Bestiae Mortis Summary: Harry is framed for the deaths of his muggle guardians, and was sent to Azkaban with three life sentences. All of his friends and family, save a select few, turned their backs on him, along with the rest of the wizarding world. He entered the prison stripped of his inheritance and his freewill, filled with revenge and anger. Two years later, he is proven innocent, and taken out of his cell by his god parents before Dumbledore could get to him. They whisk him away with Hermione to America, where he enters a new school, and meets someone he never expected and had never had the courage to hope for: his soul mate. But, everyone knows your past always comes back to haunt you…Major pairings: HarryxOMC, HermionexOMC, RemusxSirius (I guess that makes it an AU, considering Siri is not dead…) Minor pairings: LunaxNeville, FredxGeorge Warnings: Slash, lemons, some violence, Bad!Weasleys (minus Fred and George), Bad!Dumbles, Bad!Ministry, Bad!Voldy, obvious incest

Italics = flashback

Chapter 1: Innocentia Confirmata

Harry, or inmate 90696507, as he was now called, sighed and stared blankly out of his cell room, eying every Dementor that glided past crossly. Cold chills raced through him as they passed by; they were only constant thing in this hellhole besides the beatings (he had the bruises and cuts to prove it). He shifted, the dirty rags serving as a poor excuse for a prison uniform rustling over his skinny frame, and ran a hand through his long locks – they had grown so much since he had been dragged to this place – to get out the nasty tangles, pulling a few strands of his greasy hair out in the process. It was a wonder he still had hair; at this rate he should be bald. No one cared if the prisoners showered regularly. They were horrible enough to be in Azkaban; they could rot in their own filth if the wizarding world had any say in it. His eyes narrowed at the thought of the people he had once called his friends and family.

They had betrayed him, with the exception of a select few, namely Hermione, the twins, Luna, Neville, Remus, and Sirius. Everyone else, even the Order, had condemned him as a murderer and a Voldemort-supporter. He remembered the trial – or lack there of – like it was yesterday…

"Order! Order in this court! Whoever speaks next will be sent out!" Fudge called out over the crowd of naysayers and supporters that dotted the room. The voices instantly hushed, and all eyes turned to the minister in anticipation. The minister paused for suspense, his gaze traveling around the room. Finally, it landed on the green gaze of the young man in question, who looked back with nothing short of contempt. "I, Cornelius Oswald Fudge, find Harry James Potter guilty of the murder of Mrs. Petunia Dursely nee Evans, Mr. Vernon Dursely, and Mr. Dudley Dursely by use of one or more of the Unforgivable Curses. I hereby sentence you to three life sentences in Azkaban Prison. You will be relieved of your wand, and your possessions – especially the rights to the Potter vault in Gringotts Wizarding Bank – will be given to Albus Dumbledore," Fudge told.

The room erupted into shouts of anger mixed with joy. Harry could only stare blankly at the minister in shock. How could this have happened? He may have hated the Dursleys, but not enough to use Avada Kedavra or a Cruciatus curse on them. Those spells were horrible and inhumane, and even if they had been horrible to him, no one deserved to die that way. They had to know he had seen Voldemort use them too many times to ever think of using it on a human being, and much less a defenseless Muggle. He had tried to stop their deaths, damnit! But the real killers had had the element of surprise on their side, and he had been overtaken quickly. However, no one would believe him if he told the truth. The evidence, it seemed, was too solid to sway them.

Fudge walked forward and held his hands out to the nearest Auror. "His wand, please?" She placed the wand into the minister's hand. He held it in his hands, pointer fingers and thumbs on each end. He looked Harry right in the eye and snapped the wand in half. A green light wafted out from the crack, turning into a golden mist before evaporating into the air. Harry gasped in pain, feeling like a piece of his soul had been ripped out of him.

"You monster!" Remus cried from behind him. Fudge turned to him with a smirk.

"I'll have you know, Mr. Lupin, that this boy here is the monster in this situation; deceiving us all into believing he was a good boy, when in fact he was evil all along." he turned to Harry once more. "Take him away." Fudge waved his hand dismissively and an Auror, one whom he did not know, and Kingsley grabbed him by the arm. They drug him out the room, facing the roaring sea of witches and wizards. His eyes caught Hermione's, which were glazed over with tears.

"Harry!" she cried, trying to run to him and stop them somehow. His godfather stopped her, and their gazes also caught. He could see the sadness in his eyes, and the determination.

"Don't worry Harry; we'll get you out somehow!" he mouthed. Beside him, Remus nodded and moved over to help his best friend console the sobbing witch, who would not look away from him for the life of her. Fred and George came up behind and engulfed her in a hug, a sad smile on their faces as they try to cheer her up. Luna and Neville held each other close beside the grieving group as the double doors swung closed in front of his eyes.

That horrible scene, his friends consoling each other for their loss, had been the last thing he had seen of them before he had been tossed into his cell and been given his inmate number.

Ron Weasley, his former best friend and most frequent adversary as of late, had been relaying story after story of how Harry had hated the Dursleys and wished he didn't have to live with them since Harry was made a suspect. Apparently his accounts had been more than enough to make him guilty in the Ministry's eyes. No one commented on the fact that the Dursleys had treated him like a slave or that they had hated him; they were seen as the saintly victims of a troubled child tainted by the influence of dark magic. And, when Fudge had used the Priori Incantato spell on his wand, it had showed three uses of the Killing Curse and one of the Cruciatus, used on his Aunt Petunia before her death. That just proved their worst fears: the Boy-Who-Lived was a murderer, a la Voldemort.

The Weasleys, with the exception of Fred and George, had rallied behind their youngest male, including Ginny and Mrs. Weasley, the woman who could have been a second mother to him. Arthur had seemed completely nonplussed, though his storming eyes betrayed him.

Ginny – the young girl he had almost come to love – had not wanted to hear his pleas of innocence and had completely shut him out, even slamming the door to the Burrow on him once. Bill and Charlie had merely been disappointed and had refused to speak to him, and Percy had long since become a drone of the Ministry. The family he had almost had had turned their backs on him.

Dumbledore, even, had played a hand in his capture, having someone hold him as he alerted the Ministry of his presence. His own mentor, the man he had trusted with his life, had betrayed him in such a way. He had been crippled at first by this, but his supporters had helped him feel much more confident, but in vain. Here he was in prison, while they were free, spending his money and shaking their head at such a "horrid disappointment," as the Daily Prophet had put it. That day was only two years ago; he was amazed he was still (relatively) sane. He figured he was like his godfather; he had his quirks, but he could still function in a normal society.

The Dementors plagued him every day with images of his parents' deaths, and the deaths of his mother's family. His link with Voldemort was still going strong, but his attacks had died down in the last few years. He had no idea why and, with his outlook on life changed, he honestly did not care. But still, no matter how many things they tried to do to bring him down, he always came back strong.

"Prisoner 90696507, get your lazy ass up," A guard snarled near his cell door. He did not move, waiting to see how the guard would react. "Get up! You have visitors."

He yanked Harry up by his forearm and forced the prisoner to stand. Harry carefully blanked out his conscious, and his usually sparkling eyes dulled to a murky green, void of emotion. He could see the guard shiver, and he muttered something that sounded like "I don't get paid enough for this shit."

He smirked behind the fringe of hair that had fallen in front of his face. He had allowed his body to go limp, so that the guard had to support him, out of spite and necessity. Anyone could be on the other side of the door, and – if it was one of his enemies – he'd rather they didn't know he was sane enough to be of any use. He still had a prophecy to fulfill, after all. The couplet staggered to the front of the prison and the guard threw him into the waiting room. The guard went to the door and opened it, throwing light into the room and forcing him to retreat into the shadows to save his eyes, weakened by the dim lighting in his cell.

Sirius Black glanced over at his companion and best friend, Remus Lupin. This was certainly a side of Remus he had never seen before; he was practically bouncing on the balls of his feet with nervous energy. His beautiful blue eyes shifted places constantly, never focusing on one thing at a time. However, it was no surprise that the man was like that; today was the day they were going to release a Mr. Harry Potter from Azkaban Prison. His poor godson had had to deal with two years of Dementor torment (he had dealt with much more, but he had been an adult for some time when he was imprisoned; Harry had only been at the tender age of sixteen. He was an adult now, but someone so young should not have to enter adulthood off his rocker; it was hard enough sane).

The both of them were afraid that he would be too far gone to do anything, but they were getting him out either way; he was innocent, no matter his state of mind. A few hours ago, Peter Pettigrew – who was currently the subject of a manhunt after he disappeared upon the confession that he'd framed Sirius – had been captured and confessed under Veritaserum (which had not been used on his poor godson) that he and some other Death Eaters had killed the Dursleys and framed Harry. He had relished the look on Dumbledore's and all the others' faces when they learned the truth that he and the others had known from the start.

Peter sat in the middle of Fudge's office. All around him stood the Order – including the Weasleys, Remus, Hermione, and Sirius – the Minister himself, a few Aurors, Dumbledore, and the staff of Hogwarts. The headmaster stood before the rat, glaring down at him. Severus Snape had just given him the Veritaserum, and Dumbledore was about to begin his interrogation.

"What is your name?"

"Peter Pettigrew."

"Are you a Death Eater?"


"Have you killed anyone by the Dark Lord's order, using one or more of the Unforgivable curses?"


"Please name your victims."

"Cedric Diggory, Vernon Dursley, Petunia Dursley, and Dudley Dursley."

Shocked gasps erupted around the room, and Dumbledore's eyes widened comically. All of Harry's supporters present shared a triumphant look, as his adversaries' faces grew more and more troubled as time went on.

"You must be mistaken, Peter; Harry killed the Dursley," Albus said tightly, praying it was true.

"No; the Dark Lord sent me and two other Death Eaters to kill them while Harry was away grocery shopping. It was the perfect plan, but that brat came back and tried to stop us; we were able to incapacitate him and use his wand to cast the spells. It was too easy!" Peter told, cackling madly.

"Mr. Snape, please tell me there was something wrong with your potion," Dumbledore pleaded.

"Are you questioning my skills as a potions master, Albus?" he snarled. "I assure you, there was nothing that I did wrong."

Albus bowed his head.

"Get him out of here. See to it that he is on trial soon," Albus ground out, frustrated.

The Aurors scrambled to get Wormtail out of the Headmaster's sight. Albus turned toward his audience, noting the shocked faces, as well as those that chose to glare at him, their faces clearly accusing him.

"It seems we have made a grave mistake; Harry Potter is…innocent."

It had been beautiful to see them slowly realize they had done the unforgivable, but all hell had broken loose afterwards.

"Oh Merlin," Molly Weasley gasped. Tears begin to gather in her eyes and dripped down her cheeks.

"And we all turned against him." she turned to her husband and sobbed in his arms.

"Not all of us, Mum. Only you all," Fred said suddenly, stepping away from his shocked family with his twin.

The red heads looked at the twins in shock.

"What do you-?"

"We were the ones who stood by him," George started.

"When none of you would," Fred continued.

"You called us insane,"



"And gave us those pitying looks,"

"Like we were as guilty in your eyes as Harry."

"But you were wrong,"

"And now you must face the consequences." The twins turned away from them, clearly angry with their family.

Ginny and Molly begin to sob, knowing that it was true.

"I agree. I don't believe a pissed off, possibly insane, Harry Potter would be a good enemy to have. Don't you agree, Sirius?" Remus said, turning to his best mate with a Marauder-esque twinkle in his eye, the same as when they pulled pranks back when they were still in school. Sirius smirked and nodded.


"We must go get him! Maybe we can earn his forgiveness!" Ginny cried.

Hermione stepped up to the red-head and slapped her. Ginny balked at her, cradling her stinging cheek. "You all turned your backs on him, blocked out his cries for help. You have no right to ask for forgiveness!" the young witch glared at the red-head. "I won't let you hurt him again." She spun on her heels and walked to the door.

"Hermione, wait!" Ron called, grabbing her arm to stop her.

"Get off me, Ronald!"

"But, 'Mione, I-!" she whirled on him and pressed her wand to his throat. The red-head froze in fear.

"You forfeited the right to use that nickname the moment you turned on Harry." She spun away.

"Hermione, wait!" Remus cried, running up to her. The twins and Sirius followed him.

"Yes, Remus?" her voice had gotten weary after confronting Ron. She really had loved him…

"We shall go with you." They answered.

She smiled gratefully and said "Thanks."

The group walked out of the Ministry together, the twins' arms about her shoulders to comfort her, and the older friends bringing up the rear. They closed the door, leaving behind a shocked Order and Headmaster.

They had flooed to 12 Grimmauld Place, and decided amongst themselves that they would send the twins and Hermione to the Quibbler so that Luna's father could have the story out first, and a much more honest one than the one at the Daily Prophet, and Luna and Neville could find out of his innocence, while he and Remus went to Azkaban to pick up Harry before the Ministry or the Order could get to him.

So here they were, awaiting their meeting with Harry after two years. Azkaban loomed before them, dark and ominous. He could see Remus shiver to his left, and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. Remus smiled gratefully at him and the two walked to the door. Sirius rapped his knuckles on the door twice. It swung open to reveal a human guard, whose face is scrunched up in annoyance. At the sight of Sirius, it molded into a smirk.

"Never would've expected to see you back, Black," The guard said.

"I'm here for my godson," Sirius told impatiently.

"Alright, I guess you can see him-"

"We're here to get him out," Remus interrupted. The guard looked down his nose at the werewolf, raising an eyebrow.

"Really now?" he bent down to look Remus in the eye, his tone condescending, as if he thought Remus was a fool. Remus bristled at the look, holding his gaze steadily.

"Yes; he's been proven innocent." The guard straightened and stared him down to see if he was bluffing.

"Where's your proof?" The guard asked.

"This." Sirius held up an official looking parchment. He and the twins (with a little coerced help from Hermione) had created a rather convincing (but fake) order for Harry's release, and signed it with Fudge's signature. The guard grabbed it and ran his gaze down the paper. It looked…official enough. He nodded as if satisfied.

"Alright, I'll bring him to you." He disappeared behind the closed doors. Remus and Sirius looked at each other incredulously with one thought on their minds: what just happened? Thankfully they only had to wait for a few more minutes before the guard reappeared.

"Come on in." He opened the door to allow them in, and the two moved inside to greet Harry, throwing light through the door.

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