A/N: Hello everyone. This is my second fan-fic, which will focus on Spider-Man as he attempts to do what he can to fix a mistake he made years ago. Expect to see guest stars galore later on, and hopefully a fun read. Please let me know if there is anything that I need to correct or change here, especially continuity, which I'm a little OCD about. Thanks in advance.

Part I: The Realization

Chapter 1

Spider-Man pressed his fingers to his right palm and activated his webshooters, allowing himself the chance to gain a hold on the building to his right, just as the building in question was destroyed by Lady Stilt-Man.

"Yikes!" he yelled, barely turning himself around in time to gain access to another nearby building.

Surveying the damaged building, Spider-Man caught a glimpse of a woman falling out of it as she reached out to grab her infant son, but from the angle she was at, she'd never reach the kid in time. Crouching as he stuck to the building he was on, Spider-Man sprung forward to get to them in time, barely avoiding a blast from White Rabbit's umbrella, and reached the falling boy first, grasping onto him with his left hand, while letting go of his web sling in order to grab onto the falling mother.

"Thank you for choosing, Spidey Airlines," Spider-Man said as the woman shrieked as she realized that they were free-falling. "Please note that we're experiencing some turbulence in the area." The newest man to claim to be Cyclone sent a gale force wind at him, throwing off his aim as he brought another web sling onto a nearby flagpole. "But fear not, fair citizen, for I shall get you to safety."

"We're going to die!" the woman shouted.

"Wouldn't be the first time for me," Spider-Man said, as he brought the woman and her child to the streets below, where a pedestrian took care of them once Spider-Man let go of them. "Now just remember in the next election year to vote old Jolly Jonah out of office and we'll be square!"

Slinging another web, Spider-Man sent himself into the air to get away from the civilians, who were wisely getting out of the way of the hero and villains as they fought. Spider-Man did not pretend to understand what was going on, but earlier that day he'd heard that a group calling itself the Spider-Man Revenge Squad had appeared and were threatening the city unless he came to fight them. Figuring they were higher-tier villains, Spider-Man had prepared himself for a long battle, but the moment he'd arrived, he'd been anything but impressed. The last Spider-Man Revenge Squad at least had the Spot on its roster, and he'd been less of a joke as the years went by. This Squad, however, was led by the White Rabbit, who'd gathered Lady Stilt-Man, a new Cyclone, and another Mindworm, who seemed to hold a grudge against Spider-Man for reasons beyond his knowing. The Squad had destroyed several buildings in the Brooklyn section of New York City, which, for some reason, was devoid of superheroes, forcing Spider-Man to work alone, which he didn't mind in the least, considering who he was up against.

Spider-Man approached Cyclone, sending an impact web into his chest before the man could counteract it. Cyclone fell over his own feet and down onto the street below, almost falling to his death, but Spider-Man reached him in time to cushion the blow, and then punched the criminal in the face, knocking him out completely.

"Well fighting you was a breeze!" Spider-Man called as he went for his next foe. "Oh, even I'm ashamed of that pun."

"Shut up, insect!" Lady Stilt-Man cried out from behind him as he barely avoided her growing hands when they tried to grab him. "If it hadn't of been for you and that fool Deadpool I could've been big in this town! I hate you both!"

"Sorry to disappoint you, chuckles, but spiders aren't insects," Spider-Man said as he sent a web line into her face, causing her to yell out in surprise when she couldn't see. "But I do have to agree with you on one point, though: Deadpool doesn't get that much love from me either, but at least he's better to deal with than you!"

Lady Stilt-Man thrashed about as she tried to regain her sight, accidentally causing one of her stilted feet to lose its balance and make her fall. Yelling obscenities as she did so, Lady Stilt-Man cursed Spider-Man for his reckless way of removing her from the battle.

Content that she was out of the picture for now, Spider-Man turned around to find that both Mindworm and White Rabbit were ganging up on him. The newest Mindworm was garbed in an outrageously pink color, and a worm insignia was on his chest.

"Okay, I have to ask," Spider-Man said, barely missing a telekinetically-thrown piece of debris, "why go by Mindworm? Why not something original like…uh…Worm-Man?"

"Shut up, insect!" Mindworm said, flinging another piece of debris at his foe. "This is to pay you back for disgracing the first Mindworm! He was an inspiration to me!"

"Inspiration? From Mindworm? Wow, and I thought Lady Stilt-Man's reasons for being here sucked. Besides, didn't we just go over this? Spiders aren't—"

White Rabbit cut his sentence short by sending another blast from her umbrella from atop the mechanical rabbit robot that she normally brought into battle and a strong wave of energy ran through his body, his spider-sense not alerting him in time to prevent the blast's arrival. Falling to the ground, Spider-Man faded in and out of consciousness.

No, he thought. I'm not going to die today. Besides, if I died because I got killed by the White Rabbit and a knockoff of Mindworm, Johnny Storm would laugh over my grave, and there is no way I'm letting that hotheaded punk get the better of me.

Shaking his head, Spider-Man sent a web out in the direction of the gigantic rabbit robot, using his strength to guide his path to the back of the immense rabbit. Grasping onto the metallic mecha, Spider-Man checked it for any panels he could use to deactivate it, as years of working with gigantic robots had allowed him to learn that they all had a panel like that away from the villain's reach.

"Let's see here," he sang, opening one such panel. "The first doohickey is attached to the applied phlebotinum. The applied phlebotinum's attached to the shut off device thingy, so let's quit singing and turn it off."

"What?" White Rabbit asked, incredulous. "What are you doing?"

"Singing a mechanical version of 'Dem Bones,' what else does it look like?"

"He's sabotaged the rabbit!" Mindworm grasped, as he also realized that he was standing on the rabbit with his partner.

"Impossible!" White Rabbit shouted out. "No one could do that!"

"Except for me," Spider-Man said, watching the mechanized rabbit start to shut down. "Or anyone else smart enough to realize that you have a shut down panel on the back of the freaking rabbit robot. Seriously, how dumb are you? Then again, you're the one dressed up like a rabbit. I was more terrified watching Night of the Lepus than when I deal with you."

Before White Rabbit could offer a rebuttal, she fell off of the rabbit, just as Mindworm followed suit, forcing Spider-Man to ensnare them in an ersatz web cage, ending their threat to the city as he lowered them down to the waiting policemen, while the gigantic rabbit robot then crashed away from any civilians.

"This looks like a job for Damage Control," Spider-Man noticed as the officers took all four criminals away. "And I am so glad I don't work for them."

"Look at him!" one of the pedestrians called out. "He caused all this! None of this would have happened if it hadn't of been for him!"

Spider-Man turned around to look at the man yelling at him. He was used to people not liking him, had for years, but it didn't mean that he never cared.

"You shut up!" a woman's voice cried out, and when Spider-Man turned to see her, he found the woman that he'd saved from earlier. "That man just saved my baby and me and he did it without looking for recognition or fame! He's a hero!"

Spider-Man smiled underneath the mask. It was nice to get some recognition every now and then. Normally all it would take was one pedestrian to call him out, and then the others would all follow suit, but today it seemed like the crowd was taking the mother's side.

"It was my pleasure, ma'am!" he called out, as he began to swing away from them, the smile still on his face.

In a better mood now, Spider-Man decided to head back home, even if that meant that he would have to inevitably see his roommate, Michelle Gonzales—not known for her calm state of mind—but it was better than almost getting killed by a Z-List villain. He might even call Aunt May to check up on her, seeing as it had been a while since he had done so.

Ready to fire off another line of webbing, Spider-Man suddenly became aware of a figure levitating in the middle of the street. Curious, he noted that his spider sense wasn't going off, so whomever or whatever it was, they weren't there to harm him, at least not yet.

Getting closer to the figure, Spider-Man found the former Doctor Strange looking back at him with a grim look on his face. About to send out another web-line to keep himself in the air, Spider-Man realized that he was standing on it as if it were solid ground. Looking back up to see Strange, he sighed.

"There's something bad going on, isn't there?" Spider-Man asked.

"Unfortunately so, my friend," Strange said, his eyes broadcasting fear, an emotion that the normally calm magician managed to keep away from others. "I'm afraid that you have done something to distort the universe itself and only you can undo what happened."

"I did what now?"

"Come with me, and I shall explain everything."

Before Spider-Man could offer a reply, Strange teleported them right into his home: The Sanctum Sanctorum, where he would explain just what was bothering him.

A/N: Well there's the first chapter. I hope you enjoyed it. Next chapter will see Spider-Man talking to not only the former Dr. Strange, but the newest Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Voodoo as well about why they're so worried and how Spider-Man plays into things.