We both stood there, silent. His midnight blue hair sweped into his face and his crystal blue eyes made shivers roll down my back. He wore a plain white shirt and black skinny jeans. His eyes were focused on mine and mine on his. It was the perfect moment. He moved his face closer to mine until there was no space seperating our lips. They felt cold but i felt safe in his care. Suddenly his face turned transparent infront of me. His lips fading from mine and i felt like i was losing him...

I opened my eyes. I missed it. The sweet, deep tone in his voice when he said my name, the midnight blue colour of his hair and the deep blue crystal shade of his eyes. I knew he left me, but i never guessed it was forever. No matter how much I missed him he would never return and if he did he would never find me. I moved town not long ago and since moving my life has just gotten worse.

It was time again for school. I slipped on my black tank top and my Skinny jeans with my black converse. I wore black finger gloves and a black skull-shaped clip to tie up the bangs of my hair. I didn't care if people called me goth for wearing all black. I just didn't care about anything anymore.

I walked to school alone and walked home alone everyday. There was no point in walking with someone else. I missed Ikuto so much. He was a good friend. I secretly loved him but i didn't know if he felt the same way. When he announced he would be leaving to travel the world my heart almost stopped. He always saved me when i was in danger and now i always feel unsafe no matter where i go. Back at that time we both still had our charas. Ran, Miki, Su and Dia all left two years ago and I knew that they would never return to me.

I walked into the school gates and everyone turned my direction. I didn't want anyone to come into my life because i knew that someday they would have to leave. Every since the events in the past i don't let anyone into my life. Especially the event that happened recently...


Hinamori Amu. The girl everyone is always talking about. She never let's anyone mess with her and she never let's anyone talk to her. She has no friends yet everyone wants to be her friend.

She's a complete mystery, no one knows anything about her. As i was about to drift away into thought, a figure appeared in front of me. It was the girl herself, Hinamori Amu.

"Your Tsukasa Yori?" She asked with a bored, emotionless expression in her face, everyone was looking at us. Why is Hinamori talking to yori? I bet that's what there thinking.

" Y-Yeah.. um..W-What is I-It?" I couldn't stop shaking, why was she talking to me? Had i done something wrong? She was so cool yet scary. Look at the way she is dressed, black tank top , black skinny jeans, black converse and black finger gloves. The skull clip in her hair is so cool. I wish i was her...

" Oh ... meet me here afterschool and don't be late" She replied with her emotionless expression still attached to her face.


The principal asked me to tutor a girl called Yori and when i say asked i mean he demanded me to do it. It's not like i would completly hate hanging out and tutoring someone but i couldn't bring anyone into my life.. i just couldn't.

" Can Hinamori Amu and Tsukasa Yori please report to the prinipals office, I repeat could Hinamori Amu and Tsukasa Yori please report to the principals office" Announced the principal through the school's speakers.

I guess he's gonna tell me again to tutor her but invite her as a witness. This is so annoying I already said i would.

After half an hour in the schools office with Yori, the principal again told me to tutor her and i explained that i already would. I needed her to pass the next test or i would have to tutor her over the summer holidays. The principal knew the position i was in with my family at the moment but he didn't seem to undersatand that i wanted to be alone.

About a month ago, My mum, dad and Ami were involved in a car accident and they died leaving me behind by myself...