Yesterday my friend and I were on her Facebook, talking to a guy she knows but I don't (she lives in another town). This guy apparently likes her and he didn't realize she knew that. So she asked if he liked anyone, he said yes, and then we started asking him questions about who it was. He was making it really obvious but we were pretending we had no clue. He must've thought she was the biggest idiot on the planet, LOL. Anyway, while we were having fun torturing this guy with questions, I thought of this from a few of them. (I couldn't decide which pairing/show to do it on, so I asked my mom. She looked at me like I was nuts and said, "Sam and Freddie, of course!") So yeah. Enjoy.

Sam had nothing to do since Carly was out of town, so she pulled out her laptop and logged onto her SplashFace account. She was surprised to see Freddie was on.

hey Fredward, Sam typed. What's up?

Not much. You?

Bored as she was, Sam decided to have some fun with him. Nothing. Do you like anyone? Besides Carly? She added the Carly part as an afterthought so she wouldn't automatically get that as an answer.

Yes. Sam's eyes widened; she wasn't expecting that answer.

Who is it? she typed eagerly. This could be used as future teasing material.


Oh, come on! She was too impatient to guess! He should know that! Nevertheless, she wrote Wendy.




Shelby Marx.


Just tell me! Give me some hints.

Her name rhymes with something edible.

Who the heck could that be? I still don't get it. Give me more.

She has blonde hair, and blue eyes.

What's she like?
She's really funny.
Blonde hair, blue eyes, funny, and rhymed with a food. She still hadn't figured it out, so she continued to ask questions.

Is she smart?

I think so. Teachers don't.

Several questions later, she decided to ask Would you kiss her? And after a minute of hesitating before he typed, he finally responded Yes.

Sam raised her eyebrows. Freddifer liked this girl enough to kiss her? Where?

I have to go, bye.

Freddie has logged out.

She gritted her teeth. She'd just have to beat it out of the boy the next time she saw him.

The next day at school, Sam walked through the hall when Freddie came up to her and kissed her.

"That's where I'd kiss her," he said, smiling.

Well, I actually kind of liked that one. That's probably a first. Did you?