Buffy came around slowly her head was fuzzy she had vague recollections of being knocked unconscious during the fight with that vamp earlier on. Opening her eyes she attempted to get up but found her hands and feet fastened with leather thongs, shaking her head to clear it a little she took in her predicament. She was tied down on a big divan, totally naked the black satin sheet beneath her was clingy sticking to her skin where the warmth of the room made her perspire lightly. Struggling to free herself she finally decided that brute strength alone would be no help in this case.

Almost from nowhere a woman appeared standing at the foot of the bed she seemed quite young but strikingly beautiful, she looked down at the slayer through shiny coal black eyes her skin was pale but her lips contrasted full and red her hair was black as ebony long and lustrous other than that her whole body was wrapped in a blood red cape. When she spoke her voice was soft and alluring and Buffy decided to bide her time and find out what was going on before she spoke.

"So slayer she began you finally came to I was little worried you've been unconscious most of the day" " but if my father had had his way you'd be a very ex slayer by now

Fortunately he finds it hard to refuse anything to his only daughter, even the life of the slayer"

Buffys patience finally slipped" okay so some spoilt brat got to save me what the hell am I doing here" the girl smiled " it's simple really I'm going to fuck you "

As she finished the sentence the girl loosened her cape and let it drop to the floor. The slayer was a little in shock as she saw her captor naked pale skin contrasted by her dark brown nipples pierced with gold rings and a thick bush of black curly pubes, her breasts were full and firm waist narrow belly flat and smooth.

She reached out and began caressing buffys foot," you see slayer the vamp you fucked to find out about my father was my big brother, I watched you sucking his cock rubbing your cunt over him until he was a mess, I knew hed tell you anything when you finally mounted him." Buffy half smiled "Well sometime extreme measures are called for, he did have a nice cock though." "Hang on Greg's sister. The geeky

Little Meg, being a vamp certainly helps out in the looks dpertment". Meg moved closer placed a knee on the bed and began to rub the sole of the slayers foot over curly black pubes sighing a little she said "Im not a vamp Dad nor Greg could muster the courage to turn me so with a lot of research and practice I became a passable witch, not in Willows league but good enough .Meg slipped Buffys foot between her thighs and groaned as she rubbed her aching pussy against it.

Buffy felt the girls hot cunny lips spreading open her juices poured out making her foot the perfect dildo. The slayer was confused she should really be thinking of escape but the more this sexy young slut touched her the harder it became to control her own desires. Meg was rubbing her cunt back and forth along buffys instep and ankle the more she rubbed the wetter she became musky juices soaked the slayer and dripped onto the dishevelled sheet. All the time she stared deep into buffys eyes knowing her prisoner was aroused, with her ankles tied buffys pussy was spread wide the lips puffy and swollen shiny with love juice that ran between her ass cheeks and puddled

Beneath her.

Meg pulled the sticky foot out and rubbed it over her tight belly then up to massage her tits the nipples hard as rock the gold rings making her wince with lust, Buffy was groaning her hot cunt needing to be touched but the young witch bent forward and using her pink tongue lapped at her own sweet juices sucking the slayers toes licking up her wet trail.

Meg dropped Buffs foot and moved up her body slipping a hand down she groaned as her fingers touched the sticky slit" no wonder my brother let you fuck him slayer you're so fucking hot". Buffy could hardly speak she was so horny, meg kissed and nuzzled her way along buffys leg pushing her thighs wider apart, hard gold ringed nipples brushed her skin keeping the slayer incredibly aroused. The witch was crouched at the valley of her thighs looking deep into her eyes through the wispy blonde pubes, suddenly buffy was hit by a pleasure never encountered before as her captor dipped down and slipped her tongue between the sticky lips of Buffys cunt.

The slayer writhed on the bed straining against the shackles lifting her ass pushing her pussy harder against the probing tongue. Delirious with lust soaked with sweat her nipples felt ready to burst they were so hard. Megs tongue felt like a snake probing the wet depths then shooting in and out fucking her to the brink of orgasm, hearing the slayer moaning and whimpering had meg at the pinnacle of desire but bringing Buffy off on her tongue was not the plan so with great effort she moved upward kissing and licking her prisoners wet skin upwards to suckle and chew the hard nipples finally to kiss the slayers lips probing tongues exploring as Buffy writhed beneath the young girl desperate to come. Sitting back Meg ground her wet pussy on the slayers hard belly caressed her firm tits pinched the swollen nipples driving Buffy wild. Smiling she looked deep into her eyes "Ask me slayer," she said in a trembling voice "ask me to make you come, beg me to finish you, ask me slayer, make me come make me come".

Buffy could breathe gasping for breath she was in a world of lust the beautiful young witch knowing how to bring her to the brink but not allowing her orgasm to take hold the atmosphere was thick with the musky sex juices of both girls and almost without realising it she was answering "Do it Meg please do it, use my cunt make me come Please make me come"

Meg laughed and leaned down to kiss Buffy again she was whispering something as Buffy felt a hard pressure on her belly, the witch sat up throwing back her long black hair "I saw Willow fucking you the other night, I came to kill you but seeing you like that made me reconsider" the slayer moaned as she watched Meg begin to wank the hard cock she was now endowed with what the fuck was it with witches and cocks the answer would have to wait. Panting Buffy looked at the slut "Fuck me Meg fuck me with your big cock please" in a state of sexual victory Meg slipped down her body leaving a wet trail of pussy juice dipped down and touched the swollen cock head to Buffys open cunt, they looked into each others eyes as the slayer mouthed the word please Meg pushed the full thick length into her cunt it was soaking perfectly lubricated the witch grasped the slayers waist finally feeling fulfilled as she fucked her hard. Buffy was screaming now urging the witch on using her ass to meet the thrusts as the big cock stretched her cunt it was incredibly hard she felt the whole length withdraw and then slam back the balls slapping her ass "Do you like that slayer do like my big prick inside you, Ican feel you're cunt caressing me is it the biggest cock you've ever had slayer WELL" in a delirium Buffy was babbling "SO GOOD Meg so fucking good fuck harder it's the biggest loveliest cock ever my cunts on fire for you" "oh fuck you're making me im going to " in disbelief Buffy felt the cock slip out and through half open eyes watched meg move up to straddle her belly again

"No slayer together we have to come together" leaning forward she deftly released Buffys wrists and guided one hand under her heavy balls to touch the sopping pussy beneath and wrapped the slayers other hand around her hard on " now slayer together"

Slipping her own hand behind Meg began to rub Buffys cunt the wet swollen lips parting easily Buffy writhed as she felt three fingers slip into megs sex glistening juices covered her hand at the same time she rubbed the big hard cock pre cum dribbled from the tip lubricating her palm with her hands free overpowering the witch would be easy but Buffy could only concentrate on her own need to orgasm the moment she had been brought to but denied, her cunt was on fire as she rubbed Meg making her moan seeing her big hard breasts bounce as she finger fucked Buffy in return . Both girls felt the power boiling in the pit of their bellies pleasure flooding through them "oh oh fuck now Meg now make me" but before she could finish her orgasm finally struck Buffy screamed as she came Meg was laughing and moaning at the same time as she too was wracked by an intense wave of lust."Urrmm yes finish me slayer that's so good harder slayer harder" Buffy realised even though they had both come together she was still wanking Megs big cock much to the youngsters pleasure .Now her arms were free Buffy was able to sit up causing the witch to look a little worried but the slayer smiled leaned forward and slipped cock head into her mouth, Meg groaned as the slayer used her mouth to fuck it. Buffy felt hands holding her head as she bobbed on the tool caressing the heavy balls urging the witch on her nostrils were full of the women's scent sweating bodies and musky sweet odour or their cunts. Meg was panting babbling in lust"thats it slayer suck it taste my cock, oh fuck yes yes ooohhhhhh fuck"

Buffy felt the thick shaft twitch the balls tighten in her hand, she rubbed harder slipping her lips off as a huge torrent of cum spayed form the sticky blobs caught Buffy in the face sprayed into her blonde hair as she kept wanking more spunk splattered her hot sweaty body looking into Megs eyes she pulled the witch down and kissed her lips deeply crushing their bodies together spreading the sweat and spunk over each other. Buffy layback pulling Meg with her they lay exhausted gently caressing each other "I should get taken prisoner more often" she whispered as they slipped into a contented doze.