Seven weeks without a break. They really are trying to do us in.

A/N: I know this is far too short, but I'm going to post it up anyway, so I can see what people think of it