Chapter 5 – Going To Sleep Is Definitely Different

Soon, he's cornered her in the library, in between a couple of high bookshelves.

"Nowhere to run now, Rose Tyler! Surrender!" he declares, going for his best scary-sounding voice. To Rose, it doesn't sound very scary. She just laughs.

"Oh, I do love it when you get all assertive," she says seductively, winking at him.

"Oh really?" he murmurs, pressing up close against her now, sweeping her hair from her eyes, as he always does.

"Really," she breathes, and captures his lips with hers.

When he pulls back to let her inhale some oxygen, he leans his forehead against hers and whispers a 'thank you'.

"What for?" she asks, panting a little.

"For earlier. For what you said to that woman. About..." he looks at her, and can tell she knows what he means.

"That's okay. Anytime," she replies.

"But...well, just so you know, I would have said something then. Something terribly poetic and romantic, and possibly domestic."

"Oh yeah? You, romantic? Like what?" she pokes her tongue between her teeth as she smiles, and he can't resist sweeping his own tongue across hers. After a few moments, he's finished kissing her again. For now.

"I would have said....weeelll, I would have said something about how I don't feel as bad anymore. About how I've found something better to focus on, rather than the past and how dreadful it all was up until..." he stops, surveying her expression.

"Until?" Rose prompts.

He takes a deep breath.

"Until I changed my life – for the much, much better - with eight very simple, yet very impressive words."

"Really? What were they, then?" Rose asks, confused as to where this conservation is going.

"The words were, and I quote, 'Did I mention, it also travels in time?'"

He smiles a gentle smile at her, his eyes imploring hers, trying to express what he feels to her without actually having to utter the so incredibly inadequate words to her. And Rose is so filled up with a sudden force of emotion, a surge of love for the man pressed up against her, that she can't reply to what he said, nor return his gaze with a force of passion equal to his.

So she decides to snog him instead. Which is a rather splendid response, from the Doctor's point of view.

"Fancy some Yiopiem?" she asks him breathlessly, smirking.

"Nah. We don't need it," and to prove it, he promptly kisses her, removing his tie as he does so.

"You're so right," she replies, loving every second of moments like this, where the Doctor shrugs off all his responsibilities, all his control and just loses himself in her. He makes her feel so beautiful, the way his attention is focused on her. The way he surrenders to this - to them - rather than restrain himself from it like he used to.

She unbuttons his shirt and he lifts her vest top over her head and kisses her neck. They simultaneously remove the rest of their clothing, without breaking contact from each other's lips. They've mastered the art, now. Pressed between him and the library wall, Rose feels like there is nowhere in this entire universe - in space or time - she would rather be. And let's face it, she has it all at her disposal now. They could go anywhere, anywhen - but right now, they are here and it is perfect. Her hands are in his hair and her legs wrap around his waist and he grips her hips and he nibbles her lower lip and this is how it is now. Him and her. Her and him. It's different, but it's the same.

And as they fall asleep, wrapped up together in a soft blanket on the sofa in the library where they have spent many an evening cuddling, sipping tea and reading; they both know: the differences and the similarities between their life now and their life before are all inconsequential. Because they are the Doctor and Rose. Rose and the Doctor. This is how it was always meant to be.

She loves it.

And you know what? So does he.

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