50: Epilogue: The Morning After

***3rd person P.O.V.***

Edward sighed as he stood up. The train to Central slowly rolled into the station. He stretched, being stiff from sleeping on the hard benches at the station after missing the train the day before.

"Are you sure you're alright, Brother?" Alphonse asked, concerned. His brother didn't really seem like himself this morning. Then again, he did say he had had a strange dream.

"fine." Edward replied somewhat distantly. He looked around the station boredly, his golden eyes widening. He darted towards the train, jumping on. Alphonse clanked behind him.

"Brother?!" he called. Edward frantically searched the train, swinging his head around. "What's gotten into you?"

"sorry Al. I thought I saw someone I recognized." Edward sighed. He flopped on the nearest bench, exhausted though he just barely woke up. He fell asleep before the train began moving.

Three stations later, he woke up from his dreamless sleep. He sat up, stretched and looked around. Alphonse walked back into the car, carrying a plate of food.

"I thought you'd be hungry when you woke up." he said, holding out the plate.

"Thanks." Edward smiled, taking the plate. Alphonse sat down nest to him. After eating, he turned to watching the passing scenery. They were still a few stations away from Central.

"Excuse me." a girl's voice broke the silence. Edward looked at the voice and his eyes widened once more. "Is this seat taken?" she asked, pointing to the empty bench across from the brothers.

"No." Edward replied. He watched the girl intensely as she set down her suitcase and sat down. She tucked a strand of long silver hair behind her ear and smoothed out the skirt of her red dress.

"Are you going to Central?" Alphonse asked politely. The girl gave a small smile and nodded.

"There's a music school there I wanted to apply to. I want to be a singer." she said. "That and I also wanted to try my luck at applying to be a State Alchemist."

"You're an alchemist?" Alphonse inquired.

"Yep. Do you think I have a chance?" she asked meekly.

"Sure, why not? Anyone can apply, it's passing the test that counts." Edward said. "I would know. I'm a State Alchemist." he grinned.

"That's so cool. What are your names?" she asked.

"I'm Alphonse Elric. you can call me Al." Alphonse said, small pink circles appearing on his helmet.

"I'm the Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric. Call me Ed." Edward said, pointing to himself.

The girl flicked her grey eyes to Edward, a smile creeping onto her lips. He saw his expectant expression reflected in her eyes.

"My name's Ashling Van Carter, but you can call me Asher." she smiled.

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