The little band of soldiers fought their way to the throne room where Voldemort was waiting for them. In the center of the room was a raised dais with a large stone chair which Voldemort was currently perched upon. Bellatrix Lestrange, the only death eater kept with him at all times, sent a killing curse at Harry but Kerri was faster. She knocked her son out of the way and bit off Bella's wand hand. While the woman fell to her knees screaming in pain, Harry and Snape moved forward to their main target.

Voldemort was distracted by the appearance of the rather large dragon in his mansion and didn't see them coming. He sent a blasting spell toward Kerri. Blasting spells don't affect dragons but it was strong enough to bring part of the roof down on her head. She collapsed, unconscious.

Harry let out a furious roar as he changed. Voldemort turned to face him. He saw Snape first. "Ahh, Severus. I always figured you for a traitor. Now you shall die like one! AVADA KEDAVRA!"

It hit Snape before Harry was fully recovered from the transformation and he was unable to stop it. Snape crumpled to the floor. Harry let out another roar and ran at Voldemort who sent a cutting curse at his large, unprotected underbelly. Harry threw up a shield in time; it rebounded and caught Voldemort in the chest. He was thrown back, hitting his stone chair hard.

It knocked the wind out of him. Harry drove his three foot long claw into the man's neck and jerked hard. The Dark Lord's head came off with a grotesque squelching noise. It rolled down the stairs, landing next to Bellatrix, whose screaming renewed at the sight of her master's head.

Just like that, it was over.


The changes came slowly, but surely over the wizarding world. The death eaters gave up the fight when they heard of their master's demise. What was the point of continuing? Harry Potter and his army had taken out the two most powerful wizards of their time. What kind of chance did they stand?

The Ministry was given a complete overhaul. Most of its officials were replaced, at least half of that number arrested. The Prophet took back their original offices and the Wizengamot replaced several of its members. The election for minister is still ongoing.

Hogwarts was up and running smoothly in time for the next year with all new teachers. Harry took over Defense Against the Dark Arts. Kerri took over History of Magic with the promise that she would teach more than just the goblin wars. Draco took over potions, Neville took over Herbology, Luna was given Divination class, etc.

Fred and George opened a second shop in Hogsmeade in order to stay close to Harry. They went back and forth from staying in the castle to staying in the apartment they owned above the store. For the first time in a long time there was peace in the wizarding world, and it looked like it would last for a time.

Harry breathed a sigh of relief. He'd lost a lot of friends in the war, but it was over now. He could relax at last and actual take the time to enjoy his life and his mates. The quiet was nice but didn't last for long.

A few weeks into reconstruction, Harry and Kerri found that they were both pregnant. The conception dates coincided with the days just before the final battle. Seems all that hard work paid off.

It brought the two even closer together. To experience their first pregnancy together added to their continuously growing bond. The only people they cared for more than each other, were their mates. In the truest sense of the word, deeper than magic could ever connect them, they had truly become a family.

Harry's twins, Blaise and Charlie, were born with dragon blood. They drove all three of their parents crazy, flying out of their cribs at all hours of the day and night, transforming in muggle public, and using their ice breathe on their siblings. Kerri's daughter Narcissa, in honor of Draco's mother who died in one of the very first battles, wasn't showing signs of anything yet. Remus was relieved but Kerri pointed out that it proved nothing. They'd have to wait until she reached puberty to know for sure. Remus moped for days afterwards.

The End

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