"Whoa slow down buddy," Jimmy said as Jack downed some more vodka. Jimmy Mason was Jack's best pal at the factory. Jimmy considered himself a bit of a lad; he was loud, cheeky and a big flirt with the girls, even though he had a fiancée, Adelaide. However he was a good lad at heart and him and Jack seemed to get on really well as Jimmy didn't take himself too seriously and was always fun to be around and up for a laugh.

Jimmy had come over to see if Jack was up for going down the pub only to find him alone in his apartment, the place trashed and Jack a drunken wreck slumped on the sofa.

Jack felt as if his heart had been ripped apart as savagely as a wild animal mauls its prey.

"What the hell, Jack, what's going on?" Jimmy said.

"She left me, the bitch fucking left me," Jack slurred, tossing the note at Jimmy.

"Damn," Jimmy said after he had read the note. "Man I'm sorry, I really don't know what to day."

"I gave her my heart, I couldn't give her money, but I gave her my heart and she broke it into a million little pieces!" Jack yelled.

"You'll get over her, apparently that chick down the pub Eliza has a thing for you, dam all the girls have a thing for you."

"I don't want Eliza, I don't want any other girl, I want Rose!"

"Dude she doesn't want you anymore, she made that perfectly clear."

"Somehow I don't believe it, she seemed so happy."

"Well she obviously wasn't, thus she wanted to go back to this rich dick, what's his name Carl?"

"Cal! But he treated her so badly; he made her want to kill herself. None of this makes sense, that's the thing."

"Whether it does or doesn't make sense she's made her feeling clear. Look man I can't leave you like this. I'm not leaving you here, you're coming back to mine."

"Look Jimmy I'm fine honestly."

"If I leave you here you'll only drink yourself stupid and I'm not letting my best buddy die of drink poisoning. Come on man," Jimmy said, pulling Jack up from the sofa. Jimmy helped to steady Jack and help him upright as he couldn't keep his balance.

"We're going to mine; I'll get Adelaide to make you some soup or stew to sober you up."

The words that Rose had left Jack was music to Adelaide's ears. Secretly Adelaide lusted after Jack. She wished that Jimmy could be like Jack. She had been with Jimmy for years, they had been childhood sweethearts but now she grew tired of him. He wasn't as kind or thoughtful or funny or good-looking as Jack. Jimmy was a good guy, but she didn't really love him.

"Oh Jack honey, what a bitch. I never liked Rose; she always had an eye on my Jimmy too," Adelaide lied. This made Jack panic more; there had never been any signs that Rose was interested in Jimmy from what Jack could see. They got on fairly well but Rose never displayed any signs that she was interested in Jimmy. Or did she? Maybe she secretly thought about Jimmy, was secretly in love with him. The thought killed Jack!

"I didn't ever get that impression; she always seemed really in love with you. This whole thing doesn't make sense, but I guess you never know what a person feels."

"It's a woman thing, I could definitely tell as a woman that she liked Jimmy," Adelaide lied. Jack felt sick at the thought of Rose liking Jimmy. On the one hand he knew that Adelaide liked to stir up a bit of drama; she was always starting arguments with other women and enjoyed her gossip. She reminded Jack of the ladies in first class on the Titanic who liked nothing more but gossip.

Adelaide was nice enough, she was pleasant to Jack, but he got a vibe about her that he never really liked. He didn't really warm to Adelaide, but she was Jimmy's girl so he didn't say anything. Rose had said that she was a bit weary of Adelaide. Jack was sure she was a nice girl, but she seemed a bit immature and petty and there was a vibe about her that told him to be weary of her.

"I'll make you something to eat, anything you want," Adelaide said. She made sure that her dress showed off her bosoms so that Jack would take a glance, but he wasn't interested. All Jack wanted was to drown his sorrow in more drink. This was one of the worst days of Jack's life; the love of his life had left him and he felt broken inside; he wished he had died in those icy waters; at least death would have been easier than the pain he was going through now. Jack has felt such deep pain twice in his life, first time when his family had perished in the accent and second the pain of heartbreak. Jack had never loved any girl like he had loved Rose. He was madly in love with her. His whole world had fell apart right before him. He wanted to fall asleep and never wake up.

Adelaide was thrilled her plan was working. All thanks to Caledon Hockely. They had met completely by coincidence. Adelaide had met Cal at the housing shelter bureau where she worked. He had told her his story; he was looking for his fiancée; a girl called Rose Dewitt Bukater or known as Rose Dawson. He said he had been looking for her endlessly but couldn't find record of her whereabouts. It was believed that she had died on the Titanic, but he said he didn't believe she was dead and it was suggested that he keep trying everywhere he could to trace her. He had even resorted to asking random strangers on the street if they had seen her.

Adelaide said that she knew of Rose's whereabouts. The two met for a coffee and he told her more about Rose and how she had broken his heart by running off with another man and how he wanted her back. Adelaide said that she was in love with Jack. Cal offered Adelaide a deal; he said if she led him to Rose and told him her whereabouts, he would make sure that she'd be with Jack and they'd both get what they wanted.

Adelaide smiled to herself; she was going to get her man!