27 Days Since Aang's Departure.

She counts each day on the calender. Crossing off each one with a stroke of ink.

Each cross on the page is like a needle in her heart.

But he'd promised he would come back, so she didn't lose faith.

43 Days Since Aang's Departure.

She doesn't sleep so well, anymore. Her usual peaceful dreams are replaced with horrifying nightmares, each ending with an un-breathing Aang.

But he promised he'd return, so she continued to stay strong. For him.

62 Days Since Aang's Departure.

Her eyes have lost their shining blue depth, and instead are shallow and lifeless.

Sokka and Toph still try to cheer her up; with jokes and playful words.

She still forces out a weak laugh, for them, if for nothing else.

He'll come back.

89 Days Since Aang's Departure.

Sokka and Toph have stopped trying to cheer her up, and she no longer cares.

She doesn't smile anymore.

Where is he?

102 Days Since Aang's Departure.

She picks at her food, barely eating.

Her Father suggests sending her home to the South Pole, instead of living in Ba Sing Se with the others.

She breaks down.

Are you coming?

194 Days Since Aang's Departure.

A man comes to the door, and hands her a scroll.

Her eyes skim the content, and it slips from her hands.

Her heart shatters a million times over, and she falls to the floor, a broken and sobbing mess.

She is no longer Katara. She is just an empty shell.

He's not coming home.