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Chapter 1: Kyle

This story starts about 9 years after that little incident at the factory. So to fill this little plot hole, Monsters Inc. was never better. Mike and Celia had married, obviously. Sullivan or Sully if you like, was still the boss. While Mike was still managing to come top in the laugh floor. And Celia and Mike had a son named Kyle. Kyle Wazowski was average, small, and almost identical to his father Mike Wazowski. He went to school, had chores, hated homework, and liked sports.

Kyle was 8 years old, in first grade and he was walking to school grumbling to himself about all sorts of things. "Stupid school, why couldn't they invent it after my existence? I mean seriously what's the point of it?! Man if only it was more interesting, heck it might be a bit better if they replaced that dumb old hag, Rachel. Jeez it must be a world record to be able to put a class to sleep that fast."

... Anyway he was now entering the old school building that was painted the nastiest shade of grey ever encountered, which basically went for the whole building, and the people inside it, nasty. Still it was the best in the area. It was also old enough to be the same school that his parents, their large hairy friend, and a certain lizard monster went to school.

"Pay up twerp," said a large, Ugly with a capitol U, and older monster, three things that spell trouble. He held out a blue tentacle hand and barred the way in. His other six tentacles were crossed slightly across what passed as a chest.

"Why? I told you before I wouldn't," Kyle answered, big mistake. The older monster took him, held him upside down, and nabbed his backpack. He rooted into it for a second, and came up with his lunch money for the next week. He then dropped Kyle and went of chuckling. "Darn you Lazlo. I will get you back, I swear I will." Kyle said fuming taking his backpack and walking toward the most dreaded place, Rachel's room. Rachel wasn't exactly nasty but like it was said so well by Kyle, she could put a class to sleep in less than a minute, hands down. So it was with no great excitement that he entered her room, hung his pack on the wall and took his seat at the back of the room.

"Well good morning class," said an extremely monotonous and boring voice from the front of the room.

"Muhh," the class responded in a bored voice.

"Now come on you have to be polite when answering your elders," said the dull voice. That voice unsurprisingly belonged to a short, blond haired feminine monster at the front of the class that just had to be the teacher, Rachel.

"Good morning teacher," The class responded in one bored voice.

"That's better," she said with a yawn. "Now how about we get started on geography, now this is where…." But Kyle didn't hear anymore, he had fallen asleep, along with the rest of the class and Rachel just kept plowing on, and on, and on, and on. She apparently hadn't noticed that they had all clicked out on her. The rest of the morning went on quickly and they headed out of the room to lunch with the bell. Except for Kyle, he stayed behind a little longer since he couldn't eat anything because of Lazlo. Rachel noticed and walked up to him and smiled. "Hello Kyle," she said in the same monotonous voice.

"You know my name?" Kyle asked incredulously.

"Of course my dear I know all of your class's names," Rachel answered with a laugh that was surprisingly just as dull as her voice. "Why don't you head out? I have a fun surprise project for the lot of you, and we wouldn't want to ruin it now, would we," she said with another of her dull sounding laughs.

"Um…ok," Kyle said doubting that anything this teacher came up with could be fun. How intriguingly wrong he was.

When the class got back she smiled at them and said, "Class I have a little activity I would like you to work on until the end of this quarter. What I want you to do for me is this… Find out the life story of someone you know or would want to know. Anyone you like mind you, and tell it, record it, film your interviews with people, or write it out. I want you to be able to tell me who this person is at the end of class. You have until then to decide who." Rachel said in her dull voice.

"Wow, who to choose, I already know practically everything about all the old scarers…all except one." Kyle thought to himself, you see he found history about Monsters Inc. rather fascinating. Because his dad worked in the new one he knew practically everything about that one and it was kind of dull. But he had wanted to know who that guy in the play that his dad made was. His dad and the rest didn't seem too keen on that subject; all he knew was the name.

"Times up," said Rachel. "Who would like to tell out loud who it is they will do?" Rachel asked…"Ok Kyle who did you choose?"

"I will do a scarer named Randall Boggs ma'am."

Well this is my first fan fic. And although I wouldn't want any flames, any helpful criticisms would be appreciated. Thanks… Teacher is in fact based on my current school principle, as well as our head of student affairs. Both of which speak for hours on end at assemblies, and will in fact put people to sleep… If their voices weren't so grating…