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This came to mind when I really got into the Germany/America relationship. It's a lovely little pairing that I really enjoy and one that I wish had more fans. Hopefully this story will help a bit.

Summery: "I was told a story about a man who made wings of wax and flew too high…" The world has turned its back on Ludwig after the war and there is nothing he can do until a self-proclaimed hero steps in.

Warnings: cussing, some historical inaccuracy (what Hetalia story doesn't have this?), drinking, blood, yaoi, and maybe a lemon or two, there is also OOC stuff here, but every fanfic has it no matter how hard you try to not have it, it's gonna happen even if you say no or that your story isn't AU, it's AU and has OOC moments no matter how it's written.

Pairings: Germany/America, still debating on other pairings since I'm not sure if I want Gilbert to be with Arthur or Ivan

I own nothing but the plot and any OCs that appear.

NOTE! America actually did help Germany after the war, helping to restore it. It was one of the few countries that didn't take from Germany like France, UK, and the USSR did. This is basically where the plot came from.

NOTE II! I know there wasn't a lot of beer being produced in the years after the war, but the beer is from what Ludwig could steal from his former bosses and the liquor is from his and their private collections.

On with the fic!

Wings of Wax

Chapter One

"The nation of Deutschland, Germany, you and your two main allies, the nations of Italia, Italy, and Nihon, Japan, along with the former Kingdom of Preußen, Prussia, are hereby ordered to officially surrender."

Dull eyes, no longer holding the once bright icy blue hue they had, stared at the figure who read over a piece of parchment.

Another spoke up after the other finished, the former speaker's green-eyes focused on the young nation who was on his knees, hands tied behind his back, his allies and brother in the same position. The new speaker straightened his scarf a little and smiled. "Due to the conditions of your surrender, we, the Allied Powers, have complete permission to take from your lands without resistance. Sounds like fun, da?"

Another person took the sheet, not looking as happy with the situation as the other four he was with. "There is nothing that can be done unless we chose to change things. I'm sorry, but this is how it has to be. The Axis Powers are no longer to be formed. We shall return in the case of having to discuss more on the issue. Free them, separate them, let them be." He frowned and turned, adjusting his bomber jacket as he did.

The war was over, the Axis fell, the Allies won.

Ludwig stared at the shot glass before him, holding the throat burning liquid inside of it. He tilted his head back and drank it all in one gulp before refilling it. It's been a couple of years since he lost the war. He didn't remember much, everything became a blur after he shot his boss when he found out about the horrible deeds the bastard had done. Made it look like suicide too, sometimes the things your war-crazy older brother thought you could actually be helpful, for once.

Feliciano had run away near the end, the death of his boss and the fighting was enough to have him run off and surrender to the Allied Powers before things got worse for his and his brother's poor nation.

The Germanic nation lost contact with him completely soon after, Lovino making sure it stayed that way.

Kiku left a long time ago to fight on his own, leaving only Ludwig to pick up the slack since his boss had did enough damage to his brother to prevent him from fighting the rest of the war. He shivered at remembering when he witnessed his boss beat the shit out of Gilbert when his guard was down, when he was weak.

Ludwig never wanted to fight in the war; he never cared for the violence or the problems that came with it. He always felt something in him that said war did something that he will forever regret. But there was nothing he could do, his boss made his people invade Poland and the British and French jumped on it, saying it was war.

Speaking of those two, Ludwig glared as he took another drink; Arthur and Francis were enjoying the spoils of war. They shrunk his nation down in size and even had the damn nerve to separate him and Gilbert along with having that damn Ivan keep an eye on Gilbert.

The blond bit his lip at the thought of his brother before he took another shot. The Allies… they completely dissolved the once proud Kingdom of Prussia. The last time he saw his brother was the day the nation was destroyed, a few months ago if he was correct.

Gilbert was in a hospital bed from how weak he had become from the dissolving of his land, screaming the name he had given Ludwig, West, over and over as he cried out to him, reaching for him. Ludwig was taken away by Francis and Arthur, kicking and screaming for his dear bruder, Ivan throwing Gilbert on the bed and holding him down. Yao wasn't there, he was still dealing with Kiku. Alfred was nowhere in sight, trying to stay out of all of this.

Everything for him was ruined since the war came to a close. Roderick and Elizabeta were avoiding him, his brother was being kept from him, Feliciano was avoiding him thanks to Lovino, Arthur and Francis were raping his nation of resources and money even though he is still in debt from the first World War, and his people were confused and suffering, those to the west and the east.

The stress of everything, it was making the poor nation turn to one thing in his life that could comfort him in his loneliness. The bottles of beer and liquor that scattered the floor were all the proof one needed to see what direction his life went in, what that one thing happened to be for him.

He was nothing now, just a nation that people were not happy with, holding stereotypes against his people who would rather not be given such horrible and false images. He drank for their pain, his pain.

He drank for their problems, his problems.

He drank for their sorrows, he drank for his sorrows.

He drank for their everything, he drank for his everything.

Ludwig went to pour himself another shot, only to find that the bottle was empty. With a frown he placed it down and rested his head on the table, hazy blue-eyes were unfocused, just scanning around until they focused in the direction of the door when there was a knock. The German sat up, groaning at the head rush, and walked to the door, all the while he was wondering who would be up at two in the morning.

Opening the door, he blinked when he saw the familiar face of one Alfred F. Jones looking at him, blinking as well. "America… what are you doing here?" Ludwig said in English, his head hurting.

"I'm here because that damn England told me to check on you," He blushed lightly, avoiding all eye contact, "saying I should get more involved with this and… fuck! You smell like straight up scotch!" Alfred made a face and pushed past Ludwig, without permission, and entered the house.

Alfred looked into the living room/ dining room and let out a low whistle, a frown on his face as he adjusted his glasses. "Jesus Christ bananas, did you have a party in here or is this all you?"

Turning, blue-eyes connected with the hazy ones of the other blond. "You… you drank all of this? Shit and no one noticed?! Is this why you've been hiding away from the world? To solve your problems at the bottom of a bottle?!" He would have said more if it wasn't for the fact that Ludwig collapsed, the alcohol finally kicking his ass and knocking him out.

"… Damn, this is a good year of brandy too! I wish my collection had this! Damn England to hell for drinking it…" Ludwig heard the loud voice of Alfred when he came to; groaning in pain when light hit his eyes. "Looks like Sleeping Beauty awakens, without of the help of Prince Charming." Amusement was heard in the American's voice.

"What time is it…?" Ludwig asked, not even willing to speak English. He sat up and pinched the bridge of his nose, he had a horrible headache and he knew he was hung over and in a really bad state, in front of Alfred no doubt, just fucking great.

Alfred looked over at the clock before looking over at Ludwig whose eyes were still closed to block out the light. "It's about nine-ten in the morning. You've been out for a while. I couldn't really carry you upstairs since I don't know which room was yours so I let you sleep on the couch. Plus I wanted to keep an eye on you just in case something happened, liking vomiting in your sleep and chocking on it."

Ludwig finally opened his eyes, blinking them to adjust to the light. "You stayed here all night?" He asked, ignoring the last part of what Alfred said.

"Yeah, I wanted to watch over ya and also clean up this mess. Jeez, you let this place go to hell, looks worse then my living room after I throw a party." He wanted to laugh but knew that if he did, the loudness of it would hurt Ludwig's head.

"Well, I haven't really been myself lately, seeing as how my life is really messed up right now America…" He rubbed his forehead and lay back on the couch, hearing Alfred pick up a bottle and place it in a bag. "You don't have to clean up, I'll do it myself."

"No, you need to rest your head right now. I've got this man, don't worry about me. I do these things all the time." He smiled and continued to clean, the German thinking that this was something Alfred thought heroes did. "So, aside from destroying your liver and brain, how have you been?"

"Things have been…" The German tried to think of a good word for how fucked up his life was at the moment.

"Shitty?" Alfred said as if he was talking about the weather.

"You could put it like that, yes." It was then that he noticed they had been speaking German this whole time. Ludwig had forgotten that Alfred was the melting pot of the world; he spoke every language, though English was his preferred tongue.

"I had a feeling. It's never fun getting things back on track after a war. You should have seen me after my civil war, I was a total wreak after that war. Everyone was still mad and I was going crazy with everything, hell, I tried to kill myself a few times." He chuckled, though it was forced. "Doesn't mean you have to do the same, Germany." Walking over, Alfred sat on the couch next to him.

"I packed your clothes into a bag."

"Why?" Ludwig turned to look at the other, raising an eyebrow.

"Because you're coming with me back to the states."

Blue-eyes widened a bit. "B-but I was your enemy..! And I have so much work to do here and..!" He was silenced by a finger to his lips.

"My beef in the war wasn't really with you, it was with Japan, I just got involved with the European side thanks to England and France. Now look, I discussed this with your boss and this is the real reason I came. The guy was worried about you and asked me to take care of you until you are back to normal. It's gonna be a rough road but I'll try and help you since the rest of the world won't."

Ludwig stared at him and shook his head. "Just… America, I know you like to play hero but I really should sort my issues out on my own, even if I've been on a bit of a binge as of lately…"

"Oh please, I can cover my ass in ice cream with whip cream and put a cherry on top but that don't make me a hot fudge sundae. Look Germany, I'm not doing this just because I'm a hero, which I totally am, I'm doing this because I want to help. Since the end of the war in Europe, I feel like you've gotten the shortest straw in all of this, my 'comrades' are taking revenge too far right now, kicking you when you're at your lowest and weakest. It's really stupid to think about, ya know?"

Leaning back against the couch, the American continued. "This is why I prefer to stay out of wars, I get too worked up in wanting to win and then I feel really bad for the losers. But this is different; I have to watch another friend lose and now I want to help my friend out while he's at his lowest..."

"Friend, huh?" That's right; Alfred and Ludwig had been friends before, back in the eighteen hundreds, when they were both teenagers and building up their new nations. They helped each other and Ludwig even let some of his soldiers help fight in the War of 1812.

"You are my friend Germany and I really do want to help you so, yeah, just come back home with me and then you can return home when you feel better and stuff." Was Alfred blushing? It was just some light coloring on his cheeks, probably from being nervous Ludwig noted.

"I guess… but I won't try to over stay my welcome. Once my country is better, I'll return here." Ludwig spoke softly, his eyes focused on the floor. He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked at Alfred who smiled at him.

"When you're ready, we'll leave." He only got a nod in return.


Mostly an intro, a lot of what I placed in here is based on true facts, I think. England and France took a lot of things from Germany after the war. They took land, money, and resources along with towns for their own purposes.

America didn't want anything from Germany except wanting to keep some open military bases. Or at least that's what my US history teacher told me.

Umm… I have this theory that Alfred can speak every language as long as a person from another country lives in his nation. It seems possible; this is the melting pot nation as stated before. The Civil War did cause America to be all… well, fucked up basically. We had a ton of problems to deal with and it was kinda in the same as Germany after the Second World War, only we had to deal with the end of slavery and whatnot.

America and Germany were countries with strong ties, in fact, during the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812; the Germans were some of America's best allies. Plus, a lot of colonists were mixed with German blood. Alfred looks kinda like a German doesn't he? XD Oh, the other friend that Alfred had to watch lose was Arthur, remember the Revolution? Yeah, that's the war, well, that and the War of 1812 too.

Some other facts: Italy did leave the war early after Mussolini was assassinated and people were protesting against the Nazi party. Relationships between the Italians and the Germans were rough for a while; it wasn't until the past twenty years that things were good once more. Sorry Germany/ Italy fans but this is a true thing.

Japan did leave the Europeans to their own thing during the war and the Americans, along with the Chinese and Soviets, fought against them. The Americans spent more time fighting the Japanese then the Europeans.

Prussia was dissolved in 1947, the year before this fanfic starts, and the Soviets soon started to take control. A lot of Prussians, now East Germans, were having trouble and were not getting supplies, this is why I made Gilbert hospitalized, and it was NATO who helped them until the lines were cut by the Soviets in the 50's I believe. I learned this from Life After People since the airport they used is no longer in service.

Is that it? Did I get all the facts in? Okay, good.

Well, let's just get this out of the way, this whole fic is about Alfred helping Ludwig and different points of history where Ludwig (the person, not Germany) tries to help Alfred through some of his worst times. (i.e. Vietnam, different assassination attempts and successes, that whole shebang)

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PS: The title will be explained better later, but just remember that when you fly too high, you'll fall. If you get what I mean and the reference, you get house points.