Things Are Better Now

Chapter 1 – Dreaming Is Different

He wakes up, and realises that he slept the whole night without dreaming of the Time War. Without dreaming of Gallifrey. Without dreaming of fire, and darkness, and Daleks and his own monstrous actions. All the things that were the reasons why he avoided sleep before, so that he could try to forget. He didn't forget. But he forgets. She's made him better. He doesn't have nightmares anymore.

This keeps happening.

Instead, he dreams of the woman still asleep next to him. He dreams of her golden blonde hair, and her chocolate brown eyes, and the way she smiles at him like he is the only one for her. He dreams of the way she places her hand in his, the way they fit together so perfectly. He dreams of how she licks her lips and pokes out her tongue at him when she's teasing him, and how her expression exudes empathy when she's comforting him. He dreams of her, always.

And then he wakes up, and she's there with him, beside him. His arm wrapped around her waist, her leg wrapped around his. Leaning in to each other, holding each other, feeling each other. And he smiles.

This keeps happening.

And he loves it.

A/N: Hope you like the brief introduction to the story. More chapters to come; I hope you enjoy :D